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Hours: Wednesday 12-7
Thurs-Sat  9-5
Community Forklift will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day



Are you a good cook?
Are you able to make a potluck dish to bring to our 3rd Anniversary Party?  Please contact Ruthie at 301-985-5180 or Ruthie@CommunityForklift.com to let her know what dish you'd like to bring.


We are also still looking for volunteers to help at the party - and for donations of gift certificates, services, and crafts for the silent auction.  Please let Ruthie know ASAP if you can help out.
Thanks in advance for your support!
Reminder:  The Green Festival is at the Convention Center this weekend, November 8-9!  It's a fantastic place to learn about all the new sustainable businesses popping up around town - from organic restaurants to hybrid taxis to green trash haulers.

And...if you sign up to volunteer at our booth, you'll get free admission into the Green Festival!  Contact Ruthie@communityforklift.com to find out which shifts still need to be covered.

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Road still closed for construction
It's still very easy to get to us from Kenilworth Avenue, but for another week or two there will be a "Road Closed to Thru Traffic" sign that may confuse and scare customers away. (Please see our website for detailed directions around the closure.)
November Sales

Help us open the door to our fourth year of business!!!

Used bifold doors, only $1!
Sale includes wood or metal, panel or louvered, used bifold doors.  Sale does not apply to specialty bifold doors with glass or painted panels, or to new, surplus bifold doors.

Select surplus, fire-rated steel doors, only $30 - $40 each!
They sell for $120- $130 each retail

Brand-new flush doors, only $10
Please ask for help if you'd like to buy a large lot; we have dozens of them stored up above the racks.

50% off select used doors with original price tags under $50
Sale does not apply to doors in the sale categories above.  Sale does not apply to french doors, doors without price tags, or to new, surplus doors.

But what if you don't need a door?


50% off carpet tiles!
Now only 25 and 50 each - that's as low as 11 per square foot!

50% off unframed mirrors and glass
Sale does not apply to medicine cabinets, framed mirrors, or door-mounted mirrors.

 bifold doors

Creative Use for Bifold Doors!

Customer Lisa Lincoln purchased several bifold doors from Community Forklift and painted them to create a classy room divider!
Please send photos of your completed projects to Bea@communityforklift.com -- you could be featured in the next newsletter, or on the website!

Urban Solar Solutions' first product of the month: The T.E.D. Energy Monitor

Lemons Lemons!

Now is the time for ghosts and vampires!  But, while trick-or-treaters are fun, it is the energy ghosts and vampires we have got to watch out for!  This month's featured product is a very effective tool to empower you with conservation know-how.  Introducing The Energy Detective, a.k.a,. The T.E.D.

Popular Mechanics called The TED Energy Monitor "the most comprehensive real-time home electricity monitor on the market," and listed it in its "Best Green Design 2008" issue. 
This super simple device comes in 3 parts--a meter that installs in the junction box of your home, a display (see below) that can be set on a counter top or hung on a wall, and computer software to install on your home computer. It monitors, tracks, stores and graphs your home or building's electric use.
electricity monitor

Once installed, the TED can monitor dollars or kilowatt hours or more!  It can be used to sub-meter rental apartments or to augment a home energy audit.  It all adds up to saving energy carbon and money.  How better to drive energy ghouls away!   Pick one up at Urban Solar Solutions, around the corner from Community Forklift (4641 Tanglewood Drive).  Installation available.

50% off CFLs Sale!  Urban Solar Solutions is making space for L.E.D. (light emitting diode) light bults and holiday lights with a 50% off sale on standard Compact Fluorescents.  Save on 40w, 60w, 75w and 100w equivalents and on R30 and PAR 38 outdoor lights.  Now-November 15.  While supplies last.  Dimmable CFLs and Chandelier sizes excepted.
Urban Solar Solutions is open:
Wednesdays-Fridays 9-5
Saturdays 9-4
Save $20!!
Lemons Lemons!
Community Forklift is making our first video PSAs!  We need actors to appear on-camera, either at the store on Saturday November 8th, or you can volunteer to go with our videographer to a nearby location on a date that works for both of you.  IF YOU SPEAK ON-CAMERA, the videographer will stamp this coupon and it becomes valid-- $20 off your next purchase at Community Forklift! Email Bea@communityforklift.com for more info, or to sign up for this offer!
Offer expires: November 30, 2008.
Not valid on consignment items.

urban solar solutions logo
20% off any Community Forklift purchase under $100 if you show us a receipt from a purchase at Urban Solar Solutions (around the corner from CF, at 4641 Tanglewood Drive)!

You must present BOTH this coupon and your receipt to receive the discount!

Print out the coupon, fill in your name, and hand it to the cashier at checkout.

Name: _______________________________
Zip code: ____________________________

One discount per household - may not be combined with other offers or used more than once. Not valid toward consignment items. Expires 11-30-08