Mid-June Updates 
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 34,000 sq. ft. of  Low-Cost Building Materials 
 A Project of Sustainable Community Initiatives
2010 City Paper Readers' Choice Best Home Goods Store 
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How to donate
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June Sales: just 2 weeks left!
Gorgeous vintage doorknobs
Expanding our hours
Summer fun
Employee of the Month: Freddy
Visit our huge warehouse at

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Edmonston MD 20781


In the Hyattsville area,
just 5 min. from the DC line!
How to Donate 
To donate building materials,
click here,
or call 301-832-0781.
To donate money, click here
or call 301-985-5180  
(Please let us know if you would like your contribution to go to our general fund, or specifically to our building fund: 
Rooting a Green Business in Our Community).
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Did you
see the 
June Sales
in the last
Select furniture, doors, paint, Salvage Arts items, and more!
Click here to see the details in the last newsletter.

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Salvage Arts lately?
Well, it's just about a year since we started building the Salvage Arts department, and it has been well-received by those searching for more unusual vintage materials.  Don't miss this month's sale on pre-1920's bottles and select light fixtures!
We have been focusing recently on increasing the quantity and quality of architectural hardware. 
We had the good fortune of acquiring a large amount of door hardware that is "new old stock" (this refers to vintage material that is in pristine shape because it was discovered in storage - it had never been installed or salvaged). 
There are some fantastic matching sets of knobs, including art deco knobs and plates in original mint condition, a group of bakelite-with-chrome knobs that are most unusual, and Bennington porcelain knobs with a beautiful swirled glaze pattern that imitates burled wood. 
Come on by and check them out!
 New Summer Schedule
We are adding more
evening & weekend hours!
Starting June 16th,
we will be open:
Wed 10-8
Thurs 10-8
Fri 9-6
Sat 9-6
Sun 9-6
(Closed Mon & Tues)
Of course, this means we need more volunteers than ever!  For info about applying for a weekly or monthly shift as a "Community Builder," please click here (must be 18 and over).  You'll receive store credit, plus it's a lot of fun to meet - and help - so many folks from around the region.

This summer is gonna be fun! 


We have some great ideas for events and workshops for July and August.  However, we need advice and assistance from the Forklift Fans to pull them off.


To share ideas or sign up to help, email Ruthie or call 301-985-5180. 


PIC OF PLUMBING ADVICE1)  Ask-the-Expert Series:  We're lining up folks to share their wisdom about home improvement and going green.  So far, the list of possibilities includes handypeople DIYers, remodelers, gardeners, plumbers, electricians, designers, organizers, and green cleaners.  Let us know if you have skills to share.

PIC OF TRAIN CARS2Picnic-by-the-Train Day:  We know little Forklift Fans love watching trains go by across the street.  So, we've got a local children's author to perform, and a DJ with a bunch of railroad songs.  Any train-lovers, local historians, or picnic planners able to help?
3)  Tech expert needed:  We'd like to set up a podcast or video of some of our events.  Anyone able to make that happen?
PIC OF SPOTLIGHT4)  Spotlight on "Community Lifters":  If your  nonprofit or government agency works hard to lift up our community, we want to spread the word about you.  Schedule a day to have an information table at our store!  We may also be able to feature you in our newsletter.  Priority given to organizations that focus on housing or green issues and groups that have used Community Forklift materials. 
5)  Bakers and Grillers needed:  At some of these events, we'd like to have a bake sale and/or cookout for the building fund.  
All aboard?
Call 301-985-5180 or contact Ruthie to jump on the event train!

Forklift Employee

of the Month:

Freddy Huffins 


If you've come into Community Forklift this year, you've probably met Freddy, our Sales Manager.  Even though he works very hard, he's always upbeat, making sure Forklift Fans and the Reuse Staff are happy.  We are lucky to have him!


Ruthie M.:  Freddy, how did a New Yorker like you end up in Maryland?

FH:  Well, I was a driver for a long time.  I started my driving career for Pepsi.  I had a midtown Manhattan route in the heart of New York City.  It was exciting for a young guy, and I did that for ten years. 


But then I spent a weekend visiting a friend in Silver Spring, and I really liked it!  I decided to move to Maryland, and began working as a salesman for Canada Dry.  


RM:  How did you become Sales Manager at the Forklift?

FH:  After two years at Canada Dry, I became a driver supervisor, in charge of 45 drivers.  But eventually, I decided it was time to try my own business.  I started my own transportation company, doing airport and hotel pickups.  I did that for two years, and it was fun, but the economy started tapering off.


I saw the ad on Craigslist for a truck driving position and sent in my resume.  I actually thought I was coming to a forklift company.  But when I saw the warehouse, and learned about the mission, I got excited! 


I started driving the truck, picking up donations, and it was great to be here.  We had some really powerful months, where we were working hard, and more and more donations were coming in.  The organization was growing, and it was time to create a full-time sales manager position.  I was recognized for my people skills, and was offered the job. 


RM:  What does the sales manager do?

FH:  I overlook just about every part of the sales operations - customer service is one of the most important things.  That means attending to the customer, whatever their needs may be.  I try to be a friendly face, and make it a good experience for them.


Also I deal with staff issues, making sure everybody is communicating and keeping the morale up.  I do the staff scheduling - which is about to get tough because we're extending our evening and weekend hours.


RM:  What do you like most about working here?

FH:  I like our family, our togetherness.  We have a special group of people working here - not just anybody can do the job.  The team we have is phenomenal and there's never a dull moment. 


I enjoy the customer service, and the overall mission to recycle and reuse.  I am proud that by keeping stuff out of the landfill, Community Forklift has created 15 green jobs.  It's just fun, every day.  I love my coworkers, and the customers are the best.


RM:  What you like about the customers?

FH:  I like the repeat customers, the ones who come in a few times a week.  They really find good bargains, and it's fun to talk to them and become friends.  I like making them happy, seeing them walk out with something they probably couldn't afford new.  I know so many by first name, and they really like that.  I just wish I could see all of their houses, what they do with what they buy!


RM:  Tell us about your family. 

FH:  My mother was born in Puerto Rico, and came to New York when she was 6 years old.  My dad was born in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, and came here when he was 18 years old.  He lived in Philadelphia, and then opened an automotive shop in Brooklyn.  That's when they met and fell in love, and they had ten children.  


When I moved to Maryland, I met my wife Tracy.  She was raised in North Carolina, and she came to DC to study at Howard University.  I've been married to her for eight years, and she is an amazing woman. 


RM:  What do you like to do outside of work?

FH:  I love sports.  I used to play a lot of basketball after work, but nowadays I enjoy spending time with my wife and my dog, and just working around the house.  Anytime I'm not at work, that's family time.    


RM:  Favorite food?

FH:  Good old burger and fries.  But one of my favorite things that I don't get often enough is Spanish rice.  When it's done right, you can eat a whole pot of it by itself. 


RM:  Thanks for the interview, Freddy, and thanks for everything you do around here!


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