August 2009 Newsletter
What's Old is New...
Our New Vintage Area OPENS August 1!

A Project of Sustainable Community Initiatives - 34,000 sq. ft. of Low-Cost Building Materials
We stock Alco appliances!
Vintage Overflow
Come to our warehouse,
bring your donation,
& see what's new on the floor!
4671 Tanglewood Drive
Hyattsville, MD 20781
 Hours: Wednesday 12-7
Thursday, Friday, & Saturday  9-5 

Click here for directions

Still seeking slogans!

Our slogan contest won't stop until we find some good ones to use on signs, T-shirts, and bumper stickers.  We're looking for short, sassy slogans (in English or Spanish) that capture the spirit of Community Forklift. 
If we use your suggestion, you win
a $50 gift certificate,
as well as a t-shirt or sticker with your slogan. 
Send your ideas to
[email protected] 

Have you been helping with the 

FRIEND-raising Campaign?
As we've explained in the last two newsletters, times are tough.  More than ever, there is a need for the work that Community Forklift does:  making repairs affordable, reducing waste, and creating local green jobs.  
While we'd love to receive a bunch of checks made out to our parent nonprofit (Sustainable Community Initiatives), we know you're hearing from many worthy charities right now, and your funds may be low. Luckily, there are other ways to participating in the Friend-raising Campaign! 
In June, we asked you to tell at least one friend about the benefits of building materials reuse (We have a truck to pick up donations!  You get a tax deduction!).  Hundreds of you responded and pledged to spread the word.  
In July, we asked you to spread the word to your groups - your neighborhood listserves, networking and professional associations, etc.  However, results were less clear - we heard a rumor that one or two messages were posted, but couldn't confirm it. 
Now, we are in the final stretch of our campaign, and we are asking you to talk!  That's right, we want your ideas about friend-raising.   Stop by, call, or email [email protected], and let us know:
1)  What can we do to spread the word about this cool place?  Keep in mind that we a tiny staff and an even tinier budget...your idea would need to be accomplished by volunteers.
 2)  What have you done to spread the word?  Have you told any groups about us this summer?  Who?   
3)  Who should know about us?  Do you know any reporters, realtors, builders, designers, homeowners, neighborhoods, ministries, etc?  Please contact [email protected] if you would like us to speak to your group!  We are able to talk for 5 minutes to an hour about topics like  "Green Homes for Non-Millionaires," "Designing with Reclaimed Materials," and "Greening Your Small Business."  
August Sales
Every day is Free Friday! 
All free friday items are free every day of the week.  Just check with a Reuse Associate before loading it into your vehicle (we don't want any shopping carts or dollies to go missing!)
Ceramic Tile
Ceramic Tile with table
Take half off all regular ceramic tile 
(Sale does not include subway, mosaic, stone, wood, metal, glass, honeycomb, tile smaller than 2"x2", or other specialty tile).  
four carpet tiles vertical
Carpet Tiles
Sale continued!  Salvaged 18" carpet tiles are just $0.25 each, while supplies last (Regularly $0.50 each.  Sale does not apply to larger tiles or surplus/new carpet tiles).  Easy solution for playrooms, basements, entry halls, & dorm rooms! 
Aisle 4: Florescent Lights
Used florescent strips and shop lights in aisle 4 are 50% off (Surplus lights, decorative fixtures, and lights in aisle 2 are not included in sale).   
Florescent Bulbs 
Take 50% off the marked prices on all florescent bulbs more than 1' long
(Sale does not include CFLs, compact, or spiral bulbs). 
Narrow Interior Shutters
Used shutters are only $1.50/section - which means bifold units are $3 and trifolds are $4.50. 
(regularly $4-5/section.  Sale does not include plantation shutters, shutters with wide slats, shutters with sections over 12" wide, surplus shutters, or exterior shutters).      
 interior shutters.close up
Vintage.Glass.better Opens Today!

Dear Forklift Fans,

For a long time, you have been asking for more valuable, unusual items in addition to our low-cost fare.  We have finally delivered!
This month, our new Vintage Department opens to the
!  This section includes restored lighting from the 1880's through the 1930's.  We are also featuring a wide selection of unique primitives, iron heating grills, vintage signs, and architectural ironwork.
Oh no!  Does this mean Forklift prices are going up?
You may find that a restored chandelier in the antique department will cost more than a modern fixture or un-restored chandelier in the regular lighting aisle.  But don't worry - we still have all the usual super deals throughout the store to help our Forklift Fans live sustainably!  
In fact, by offering a greater diversity of products, the Community Forklift will be in healthier financial shape - ensuring that we can continue to provide low-cost, quirky, and beautiful materials to the DC area for years to come.
Volunteer Terry Lewis has helped to price our donated antiques since 2007, and we are excited that he is now providing items for the vintage department.  He has over 20 years of experience in buying and selling antiques (if you've shopped in Olney, you may know his company, Bear Creek Trading).  If you have questions, he would love to answer them.  As he can explain, antiques may cost a bit more...but they sure hold their value!  


How to donate materials

We make it super easy! 
You can drop it off... 
1.  Check our website to see if we can accept your items (if you're still not sure, give us a call).
2.  Bring your materials to our warehouse during our regular business hours (you must arrive at least 30 minutes before closing). 
 schedule a pick-up!
1. If you're donating bulky items or large amounts of materials, simply fill out our online form at
 and we will contact you within 24 hours (M-F) to arrange a pick-up. 
2.  If you have questions, call our Donations Coordinator at 301-832-0781.  
   Call today!

Bring in this coupon to receive one free quart of paint ! 
Coupon good for salvage not surplus paint 

Print out the coupon, fill in your name, and hand it to the cashier at checkout to receive your free gift!

Name: _______________________________

Zip code: ____________________________

While supplies last.

Two sinks per household - may not be combined with other offers or used more than once. Not valid toward consignment items. Valid thru 8-31-09.

Cashier Initials: ____________     Date Used: _____________


gate handles

Bring in this coupon to receive a free gate latch & handle! 

Applies to the white metal handle sets with $5.00 tags in the hardware section.  Print out the coupon, fill in your name, and hand it to the cashier at checkout to receive your free gift!

Name: ____________________________
Zip code: ____________________________

While supplies last.

One gate latch per household - may not be combined with other offers or used more than once. Not valid toward consignment items. Valid thru 8-31-09.

Cashier Initials: ____________     Date Used: _____________