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Piratey Volunteers Be Needed!
Seeking Local Artists & Crafters
Wanna be interviewed by This Old House Magazine?
Receive $20K toward buying your own home!
Join us for the October Green Drinks meetup!
Now Hiring
CF materials have never been so scary!
October Sales!
Calling all Fans o' th' Forklift!

What be happenin', Matey?  Autumn be here, 'n 'tis the hour to celebrate!  'Tis now th' month o' our pirate parrrrrrrty!  
Pirates, gather to hunt 
Buried Treasure in th' Warehouse on 20th of October!

Band together ye scurvy lads an' lasses, for a treasure hunt, potluck grub, tunes, raffle prizes, costumes, special sales, 'n much more! 


'Tis th' third anniversary o' our Salvage Arts department, which be featurin' unusual antiques 'n artifacts.  Much like th' buried treasure on desert islands, our warehouse can be harrrrd to find, but th' loot is join us to celebrate pirate-style!  Wear ye pirate costume (or other Halloween costume) to get an extra discount.  Stay tuned to our blog fer more details, comin' by-an'-by...



Want to help with the parrrty?

We'll need volunteers to help with decorating, cooking, setting up the treasure-hunt, overseeing the potluck, and generally helping out with our pirate parrrrty on Saturday, October 20th!   


Want to help out?  Just email Bea Trickett at [email protected] and let her know what you'd like to do & what times you're available!


Thanks in advance for any help you can give, we really appreciate it!



Attention Artists!


There are two ways to participate in our Green Gift Fair:

(1) You can come and exhibit your wares with no charge for the space, any Tuesday - Sunday in November and December, or 
(2) You can consign your work with us for a 20% fee of items sold throughout Nov-Dec.

For more info or to get an application,
contact Bea Trickett, [email protected] 

Calling all architects & designers...
let's get you some publicity in  
This Old House magazine!



Dear Forklift Fans -

We just got a request from a writer for This Old House Magazine! See below... and if this fits you or someone you know, please contact me RIGHT AWAY at 301-904-7579 or Ruthie(at)

>>>>> I am working on a story for THIS OLD HOUSE MAGAZINE about cool things architects design for their own houses with simple, off-the-shelf materials - or surplus/salvaged materials. For example, a pot rack out of chain link or a banister out of bungee cords etc. The gist is inexpensive, mundane materials used in interesting and unexpected ways that readers could adapt to their own homes. Can you think of any architects who have reused materials from Community Forklift in their own homes?



Community Events



Our friends at the nonprofit Manna work to rebuild neighborhoods and preserve diversity through affordable housing. They are holding an event called CityLIFT on October 5 & 6, where you can register to receive up to $20,000 in assistance to buy a home in DC or Prince George's County!

More info available on our blog, or
Find all the details about what you need and how you qualify at Manna's website.

Join us Wednesday, Oct 24th!  
Prince George's County
Green Drinks 

Green Drinks logo


Come exchange ideas, create connections or talk with other people who are interested in the field of sustainability.


RSVP at [email protected] - Not required but it would be helpful so the folks of Ruby Tuesday can serve us best.


The flyer with more info about the October meetup is on our blog! 

Please email Bea(at) if your organization or restaurant/bar is interested in hosting a future Green Drinks meetup event.  We hope to set up a rotating to meetup in different parts of the County each month!

  Looking for work? 


Are you an outgoing person interested in community-building, reuse, sustainable business, or home improvement?  Community Forklift is looking for you!  We are still hiring for two positions - please spread the word! 

 Visit our website for details.


Featured partner:
Nightmare Screamplex!

Contributed by Kirk Davis

Community Forklift is a proud sponsor of the region's #1 Haunted House, Nightmare Screamplex!  The Screamplex is located at the Maryland Soccerplex in Germantown. It features three terrifying attractions, Nightmare Forest, Field of Terror, and the Lost Asylum.
This cutting-edge haunt features cool scenes and special effects, many of which are wired and built using Community Forklift's recycled materials. Our toxic waste area is the perfect combination of gnarly metal gadgetry and wacky plumbing. We accentuate all of this with terrifying toxic waste which glows brightly under black lights. Patrons must be careful to avoid deadly sparks and toxic waste spraying from leaky pipes, courtesy of CF.
The asylum marks the climax of the show as patrons are forced into a disorienting world of mad scientists and psychotic patients. The lobotomy room has become a favorite among guests. This scene first became a reality after a dentist's office donated much of its equipment to CF. If you thought you didn't like the dentist, just wait until you see this doctor. Diagrams of lobotomies line the walls, and the evil scientists perform a live demonstration.

 Our giant laser has been crafted almost entirely from CF materials!  It lights and fires a deadly ray that incinerates its victims.   Further along patrons encounter exploding fuse boxes disguised among recycled CF fuse boxes. 
In addition to the show, Nightmare Screamplex offers a paintball shooting range, live magic, tarot readings, bonfires, food, and more.  The Screamplex is open every weekend in October (Saturday - Sunday) beginning at 7pm.

Check out the website for more information, 

October Sales


50% off Pedestal Sinks


Take half off all porcelain and cast iron pedestal sinks. (Sale does not apply to wall-mounted sinks, kitchen sinks, or items from our consignment partners.)



Orphan cabinets

$2 each for orphan cabinets priced at $25 or less. (Sale does not apply to bathroom vanity cabinets or select specialty items.)


50% off Fireplace Screens


Half off the marked price on brass, steel, and glass fireplace screens and covers. (Sale does not apply to mantles, solid brass, ceramic, or specialty items.)


50% off Vintage Furniture

Take half off select vintage and modern tables, desks, chairs, and china cabinets. (Sale does not include kitchen cabinets, mantles, sink vanities, select specialty items, or items from our consignment partners.)

50% off Hollow Core Doors  

Take half off the regular price on new and used hollow wood doors.  (Sale does not include hollow metal doors, prehung doors; items from our consignment partners, and select specialty items).

FREE Plaster Trim!!!

How cool would this look arranged on your living room wall or at the end of a hallway?  Free plaster trim pieces under 7 feet in length!  Sale does not include plaster medallions, brackets, d�cor, or crown molding. 
30% off Vintage Laboratory Glassware in the Salvage Arts Department!

Take 30% off the white price tags on lab glass - set up your mad scientist's lab in time for Halloween!

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Hope to see you at the warehouse soon!


Your friends at Community Forklift