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The Palin Effect: Everyone Looking at Down's Syndrome Anew
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Issue #5   15 Sept 2008
Profiting from Blankets
Linus Blanket 
Why do most therapy pools close? Is it lack of patient interest? Pool water quality? Need for space for other offices?

No. It's because pools can hemorrhage money. Or -- more precisely -- pools evaporate money. Your therapy pool will never make you one red cent until you get your evaporation problem under control.
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  Aetna vs APTA
Insurance DuckOvercoming payer's objections to aquatic therapy

Struggling with a payer who doesn't believe in the power of the pool? Well, there was a time when Aetna insurance's national office issued a decree: Aquatic therapy is experimental in nature and we won't pay for it.

The American Physical Therapy Association hopped to action and Aetna backed down. In fact, Aetna has now published a "Clinical Policy Bulletin" expressely notifying the public that it believes "aquatic therapy is medically necessary for musculoskeletal conditions". Use this bulletin to bolster your argument for the evidence-based nature of aquatic therapy.
Using Water to Help Down's Babies
Trig Palin Underwater, all kids are equal

Babies who have Down's Syndrome typically lag other infants in crawling, standing and walking. Not necessarily so in the water. Mainstreaming DS kids into traditional pool programs are proving to help coordination, strengthen muscles and bolster weak immune systems. Not to mention watching these little ones walk earlier.

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  Hands-On Seminar Comes to the West Coast
Tamarack Kids Eugene, Oregon
November 14-16, 2008
Eugene, Oregon is the site of this year's West Coast Hands-On Aquatic Therapy seminar. Taught by internationally- acclaimed aquatic therapist, Peggy Schoedinger, PT, this class will be held in the beautiful 92-degree salt-water pool at the Tamarack Wellness Center. Register now. The class is restricted to 25 participants to allow for optimal hands-on instruction.