March 2010
Sale Announcement,
Free Stuff, & Great News!
34,000 sq. ft. of  Low-Cost Building Materials
 A Project of Sustainable Community Initiatives
Visit our huge warehouse at:

4671 Tanglewood Drive,

Edmonston/Hyattsville MD 20781




Wed 12-7

Thurs, Fri, Sat 9-5

Sun 12-5


Mon & Tues
To donate building materials, click here, or call 301-832-0781.
To donate money, click here
or call 301-985-5180.  
Let us know if you would like your contribution to go to our capital campaign, Rooting a Green Business in Our Community.  More info about the building fund is below.
Building Fund update:


We've got some wonderful news!  We have secured more time to raise the funds we need for our building campaign.  So rest assured:  we will not be closing or moving any time soon. 


However, the time to give is NOW!  The sooner we can raise the funds, the better.  Owning our own space will give us financial stability, and allow us to make long term plans and invest in repairs.


But don't take our word for this email we got from Forklift Fan JL (below, at a bazaar in Kabul):


"In my frequent deployments (leaving my "fixer-upper" house in "mid-fix" each time) I have really enjoyed getting Community Forklift's newsletters for a taste of home & a taste of home renovation--while being reminded of more gentle and interesting ways to do it than just buying everything new. 
JF in Kabul bazaar 
I hope that the Forklift gets the money it needs... and encourage all its friends, shoppers, and associates to donate NOW to keep it available as a resource LATER!!!!"


JL is willing to put her money where her mouth is.  She's issued a challenge to the Forklift Fans:  if donations total at least $1,000 in the month of March, then she will send $1,000 herself.      


With her match, the value of your donation doubles!   If you give $25 this month, it becomes $50!  $50 becomes $100!  $100 becomes...well, you get the idea.  Just don't put it off - give now!


1. To donate online, click here, or 

 2.  Drop it off at the store,

3.  Call 301-985-5180 to donate over the phone, or

4.  Mail a check to 4671 Tanglewood Drive, Edmonston MD 20781. 

(Please make checks out to SCI, & write "CF Building Fund" in the memo line) 

Forklift Fan
of the Month:
Fred White
The Forklift Fans are one of the best things about Community Forklift.  Our customers and donors represent every type of Washingtonian, from all corners of the region and all sorts of backgrounds.  They always have such great stories to, each month, we plan to share them with you.
Fred White
Mr. White visits the warehouse several times a week, never misses a sale, and has been known to sport very cool blue suede shoes.  Ruthie interviewed him recently.
R:  How long have you been shopping at Community Forklift?
FW:  Since you first opened up, I think.  I like it because it's friendly!  It's like a family affair.
R:  What's the best thing you've found?
FW:  Almost everything I get is good.  You can get just about anything you want out of here.  Plus you can save a lot of money - without y'all, I'd have been in deep trouble.
R:  Mr. White, you always make the Reuse Associates and Volunteers feel appreciated - you're good at warming us up.
FW:  Yes, I've brought in chili, and a couple times I brought in egg noodles and turkey necks.  Like I said, y'all feel like family.
R:  You've even introduced us to your sweetheart.
FW:  Yep, Julia, my baby!  She's my love.
R:  Where do you live?
FW:  I've been living in Landover, MD for about 20 years.
R:  What was your profession before you retired?
FW:  Well, I was a carpenter, and then I repaired boats.  You know, I lived on a boat for ten years - I bought it down at the waterfront in SW DC.  When I got it, the canvas top needed to be replaced.  I went to buy one, and it was ridiculous.  Way too expensive!  So I started collecting materials from old boats when they were broken up, and I built myself a top.
R:  Wow, guess you've always had a talent for salvage and reuse.  Thanks so much for talking with me.  We really appreciate your visits!
His boat before...

boat before


boat during

 and after!

boat after

Joe Fugere 
Joe F
Mr. Fugere lives in Hyattsville and often brings materials to us.  If he learns that that a client is also renovating their kitchen or bathroom, he always encourages them to donate. 
He says, "I include Community Forklift's website on my estimates.  I think all contractors should inform their customers about it.  It is the only affordable way to repair your home, and the only affordable way to remodel!  Clients need to know that they can donate, and that it is THE source for household goods." 
Thanks for the compliments, Mr. Fugere!  
We also hear great things about your work.  According
to one Forklift Fan:  "Joe is a magical wood person who has a genius innate ability to work with trees and floors...a gentle spirit of the woods."
You can contact Mr. Fugere at: 

  Conspicuous Cleaning Co.

