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NEW Volunteer Hours at CF!
Fun Fall Festivals
Ask-the-Expert: Painting Tips & Doors Galore!

Dear Forklift Fans,

Last month, we asked you to nominate us in the Washington Post Express Best of 201
2 contest.  Boy, did you come through - for the first time ever, we won nominations in THREE categories:   Best Vintage, Best Home Store, and Best Local Hardware Store!    PIC OF GUY VOTING
Now, it's the final round,  
and you can help us win first place!


Here's how:


1)   Go to

2)   Look in the "Shopping" section

3)   Vote Community Forklift for  

      Best Local Hardware Store (we won't mind if

      you vote for us in the other categories too)

4)   Lather, rinse, repeat!  You can vote as often

as you like.  You can also ask your friends to vote - just send these instructions to  everyone you know! 



Here's why:


  Winning this award will give Community Forklift publicity & credibility (which means large construction companies will be more willing to donate leftover materials!)


As more folks find out about us,

* more good stuff will be kept out of the landfill,

* more folks can afford repairs,

* more green jobs will be created,  

* we can donate more materials to community  

   groups and families in need, and

* you'll find more good stuff here in the store!



 Community Forklift announces...
new drop-in hours for weekend volunteering!   


This is an exciting time to volunteer at Community Forklift!  2012 has been our busiest year to date, so to keep up with the increase in customers & donations, we are expanding our drop-in volunteer hours!

Volunteers mixing paint   
we'll begin hosting regular volunteer workdays at the warehouse.  Come once or come often, come alone or bring a friend!  Weather permitting, we'll be working
We welcome volunteers from teen through adult, so it's a great way for high school students to earn their community service hours required for graduation. 


We're also pleased to announce that Ms. Veronica Edwards will be joining the volunteer coordination team by supervising our Saturday volunteers. Ruthie Mundell continues to coordinate outreach volunteers who assist at festivals and other off-site events, and Bea Trickett will be coordinating Sunday volunteers and recruiting assistance with special events here in the warehouse.  There's a lot to do here at Community Forklift, and we definitely need your help to achieve our mission - lifting up communities by making repairs and renovations more affordable for everyone in the community!


Outgoing Volunteers Needed!


festival volunteers

This fall, we've been invited to exhibit at a ton of community festivals. It's a GREAT way to educate folks about the benefits of building materials reuse. 


However, we don't have enough staff to make it to all the events. Can you help?



Sept. 15:  H Street Festival, Port Towns Day, & Riverdale Park Cares Day 


Sept. 22Barracks Row Festival 


Sept. 29:  DC Green Festival & the Diamond Derby (a bike, art, & fashion show at an underground garage in Crystal City)


Sept 30:  DC Green Festival


It's not hard! We just need people who are friendly, and can hand out brochures at our booth.  We'd also be grateful for volunteers who can help pack up our exhibit, tables, and tent at the end of the day (bonus points if you have a station wagon or truck and can bring our stuff back to Community Forklift).


Please contact Ruthie(at) 

or 301-904-7579 if you can help.  Thanks!


FREE Ask the Expert Session!
Sunday, September 23rd 
1-3pm at Community Forklift 
Karl Kosok, aka "Mr Fix-it", will be back at Community Forklift.  Paint and half-glass doors are on sale this month, so Mr. Fixit will share tips on painting & how to install doors.  Bring your questions, he's got answers and will walk you through how to do it yourself! 
 Prince George's County
Green Drinks 
Thursday, September 20th, 5:30-7:30pm 

Green Drinks logo

"If you're not for zero waste, how much waste are you for?"

 -- Gary Liss


Would you like to change Prince George's County's approach to solid waste from landfilling to waste prevention, resource conservation and green jobs?


Then Join Zero Waste Prince George's at this Green Drinks Social for a lively discussion of how Prince George's County and Maryland can become leaders in the zero waste movement.


Join the Prince George's County Green Drinks Facebook page to stay in the know!  
Please email Bea(at) if your restaurant/bar is interested in hosting a future Green Drinks meetup event.




About Zero Waste: 


  While visionary communities across the U.S. and around the world are embracing zero waste goals and implementing policies to achieve them, Prince George's County's recently released draft solid waste plan is business as usual. 


With its only public landfill nearing capacity, the County proposed to build an enormous and expensive transfer station to ship our waste out of county to be landfilled or incinerated in someone else's backyard.  


trash can on a dietThe good news is, local officials are asking for feedback from the public.  We can insist on zero waste goals and programs, a much greener plan and a robust public process before the County approves the plan.  The time is now!


 Zero Waste Prince George's is a new grassroots campaign initiated by Community Research and partners.  Community Research is a Maryland-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting public health, environmental stewardship and sustainability. 


For more info about zero waste,

please contact CommunityResearch(at)


"If it can't be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production."

 -- Berkeley Ecology Center 

Mosaic Workshop at the DC Green Festival   


Tile instructor

Forklift Fan Jenny Marsh will demonstrate how to make garden stepping stones by recycling ceramic tiles.  It is tentatively scheduled for noon on Sunday, Sept. 30th on the Live Art Demonstration Stage - but check the festival schedule as the date gets closer.

Reuse tile pic



Community Events


Saturday, Sept. 8


Mount Rainier volunteers are working with the Friends of Rhode Island Ave (FoRIA) to clean up their mutual main street.  Cleanup starts at 10am, and the cross-border celebration begins at 12pm.  For more info, visit our blog or contact BrentCBolin(at)

Saturday, Sept. 15th
For details, visit the Riverdale Park Cares Help The Homeless Event on Facebook.  For volunteer opportunities or to donate, email BillL(at)


Looking for work? 


Are you an outgoing person interested in community-building, reuse, sustainable business, or home improvement?  Community Forklift is looking for you!

 Visit our website for details.

September Sales




Take 25% off of cast iron radiators and baseboard
heaters  (Sale does not apply to space heaters, other hvac, furnaces or fireplaces, select specialty items, or items from our consignment partners).  

Jet Tubs

Take 75% off the sticker price on any vinyl jet tub, As Is  (Sale does not apply to shower pans or plain vinyl, steel, or iron bathtubs).  



Half-Glass Non-insulated Doors


Take half off vintage and modern � glass doors with non-insulated glass  (Sale does not include insulated glass doors, French doors, items from our consignment partners, surplus doors, or select specialty items). 

FREE Plaster Trim!!!

How cool would this look arranged on your living room wall or at the end of a hallway?  Free plaster trim pieces under 7 feet in length!  Sale does not include plaster medallions, brackets, d�cor, or crown molding. 
25 Color Paint! 

Any pint, quart, or gallon can of colored paint (not
white or off-white) is just a quarter.  No limit, and FREE to non-profits!

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Hope to see you at the warehouse soon!


Your friends at Community Forklift