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You're Invited to ... Conquering the Digital Home: Delivering a Robust Home Entertainment Network
The stakes are high. Today's triple play service provider must effectively distribute a wealth of entertainment and broadband content throughout the home. Customers increasingly demand their digital content on multiple devices, regardless of in-home location. Applications like whole home DVR, multiple HDTVs, and rich media distribution place increasing demands on service providers. Meeting that demand ensures competitive advantage as well as deepens profitable relationships with new and existing customers. Failure to do so represents a lost opportunity and opens the door for competitors. Indeed, telecom's next frontier includes efficiently and profitably distributing digital content throughout the entire home.
Join us on April 30th at 2:00p ET for an interactive webinar that will feature insightful discussion and analysis about in-home entertainment network realities and opportunities. We will also feature an interactive case study of Bell Aliant's home entertainment network experience.
What You Will Learn:
-- The implications of the digital home for service providers and content distribution
-- The business drivers for in-home content delivery networks, including cost savings and revenue opportunities
-- Strategies for reducing IPTV and triple play installation times
-- The technology behind effective in-home networking
-- How to use home networks to differentiate entertainment product portfolios
William (Bill) Simmelink
President, HomePNA
Mileend Gadkari
Director of Business Development, North America
CopperGate Communications
Dana Lohnes
Aliant TV - Operations Prime
Bell Aliant
About HomePNA
Four out of the top five North American telcos deploying IPTV choose HomePNA technology, the only global open standard for wired home networking. HomePNA is deployed in more homes each day in North America than any other technology and is rated the most deployed home network technology worldwide. For more information on HomePNA, visit and the HomePNA blog
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