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CenturyLink joins Telcos AT&T, Telefonica, TELUS and Bell Aliant at HomePNA Summit September 30 to October 1


By Rich Nesin, General Manager HomePNA


Timing is everything.  Here we are, hard at work organizing the HomePNA Summit, and analyst firm Strategy Analytics helps us out with a new report forecasting that the US IPTV market will grow from 5M subscribers in 2009 to around 15.5M by 2013.  That's moving from under 5 percent of the total television households to 13 percent in 2013.  As the report says, "The entrance of the Telcos into the television game has created new and significant competition for the traditional pay television platforms." Good news for HomePNA which has become the standard for North American TelcoTV.  


It's good timing too. CenturyLink has joined other leading telcos at the HomePNA Summit  September 30 to October 1 and will be speaking about their experience deploying HomePNA technology for IPTV. CenturyLink, one of the leading telcos in the United States, was formed earlier this year by the merger of CenturyTel and EMBARQ.  It has operations in 33 states, around 7.3M access lines, and over 2.1M broadband customers.


The HomePNA Summit, which is especially drawing service providers to its audience in addition to equipment manufacturers and system integrators will be held September 30 to October 1, 2009 in Houston, TX co-located with the FTTH conference and expo.  Come hear how leading communications companies such as  telcos AT&T, Telefonica,  TELUS,  Bell Aliant, and CenturyLink; satellite providers Tata Sky and YES; and

cable leader Digicable use HomePNA home networking to enable new IP-based services.


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