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Sample Letter of Appeal
Getting the Scoop on Drains
Last Gasp Sneak Peak
ARN Seminars: Covering the Globe for You
Minneapolis Seminar a Smash
Classroom Sessions Coming Soon on DVD!

Though our Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy course is now over, never fear. We videotaped all of Andrea Salzman's classroom sessions for those of you who missed it. When finished, the package will come with DVDs, evidence- based bibliographies, diagrams and detailed course handouts.


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Issue #12   3 Nov 2008
 Contending With Your Providers
medicare billboard Closing the loopholes and getting paid

Aquatic therapy treatment can be denied for many reasons. Many have nothing to do with the pool, but some do. And you can do something about those things! Here is a quick list of many of the reasons Medicare and other payers will deny aquatic therapy. See also our sample letter of appeal to use if aquatic therapy has been denied.

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Pool and Spa Safety Act
drain Did you miss the Aquatics International webcast on implementing the Pool and Spa Safety Act?

Experts from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals and other industry pros discussed the Act in a roundtable discussion. Here is the link to the Q&A session from registered participants.

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View the archived webinar here (registration required)...
2008 Webinar Teaser
crying in lifevest A sneak peak at what you'll be getting in one of our Last Gasp Webinars in December

Scenario: Your 6-year old patient with kinesthetic deficits has trouble donning his clothing correctly in the mornings.

Solution: Attend our 90-minute Aquatic Sensory Integration webinar for practical suggestions for treating: 1. tactile sensitivity, 2. body awareness deficits, 3. socialization and 4. difficulty with transitions.

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ARN 2009 Seminar Schedule

calendar Pencil us in for the New Year with  expanded topics and more dual-track seminars

With such avid and enthusiastic hydrotherapists such as yourselves, we at Aquatic Resources Network had no choice but to listen to your feedback as we hammered out our 2009 seminar line-up. As a result, we are serving the type of content and locations to make both new registrants as well as previous attendees happy. Review our list below and start your plans to attend a course near you. And keep reading eSplash as we continue to keep you posted on our speakers, cities and sites.

ARN 2009 Seminar Schedule

Jan   NONE (Holiday Recovery Time)

Feb   ADULT ORTHO/NEURO (North Carolina)
Mar   SPEECH/PEDIATRICS (Northern California)
May   PEDIATRICS (Minnesota)
Jun   ADULT ORTHO (Southern California)
Jul   PEDIATRICS (St. Louis)
Aug   ORTHO-NEURO/MARKETING (Wisconsin Dells)
Sep   HANDS-ON COURSE (Alabama)
Oct   PEDIATRICS (Pennsylvania)
kiefer neck collar Kiefer Neck Collars $25
We have six Kiefer Neck Collars for sale. They are pre-loved and were only used for 2-hours during Andrea Salzman's Minneapolis seminar this month. These are the same as the Blue Moon collar and are best loved for Bad Ragaz Ring Method. Sewn nylon zippered collar enables adjustment of flotation for each individual while the adjustable belt with clip helps hold the head securely above water for deep water exercise or flotation therapy. These collars are normally $41.25 each but you can get the whole bunch for $150 plus shipping if you call us at 800-860-8624 now.

Offer Expires: Sunday, November 9, 2008