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Community Forklift's
Don't forget about our Super Sale Area!  This section of the warehouse is devoted to odd-ball items that are priced to move--everything is marked $5 or less!

Super Sale items are perfect for arts & crafts projects.  Items often featured in the $5 aisle include single cabinets, cultured marble sinks, windows, doors, mismatched tile, and much more!

 The only catch is you must pay for and take these items with you that day (NO HOLDS, NO LAYAWAY, NO LATER SCHEDULED PICKUPS)


Nancy Meyer,
Business & Development Director

Nancy is the 2nd CF employee to be featured in our Meet the Staff series, which will continue throughout 2009's newsletters.


Nancy is pictured here with Daisy, also known as the cutest dog in the universe!  She's a rescued Maltese, whose sun sign is Scorpio-- and she just celebrated her third birthday at the end of November.  They live together in Hyattsville.

What are your favorite foods to eat or cook?
Nancy:  I am mostly vegetarian identified -- I love New York pizza and Indian food  - let's just face it -- I just love food.
What's your favorite past career?
My favorite past job is running an art center and some of the more interesting jobs I've had is a union carpenter, musical instrument builder, and letter press printer!

What do you do on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays?
On my precious time off from Community Forklift -- I mostly do research and writing on women, politics and social theory. I also do consulting on movement building and non profit strategy and organization.
Where in the world would you like to go?
I love the beach on the east coast and dream of seeing Southeast Asia, Hawaii, Ireland, Cuba, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Brazil.

Why/when should any CF customers contact you specifically?
For anyone who wants to make a financial donation to our non-profit -- for anyone with a special need or request, for anyone with suggestions on how to improve, or to let us know what we are doing well!!

Nancy can be reached by email at
[email protected]

or by phone at
voicemail box 6

Thinking about doing a green overhaul of your home in 2009?

To find out how to reduce the cost, check out this great website, the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (www.dsireusa.org).  This site is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives to promote smarter energy.  For example, in September 2008, Prince George's County enacted a $5,000 tax credit for residents that install solar heaters!

January Sales

50% off exterior shutters
Sale prices are:
 $4/pair for vinyl & $15/pair for wood!
(regularly $8/pair for vinyl & $30/pair for wood). 
Sale does not include shutter hardware, surplus shutters, interior shutters, or decorative shutters (with carvings, etc).
50% off security bars & metal railing
Take half off the marked price on security bars for windows, metal fencing, security doors, gates, and metal rails - located out in the backyard (Sale does not include chain link fencing & accessories, or highly decorative antique fencing).
Select Granite $1/sq. ft.
All granite countertop pieces under five square feet are only $1.00/sq. ft. (regularly $2.50/sq. ft.).  Perfect for radiator tops, shelves, or little table tops!  (Sale does not include floor or wall tiles, or granite pieces larger than 5 sq. ft. )
Select laminate countertops - $1 each
 Look at the price tags - some formica laminate counters are marked at $1 each
We hate to have to say this, but don't bother scratching price tags off!  Shutters, security bars, railing, and laminate counters without price tags are not eligible for the sale.

For Christmas 2008, 6-year-old Rebecca Myrna, decided to make a gift for her mother--her father (CF customer) John suggested they take a trip to Community Forklift.

Rebecca got a plexiglass window, some tiles, and combined that with some old lumber her dad had in the garage to make this table.  The surface is the window.  She smashed the tiles and glued them to the surface to make a picture.  She is very proud of her work!
Lemons Lemons!

If you have used CF materials to make a project you're particularly proud of, please email [email protected] and you could be featured in a future newsletter or on the Customer Creations section of our website!

Lemons Lemons!

Extra-Special THANK YOU to Willy Morton,
who created this fabulous laser-cut metal sign for the warehouse wall near our entrance!  The sign will direct customers into the courtyard, and increase our visibility on Tanglewood Drive.  Thanks for all your work!

Better for your wallet and our world!

So you know that you can receive a tax deduction for donating to our non-profit, and that you can buy reclaimed and surplus building materials here at very low prices.  That's good for your pocketbook, but do you know who else has benefited from your support of Community Forklift?

Every time a cabinet or sink is reused, that's one less item that goes into the trash...and less energy needed to extract raw materials, manufacture, and transport a new one.

You've heard political leaders talking about the need for "green jobs" - well, we've been busy creating them for three years!  In addition to the ten green-collar employees here at CF, new jobs are being created through related industries.  Instead of hiring one bulldozer operator to wreck an unwanted structure, you can hire a whole crew to "deconstruct" it - to take it apart carefullyInstead of paying landfill fees, you're paying people to work!

Community Forklift makes repairs more affordable for countless homeowners, non-profits, and small businesses.  This makes our local neighborhoods cleaner and safer, and increases property values.  Not only that, but our operation lowers costs for small businesses, helping them to survive the rocky economy!

We've become something of a green "anchor store," drawing sustainable and local businesses to our location.  Currently, our partners include:

Deconstruction Services, LLC - an alternative to demolishing old buildings
Nature Neutral - new green products
Green Home LLC - green renovations & solar installation
Urban Solar Solutions - energy efficient products
Treeincarnation - beautiful sustainably-harvested local lumber
Junk In The Trunk - green junk haulers
Alco Appliances - refurbished appliances
Susan Chapin - artist

Thanks for your support of Community Forklift.  Your little donation or purchase makes a big difference to a lot of people!



Fill out this coupon and bring it in to receive a FREE POUND OF NAILS!!
(standard nails only - not applicable to spikes, screws or other hardware)

Print out the coupon, fill in your name, and hand it to the
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While supplies last.

One discount per household - may not be combined with other offers or used more than once. Not valid toward consignment items. Valid on purchases made 1-8-09 thru 1-31-09.