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Be a Big Blogger and Win!


HomePNA ( invites all of its members to contribute a list of blog topics and enter to win a 2GB Apple iPod Nano. You have a great opportunity to help us develop blog ( topics related to HomePNA and the ever-growing and ever-changing home networking market AND have the chance to win something cool. You will also be doing HomePNA an enormous favor in keeping our blog lively, interesting and current.


In order to enter you must submit a viable list of blog topics with short descriptions via e-mail to Michelle Gamble-Risley ( We will judge the quality of the entries based on the relevance to HomePNA, home networking and triple play, and timeliness and appeal of the subject.


Some suggestions for topics are:


  Home networking


  Set-top boxes

  Residential gateways

  Test equipment

  Original equipment or design manufacturing

  Triple-play solutions

  HomePNA Certified products

  Fiber to the home

  Whole home DVR

  Recent/relevant  developments in related technologies such as DOCSIS or network-based DVR  that affect home networking

  Recent relevant activities in standards groups and SIGs such as the Broadband forum, DLNA, ITU, IEEE, etc. 

  Distribution of home networking over phone line or coax 

  Home network as high-speed backbone for wireless 


         Entries may address competitive comparisons to MOCA or HomePlug but should relate to some timely topic or recent development  


         Entries may refer to your products if it increases the value of the blog


The HomePNA marketing work group will review the submissions and choose the winner based on quality of topics, interest level and newsworthiness. Submitting 100 ideas will not necessarily make you a winner but submitting 100 fantastic ideas will help.  We will announce the winner in September on our website and blog and let the person know via e-mail.


If you have any questions about the contest, please don't hesitate to e-mail Michelle Gamble-Risley at

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Richard Nesin

President, HomePNA