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How Can I Be Thirsty When I'm in the Pool All Day?!?
Hydro Shoulder Repair
Last Gasp Webinar Sneak-Peak
New to ARN: Peds Seminars
Minneapolis Seminar a Smash
Classroom Sessions Coming Soon on DVD!

Though our Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy course is now over, never fear. We videotaped all of Andrea Salzman's classroom sessions for those of you who missed it. When finished, the package will come with DVDs, evidence- based bibliographies, diagrams and detailed course handouts.


Email us for more details...

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Issue #13   10 Nov 2008
 Keeping Your Whistle Wet
drinking water
Muscles cramping? Getting irritable? Losing your zing? Water, water everywhere and you don't even bother to drink! Immersion plus physical activity, especially in a hot and/or humid environment like a therapy pool, could be giving you a chronic, low-grade case of dehydration. Follow the links below to gain some insight on how athletes keep their dehydration in check.

Our 2-second method to tell if you are hydrated...
Swimmer hydration tips...
Rotator Cuff Rehab
Finally! Some research that looks at aquatic therapy for the shoulder. And the conclusion is a nice verification of what we have always thought to be true.

Read more to be validated in your long-held belief in the power of the pool...
Fibromyalgia Webinar
new year baby Sign-up your entire staff up for next month's Last Gasp Fibromyalgia webinar for 1 price.

You have always believed that aquatics is good medicine for the fibromyalgia patient. You've seen it daily in your home pool. But what does the evidence say?

Join our 90-minute Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy for the Fibro Patient webinar and find out.
Even better? This webinar comes complete with our Evidence-Based Powerpoint Presentation which you get to keep to educate your physicians. This presentation includes compelling research, gorgeous photographs, and a complete reference list.

Peds Coming Soon to ARN

peds hugging
To keep up with the increasing treatment options available to aquatic therapists everywhere, the Aquatic Resources Network is expanding our educational offerings with the introduction of a pediatrics track to our 2009 seminar schedule.
In all, we will be holding five peds courses:
  • North Carolina - February, 2008
  • San Francisco Bay area - March, 2008
  • Minneapolis - May, 2008
  • St. Louis - July, 2008
  • Pennsylvania - October, 2008
And, speech therapists, we haven't forgotten about you! Our San Francisco Bay Area will also feature a speech therapist track.

If you love treating children but need fresh ideas to work in the pool, plan on attending one of these seminars.

View our 2009 seminar page here...