240-472-9719 cell
301-699-1707 home
Specializing in Wood Floor Sanding, Refinishing & Installation, Tree Cutting, Trimming, Stump Grinding, Firewood Delivery, and Gentle Land Clearing/Excavation
In this month's newsletter...
Hours & location
How to donate
Good news about the building fund
Forklift Fan of the Month
Joe the tree guy (and frequent donor)
Vote us "Best Home Goods Store" in the DC area
How to find out about new materials as soon as they arrive
Mark your calendars: spring events, seed giveaway, organic plant sale, and gardening advice. Plus, win gift certificates!
city paperHave you voted yet?
Advertising is expensive for a nonprofit like us.  But if we win this award, it would mean thousands of dollars of free publicity in the City Paper!!!!

And remember:  lots of  publicity = more donations arriving at the Forklift = more selection when you come shopping.

The contest ends March 15, so please tell all your friends, and vote now!!
March Sales:
Big Yard Sale!
clay roof tileshot tub
gates and ironworkpedestal sink 
security booths 
Unless otherwise marked, take 50% off almost everything in our yard!  Includes most fencing, security doors, window bars, pressure treated lumber, tubs, hot tubs, cast-iron sinks, beautiful concrete sinks, and even the ticket booth kiosks (Sale does not include granite, marble, lots of masonry, or specially marked items).  
pallet pile 
Free Pallets
Limit 2 per Forklift Fan.  Need ideas?  Use 'em to keep stuff off of a damp basement floor, or build a compost bin.  Get creative and build an entertainment stand or deck furniture.  And you wouldn't believe the stylish decor at Taylor Deli on H St. NE!   
Radial Arm
& Table Saws
 table saw
Take 25% off the marked prices on all
radial arm saws & table saws!
hollow bifolds 
$1 Bifold Doors
This month, pay just a dollar for salvaged hollow-core bifold doors, including flat and panel styles.  Great for craft projects and room dividers (Sale does not apply to louvered or solid core bifold doors, surplus bifold doors, or other types of doors). 
15% - 50% off
Unless otherwise marked, take 15% off all modern and vintage furniture, including chairs, file cabinets, hutches, sewing tables, entertainment stands, and dressers .  And look for the neon tags...some clearance items are 50% off!
Rox Produx
Rox Produx clock and bookends
 Take 20% off granite bookends and clocks from our partner, Rox Produx.  Items are crafted in Hyattsville using reclaimed counters and scraps of DC curbstone.
Find out about new arrivals! 
Join our Facebook group
here, and go here
 to follow CommForklift on Twitter! 
CF truck being unloaded

We're expecting great donations this month:  vintage landscaping decor, pallets of masonry, surplus boxes of tile, brand-new stove hoods, and materials from a woodworking shop.  However, we never know for sure until they arrive. 


So, how can YOU find out when we get  good stuff?  The best way, of course, is to visit often.  The lucky customers are the ones who are here when donations come in. 

The second best way is to
 follow us online!

 Join our Facebook group here, and go here to follow CommForklift on Twitter.  We'll try to announce interesting items as soon as they're available for sale.  

Mark your calendars!
  Vintage outdoor decor, gift certificates, free seeds, and organic gardening

weathervane cowArriving now:  Vintage garden decor, unusual ironwork, and landscaping elements in our Salvage Arts section.  We expect to get more items throughout the season, so check back often.
Throughout March
we need your gardening supplies!  This time of year, we hear from many folks in need of low-cost materials to improve their neighborhood or community garden.  So bring in your donations of fencing, edging stones, pavers, sturdy pots, bags of soil, and outdoor tools!  To give you extra motivation:
gift certificate When you donate any gardening or landscaping supplies in the month of March, you will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate!  
When you clean out your garage, shed, workshop, or even your potting table, take before-and-after photos and send them to Ruthie.  The best spring-cleaning project could win a $100 gift certificate!  Submission deadline is April 2.

Spring thing on April 3:  the first Saturday in April, we're having a spring celebration!  More details to come soon.  Please contact
Ruthie if you can share a skill, give a talk, or bring a dish.    
NFI logo 
The Neighborhood Farm Initiative
is coming to Community Forklift!  A project of the America the Beautiful Fund, this nonprofit educational urban farm in NE DC was created by our very own Bea Trickett.


The first two weekends in April (stay tuned for exact dates/times!), NFI folks will be at the warehouse to give away free seeds and answer questions about organic vegetable gardening.  


In the second half of April and continuing into May, they will be here selling organically-grown tomato and pepper seedlings! 

NFI field growing

NFI is trying to raise enough money to buy a used pickup-truck and cover the cost of gardening materials.  Any donations made above the cost of the plants will be tax-deductible.  Also, please email [email protected] if you have an affordable pickup truck that runs well, and you would like to sell it (or donate it for a tax-deduction!?).


More details and exact schedule for the spring plant sales coming soon!