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Issue: #23 October/2008

You are Invited! CHANGE Collegian Network Second Annual Fundraising Dinner

CHANGE Collegian Network. Evangelizing the campuses.  Strengthening the Local Church.

Come and enjoy dinner on us at our...

Second Annual Fundraising Dinner!

Join us as we share with you how God is using CCN to strengthen the local church by training up soul winners on the college campus.

Find out how we can help you and how you can get involved in what God is doing!

Date:                 Saturday, November 8th, 2008
Place:               Community Baptist Church
                             211 Demott Lane
                             Somerset, NJ 08873
Time:                 5:30PM - 9:00PM
Admission:    Free
RSVP by:          Nov. 1st via phone or e-mail
Office:              973-928-7707
E-mail:             Contact@ChangeYourCampus.net

for free evangelism resources and info on our dinner!
Video of CCN Campus Leader Preaching at Talent Contest!
Luke preaching at Midland Lutheran College

Once again, we bring you encouraging tools to help you grow in your zeal for witnessing. Please go to our FaceBook and check out this awesome video of our CCN Campus Leader in Nebraska, Luke, preaching at his college's "Talent Contest". He signed up stating that his talent is that he can make the Bible make sense from Genesis to Revelations in the time span that they offer.

Our prayer team covered him and he did a wonderful job preaching to half the school, which is made up of only 800 students. Afterwards, he received a good response. He was compassionate and straight forward in truth, very biblical.

Watch video here and be encouraged! Please also pray for our brother and our other Campus Leaders across the US.
CCN Events:
Join us this week for our CCN Saturday

1.  Arrive at Montclair State University at 10AM
2.  Prayer:  10:15AM - 11:30AM (Room 415 in the Student Center)
3.  Word: 11:30AM -12:10PM "Called to be Bold!"
4.  Travel to Newark: 12:20PM - 1PM
5.  Preach in Newark from 1PM - 4PM
6.  Fellowship: Join us to share a Brazilian meal! 4PM - 5PM


Marriage Rally
Sunday, Oct. 19th,  3PM-5PM  
The Steps of the State House
West State Street, Trenton, NJ

A friend of our ministry, who is from The New Jersey Family Policy Council is helping to gain recruits for an upcoming "Marriage Rally". For all who may be interested, please see the downloadable flyer: click here.  Please pray for this event. Since this event will draw a lot of crowds, it is a great place to witness! If you wish to join us to help support and share the gospel with the lost, email us at contact@changeyourcampus.net.

Interview with David Berkowitz, the "Son of Hope"
A Testimony of the "Son of Hope"

David Berkowitz, formerly known as the "Son of Sam" and sentenced to life in prison as a serial killer is now known as the "Son of Hope". A good friend of the ministry, David, who is now born-again and a church leader in his prison, lovingly agreed to be interviewed by CCN.  We worked with David, and his best friend Dan Nichols to begin sharing his  testimony on college campuses.  One of our campuses events received an international award.  We pray that the interview will push you to share the biblical gospel with the understanding that no matter how "great" someone's sin may be in our eyes, it is all an abomination to God. Christ's love is immeasurable.

"After years of mental torment, behavioral problems, deep inner struggles and my own rebellious ways, I became a criminal.  Looking back it was all a horrible nightmare and I would do anything if I could undo everything that happened. Six people lost their lives. Many others suffered at my hand, and will continue to suffer for a lifetime. I am so sorry for that.  In 1978 I was sentenced to about 365 consecutive years, virtually burying me alive behind prison walls.  As with many inmates, life in prison is a struggle. I have had my share of problems, hassles and fights. At one time I almost lost my life when another inmate cut my throat. Yet all through this - and I did not realize it until later - God had His loving hands on me." (David Berkowitz, former Son of Sam taken from: http://www.ariseandshine.org/Testimony-&-Translations.html on October 1st, 2008)

Interview by Tiffany Gelpi
Sullivan Correctional Facility

Tiffany:  Thank you for allowing us to use your testimony in reaching out to college students.  Why do  you feel it is necessary to reach out to college students?

David B.: Reaching out to college students and young adults is something the Lord has placed in my heart since I was first born again.  My heart is especially tender towards adolescents, teenagers and college students because, when I was in this age group, I was very troubled, lonely and vulnerable.  I remember how depressed I would sometimes get.  I've also been touched by the stories I'd hear of teenagers and young adults who committed suicide, or whose lives ended tragically due to bad choices.  So my desire is to testify of what Christ has done for me, hoping my story would change others.   

Tiffany:  Now that your best friend, Dan Nichols is  traveling from college to college sharing your personal testimony of how God changed you, what do you hope to accomplish?

David B.:  Dan Nichols is a good friend.  We have a common desire to share the good news of Jesus with others.  That doors have now opened for Dan to share my story of God's forgiveness and redemption in colleges is truly an answer to prayer.  

Tiffany: CHANGE Collegian Network is a ministry that trains and encourages Christians to be proactive in seeking and saving the lost, specifically on campus.  Do you proactively witness to inmates at the correctional facility where you live?

David B.:  Yes, I believe in being a "proactive" witness, and I do evangelize even here behind prison walls.  Sharing what God has done for a person is the responsibility of every Christian, I believe.  We all have a story to tell.  Plus, the world is lost and steeped in sin.  People are perishing.  They're headed for a Christ-less eternity in Hell unless they repent of their sins and place their faith in Jesus Christ.  God is not willing that any should perish, but that all come to repentance.  

Tiffany:  You are now Pastor at the correctional facility.  How did that come to be and what are your duties as a pastor there?

