August 2012
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Join us TONIGHT for an Ice Cream Social
Another unique use for Forklift materials
How-To Workshops
August Sales!

Dear Forklift Fan,

Got a second to help out your favorite reuse center?  Please nominate Community Forklift for Best Local Hardware Store in the DC area! 
Click to VOTE NOW:

Here's how:

1)    Hop on your computer

2)    Go to

3)    Look in the "Shopping" section

4)    Nominate us for "Best Local Hardware Store"

5)    Lather, rinse, repeat!  You can vote every

       day until polls close on Aug. 17th



Here's why:

Winning this award will get us a lot of publicity, and it means that large construction companies will take us seriously when we ask for donations!  


As more folks find out about us,

* more materials will be kept out of the landfill,

* more folks can afford repairs,

* more green jobs will be created, and

* you'll find more good stuff here in the store!




There are also a lot of fun events coming up later this summer, so read on for all the news!

Ice Cream Social - TONIGHT!   

Green Drinks logo

It's been hot this summer, so in August we're changing things up:  Prince George's Green Drinks & Community Forklift are hosting an Ice Cream Social! 


Where: the meeting room at Jason's Deli, 7356 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740 


When:  Tues. August 7th 5:30 PM-7:30 PM


Why:  Did you know that there are over 70 green businesses in Prince George's County?  We've also got countless watershed volunteers, environmental clubs, activists, nature lovers, and Forklift Fans. Let's get to know each other!


RSVP or find more info at the Prince George's County Green Drinks Facebook Page


FIRST- TIME GREEN DRINKER?  Don't be shy, just come on in and look for the folks with the nametags. Look for Bea or Kelsey (they'll be wearing the green hardhats), and they'll introduce you around.


Questions?  Contact PrinceGeorgesGreenDrink(at)  

 Know anyone looking for a green job
Community Forklift is hiring!  Check out the available positions posted on our website!
These crazy kids moved their entire home by bicycle with milk crates from Community Forklift!


Read the story on our blog!

Have you created something really neat with our materials?  Please email photos and a short description to Bea(at) to be included in our Customer Creations page!     


   Community Forklift's
How-To Workshop Series

Reuse tile pic  
A HUGE thanks to our first guest facilitator, Jenny Marsh who led a mosaic stepping stone workshop on July 28th.  Everyone had a lot of fun!
Are YOU interested in sharing a skill 
with fellow Forklift Fans?
Do you know a trade?  Perhaps all your friends turn to you for advice about bargain-hunting, decorating, or repurposing old stuff? 
Please email Bea(at) with a bit of info about yourself, the workshop you'd like to lead, and your availability.  We plan to make the how-to workshops a monthly event at the warehouse!

mom and daughter tiling Tile instructor  Tile cutting

 August Sales


Salvaged wood doors 


Take 50% off the orange price tag on any used/salvaged wood door priced at $35 or less. (Sale does not apply to some specialty doors, surplus doors, glassed or metal doors, doors with missing or damaged price tags, or items from our consignment partners.)  

Small Granite Pieces

This month, all granite counter pieces of 3 square feet or less are just $1 per square foot. (Sale does not apply to thresholds, sink cutouts, stone tile, roof slate, other stone, specialty items, or items from our consignment partners)


Furniture Parts     


Take 50% off partial pieces of furniture and furniture parts in aisle 2. Includes tables missing legs, disassembled or broken tables, etc. (Sale does not apply to some specialty items, intact furniture, lumber, stair parts, items with missing or damaged price tags, or items from our consignment partners.) 
Short lengths of Plaster Trim

How cool would this look arranged on your living room wall or at the end of a hallway?  Plaster trim and molding 4 feet long or less is just .25 per foot, at any width. (Sale does not include bundled crown molding or longer pieces, medallions, brackets, or other types of d�cor.)  
$1 Cabinet Doors 

Pay just one dollar for any orphan wood or particleboard cabinet door. Great for a craft project, so don't forget to send pictures of the cool stuff you create!  (Sale does not include select specialty items, doors with glass, doors on cabinets, or items from our consignment partners.)


Take half off most lights and lamp parts with orange price tags of $100 or less. (Sale does not include ceiling fans, select specialty items, lights with missing or damaged price tags, or items from our consignment partners.)
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Hope to see you at the warehouse soon!


Your friends at Community Forklift