February 2009 Newsletter  
  34,000 sq. ft. of  Low-Cost Building Materials / A Project of Sustainable Community Initiatives  
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In this newsletter...
Store Hours
How to donate
Are you a marketing professional?
Coming together as a community
Because we love you...40% OFF ON WEEKENDS!
Got your green hard hat?
Got any lawn & garden supplies?
February SALES!
Store Hours
Our store hours are:
Wed 12-7
Thurs, Fri, & Sat 9-5,
and Sun 12-5
Visit our HUGE warehouse at:
4671 Tanglewood Drive
Hyattsville, MD 20781
To Donate
or call Meghan at 
Your generous donations help to lift up our community by creating green jobs, keeping good materials out of the landfill, and making repairs more affordable.
 Are you a
marketing professional?

don draper mad men

We could use your help.

(Even if you're not as smooth as Don Draper from Mad Men!)
Community Forklift is in need of pro bono marketing assistance.  Enormous amounts of construction materials go to waste every day in the Washington region, while many of our neighbors live in substandard housing.
There are still a lot of people out there who need to know about our work! 
If your firm is able to help, please contact Ruthie or Nancy at 301-985-5180.
True story:
A homeowner recently donated 
$100 to our capital campaign,
and when we thanked him,
he said, "Well, why not?  I've saved far more than that by shopping at Community Forklift."
Our low-cost materials helped him fix up his old house, so he wanted to help us secure our home.  Isn't that cool? 
pulling together 

To be eligible for financing & grants, our goal is to raise $250,000 by March 31, 2010.  That's a big number...but we know how many people appreciate this place.  Heck, if the whole community of "Forklift Fans" were to pitch in,

we could raise these funds the way folks used to raise barns:  in just a day!

Remember, Community Forklift is operated by the 501c3 nonprofit Sustainable Community Initiatives, so

 your donation is tax deductible.
(Don't forget to make checks out to SCI, & write "CF Building Fund" in the memo line) 
big barn raised 
We love our Forklift Fans,
and we love reuse!

valentine angels 
That's why we're celebrating storewide with
40% off Weekends
 Now through Valentine's Day, take
40% off all items under $100
every Saturday and Sunday!
Sale does not apply to items or sets priced at $100 or above; to Salvage Arts, specialty, or vintage items; or to materials from our green partners, including Alco, Treincarnation, Nature Neutral, & Rox Produx items.  The 40% weekend discount does not apply on weekdays, and cannot be combined with other sales.  
Starts this weekend! 
Do you have your
green hard hat yet?
A green hard hat symbolizes our work to create green jobs through reuse.  And as you know, we've kicked off a capital campaign to give Community Forklift a permanent home. 
green hard hat
So, when you give to our building fund, we'll write your name on a green hard hat card, and hang it near the register.  It will be a great way to see the many people that are building this community! 
Please make your tax deductible donation today to:
  • Make Community Forklift a permanent resource for the DC area,  
  • Reduce our heavy occupancy costs & improve store operations,
  • Ensure our financial sustainability in the long-term, and
  •  Help the region's most successful green non-profit business to thrive and grow!
4 ways to donate to the building fund:
  1. Visit www.CommunityForklift.com,
  2. Drop it off at the store,
  3. Call us at 301-985-5180 to donate by credit card over the phone, or
  4. Mail a check to: 4671 Tanglewood Drive, Edmonston MD 20781
(Please make checks out to SCI, & write "CF Building Fund" in the memo line)
In only four years, we've kept thousands of tons of building materials from going to waste, created 15 local green jobs, and made repairs more affordable for countless local homeowners, nonprofits, & small businesses.
We look forward to "lifting" this community for many years to come!
Is your shed overflowing? 

garden toolsEvery spring, we get lots of  requests from folks who need low-cost materials to spruce up yards & community gardens.
Please consider donating your extra lawn & 
garden items!
For example: fencing, brick, edging stones, pavers, gardening tools, sturdy pots, bags of soil, & other landscaping materials.
Unfortunately, we are not able to accept thin plastic pots and planting trays (the disposable kind that live plants are sold in).  For more info about donating, visit   
February Sales! 
50% off
the regular prices on...

trim for newsletter


Standard trim

Take 50% off the regular prices on all surplus or salvaged pine or fir trim. 

Sale does not include dimensional lumber (2x4's, 2x6's, etc), trim made from specialty wood, or consignment items such as Treincarnation lumber. 


windows salvaged

Salvaged windows

Take 50% off the marked price on all rectangular salvaged windows.  Windows must have an undamaged Forklift price tag to qualify for the sale.  Sale does not include surplus windows; casement, sliders, double-hung, specialty shapes or frosting; individual window sashes; or antique, stained, pebbled, or painted glass windows.  Sale does not apply to Salvage Arts items. 



Lisa's hollow core doors


Hollow-core doors

Take 50% off the marked price on all salvaged interior hollow-core doors, including flat/flush and stamped panel.  Sale does not include surplus doors; exterior, metal-clad, solid, or specialty decorative doors; doors in frames, or doors with glass.   


Get creative like Forklift Fan Lisa Lincoln - she made a beautiful room divider between her living room and office.


25% off

the regular prices on...

Take 25% off modern fridges, stoves, wall ovens, cooktops, wash machines,

clothes dryers, air conditioners, and microwaves priced at $300 or less. 
Sale does not include Alco Appliances, antiques, or other types of machines. 
vintage tins
 Advertising Tins
Take 25% off advertising tins from the Salvage Arts section. 
These vintage containers are great for stylish organizing, and make charming gifts.  
bookcase from doors

panel doorsInterior panel doors!

 Take 25% off the price of interior wood panel doors marked at $30 or less (Sale does not include new, surplus, oversize, exterior, louvered, hollowcore, decorative, bifold, or cabinet doors; or doors made with glass or specialty wood).  


Crafty?  Click here for great ideas for repurposing doors, including tables, desks, and headboards.  If you're really handy, you can even attempt a bookcase like the ones at right (at Miss Pixie's on 14th St in NW DC).

toilets standard
 $10 Toilets!
All toilets priced at $35 or less are now just $10 each
 Sale does not include one-piece, surplus, or antique toilets; or toilets from the hotel donation.


15% off 
Salvage Arts light fixtures
vintage lights
Bring in this coupon  
to save 15% off any
Salvage Arts 
 light fixtures.
Light fixtures in the Salvage Arts department are genuine antiques, and have been rehabbed & rewired.  
Coupon cannot be combined with other sales.
Offer Expires: February 28, 2010.