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Hope for CEU Procrastinators
We Have a Winner!
Announcing Kelly C., winner of our free limo ride to Minneapolis Seminar

Kelly C. of Omaha is the proud winner of our free limo drawing. Kelly will be picked up and brought back to the airport as part of our Minneapolis Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy course being held October 16-18. Congrats Kelly and enjoy the class!

Limo Girl

Only 3 slots left for Mpls course...
Seminar Update
Peggy Schoedinger's Hands-On Aquatic Therapy Course
Eugene, Oregon
Nov 14-16, 2008

There are two weeks left to get your Early-Bird registration in for our West Coast Aquatic Therapy class. Size is limited to 25 in order to preserve that intimate one-on-one attention Peggy is known for. Get 10% off between now and October 10th.

Peggy Bad Ragaz

More info on our West Coast class here...
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Issue #7   29 Sept 2008
Telling Your Story
One of the greatest needs expressed by the press is a quick resource base for statistics on aquatic therapy. And we thought clinicians just mught be interested as well! So, just for you, has gathered information from sources as varied as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, the National Swimming Pool Foundation and state bathing codes.
Get the stats here...
Politics and Healthcare
obama mccain Obama vs McCain

We know where the candidates stand on taxes, the environment and the war in Iraq, but where they stand on healthcare is a little more murky. With the race for the White House heating up, we want to know what you think. Tell us who you feel will bring a boon to your profession and who you think will be a bust.

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Mining the Web for New Revenue Streams
cybermoney FindAPool to become a  lead-generation tool for facilities

The Aquatic Resources Network will be offering a unique service to therapists this year when it transforms its pool directory,, into a new marketing channel for its subscribers. Visitors to the new site will not only have the option of searching for pools nearest their locations but will also be given a list of facilities based on a wide range of variables, including diagnoses, procedures, ailiments or outcomes. ARN will then send the potential client's contact information directly to the facility for personal follow-up.
A beta of the site is to be released in the coming weeks. If you wish to get in on the beta and receive a 50% discount as a charter subscriber, send us an email at or by clicking the link below.
Last-Gasp Webinars Coming in December
Patient load been weighing you down all year? Unable to make the dates work for your favorite seminar? We have the answer to your continuing education woes; a series of webinars designed to satisfy your annual CEU requirements before the December 31st deadline. Chose from business topics such as finding staff to therapy options like balance and peds. Check back in the coming weeks for syllibi and pricing and let not your heart be troubled.