David B.:  I have been serving the Lord in the prison's chapel since 1988.  After a while I was made an elder in the fellowship I belong to.  Then in 2004, after the previous inmate pastor went on a transfer, the mantle for leadership fell on me.  So I became the pastor, although this title is not recognized by the prison's administration.  Here no inmate is allowed to have a leadership position in an official capacity.  Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit has appointed various individuals to do certain tasks to edify the church.  I am honored by the opportunity to lead, serve and be an example to the flock.  I want to be a servant and a faithful brother to those within the body of Christ.

Tiffany:  You told me that you were "very busy" in prison.  One of our subscribers to our e-newsletter wrote to us and would like to know what you have been doing in the prison since becoming born-again.  What keeps you so busy?

David B.:  I have two job assignments here at the prison.  In the mornings, I am a "mobility guide" for the men who are legally blind or sight-impaired.  In the afternoons, I work as a helper and assistant to the men who live at the prison's Intermediate Care Program.  This is a Mental Hygiene Unit for the emotionally challenged men.  Both of these jobs are, I believe, part of the ministry God has given me.  

Tiffany:  When we met, you shared that you once attended church while you were in the army.  You said that it provided a sort of social benefit.  The church allowed you to meet new and friendly people.  However, this was before you got involved in Satanism, which led to the unfortunate crimes that were committed.  Can you please tell me why you attended the church and if you considered yourself "born-again" then?  Did you respond to an altar call at any time?  What was the difference between then and when you were born-again in your prison cell after reading the Bible in 1987?

David B.:  When I was stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky during my enlistment in the U.S. Army, there was a large off post Baptist church in a nearby town that reached out to the soldiers.  Every Sunday morning several red, white and blue church buses would drive up and down the streets of the post and the workers would invite the soldiers to come to church and have a meal afterwards.  So at the age of 21, after being at the post for a couple of months, bored, lonely and far from home, I got on a bus along with some other men and went to church. It was a nice setting but I didn't know what to expect since I came from a Jewish background.  People were extremely nice and friendly.  Later we'd all go to a family's home to join them for lunch.  A couple by the name of Miller took me in.  

After a while, I did make a profession of faith in Christ.  I went forward during an altar call when one of the elders tapped me on the shoulder to gently encourage me to "go forward."  He led me to the front and left me in the hands a counselor who stayed at the altar to tell people how to be saved.  I repeated a "sinner's prayer" although I have no recollection of what I said.  Afterwards, however, the Miller's an some of their friends greeted me with extra warmth.  Looking back, although these were wonderful people, I felt more like I was now becoming a member of their own family rather than of the body of Christ, as would be the case with a genuine conversion.  

I became more involved in this Baptist church's social activities, but my life did not change.  I was given a King James Bible to read.  I remember reading it and marking some of the pages, but I would also drink with my friends and look at lots of pornography.  I mostly wanted to go back to New York City and start a new life.  Sadly, after maybe six or seven months of attending church on Sundays and eating lunch with the Miller's, I gradually lost interest and stopped going altogether.  

Tiffany:  What would you like to share with our readers?

David B.: The Bible says in Romans 15:5 and 15:13 that God is a God of patience and hope.  I am thankful He was patient with me and gave me time to repent of my many sins and then surrender to Him.  Now He has become my Hope and my reason to live.  Praise the Lord!

After another inmate witnessed to David in prison, David was soundly saved in 1987, when he repented of his sins and put his faith in Christ. David's story is one of hope and grace. His story is also a lesson to all of us that we cannot simply lead one through a sinner's prayer, but we have to take the time to bring them to the knowledge of their sin before a just and holy God. We must use the law (the 10 commandments) to show an unbeliever what sin is and why his or her actions merit eternity in Hell in light of God's eternal holiness. Then, an unbeliever can understand why they need the Saviour Jesus Christ. To learn more about how you can share the gospel biblically, effectively, and boldly, visit our "Free Resources" section of our website: http://www.changeyourcampus.net/resources.html
Repent and Witness Graduate Becomes Full-time Staff Member

"As a CCN member at one of the colleges, it never crossed my mind that God would one day call me to serve full time in ministry.  Therefore, I want to say thank you to all who have been praying that God would send laborers, and donating into this ministry.  The Lord has answered that prayer in calling me, and your donations had a major influence!

I was one of the people who received a scholarship to attend our recent "Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp."  Although there are many things that can be said of that life-changing experience, throughout the camp, the Lord continually brought one word to heart, that is "PURPOSE."

As Repent & Witness ended, I was continually seeking the Lord asking what was His will for my life. Then it suddenly hit me.  I wanted to labor full time with CCN!  That is
exactly what I did!

I am so sure that the Lord called me to serve in this ministry, that today I am rejoicing over this reality.  I thank God for calling me into this service, which is already working maturity in me.  The "purpose" for which God provided the scholarship and allowed me to attend Repent and Witness is now evident.  He wanted to assure me that this is the place where He wants me."

-Rashan Maddrey
CCN Ministry Assistant
CCN Recommends Movie "Fireproof"
A Pin Drop
"After this week's Transformed conference on the East Coast, with management's permission, Kirk Cameron, myself (and 14 others from our team) went to a showing of Fireproof. We entered about 30 minutes before the end, and when it concluded, Kirk stood up and introduced himself. You couldn't have heard a pin drop. There was too much noise -- too many gasps of unbelief. They had just watched a wonderful movie and now the hero was standing in front of them...in real life.

He spoke about some of the highlights of the movie, and explained that the woman he kissed in it wasn't his on screen wife, but his real wife who was especially flown in as a stunt double (that had to be a Hollywood first). Then Kirk introduced me, and I preached the gospel. It was as much a delight for us to speak as it was for the audience to see him in person. As we made a quick exit, a tall man in his thirty's ran after us and said that he wanted to surrender his life to Christ. It was sweet icing on the cake of a night."  Posted by Ray Comfort on 10/06/2008 10:17:00 AM
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