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Reading the Fine Print at Your Local Medicare Contractor
Watsu for Orphans Project
Tape or Tattoos? Kinesiotape was all the rage in Beijing
Salt-Water AT Class in Eugene, OR
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Issue #2 25 Aug 2008
Medicare Denying AT Coverage?
Medicare Cartoon 
Did you know Medicare will only pay for 12 sessions of aquatic therapy? This -- and other common misconceptions -- are rife in the industry. Why?

Even though Medicare is a federal program, CMS leaves many reimbursement decisions up to local contractors. This means that although "aquatic therapy" (CPT code 97113) is considered a covered service under Medicare, your local contractor may restrict its use or deny coverage unless you meet certain standards.

Watsu Charity Project
Watsu Practitioners 
What better way to celebrate aquatic therapy than to donate Watsu (water shiatsu) sessions to abandoned children who live in orphanages? The "Watsu for Orphans" project is an opportunity for orphanages to learn about a ground-breaking aquatic intervention and to benefit from the donation and installation of mobile therapy pools. But what can Watsu do for these parentless children?
  Kinesio Watch at the Olympics
Beach Volleyball TapeThe therapeutic tape appeared everywhere from beach volleyball to water polo 
Lance Armstrong calls it "miracle tape".  In the hands of a skilled therapist, it's a healing tape. One medical study says that it provided immediate improvement in pain-free shoulder abduction when applied to students with rotator cuff tendinitis. And it's waterproof.
  Hands-On Seminar Comes to the West Coast
Tamarack Wellness Pool Eugene, Oregon
November 14-16, 2008
Eugene, Oregon is the site of this year's West Coast Hands-On Aquatic Therapy seminar. Taught by internationally- acclaimed aquatic therapist, Peggy Schoedinger, PT, this class will be held in the beautiful 92-degree salt-water pool at the Tamarack Wellness Center. Register now. The class is restricted to 25 participants to allow for optimal hands-on instruction.
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