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We stock Alco appliances!
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4671 Tanglewood Drive,
Edmonston, MD 20781 (greater Hyattsville)
Hours: Wednesday 12-7
Thurs-Sat  9-5
CF Job Opportunity!
Seeking Assistant Sales Manager/Cashier who is
bright, energetic, easy going
and friendly with retail and supervisory experience, prefer
some knowledge of building materials, available for Saturday work.  Part time with full time potential. Send resume to NancyJMeyer@communityforklift.com, fax to 301-985-5182 or mail to 4671 Tanglewood Drive, Hyattsville, MD 20781.
opens at
Community Forklift!

Ellen's store sign

Join us in welcoming our newest green business, in the front of the Community Forklift warehouse.  Urban Solar Solutions, formerly of Takoma Park, is an eco store with two goals in mind:  to save energy and to save the Chesapeake.  Of course, that means saving money, too.  To those ends, it carries products ranging from dimmable compact flourescents to energy cost monitors, natural mosquito repellents, and green wall panels.  It opened its doors on Wednesday, August 6, 2008.  Ellen, its manager/owner says "New products are coming in every day as we prepare for our Grand Opening in September.  If you do not see something you are looking for, just ask." 

Lemons Lemons!

The Moore family of Alexandria, Virginia could not wait to buy DEET-free mosquito repellent for 3 year-old Bailey's pool party.  Armando welcomed them as Urban Solar Solutions' first customers in its new location on Sunday 8/3.
Support our good work!  
Community Forklift supports and lifts up our community. We need your help to sustain our good work.  The economy and the road closing have greatly impacted sales.  Please show us how much you care and send us a donation!  Send a check made out to Sustainable Community Initatives (our parent non profit corporation)and send to: SCI, 4671 Tanglewood Drive, Hyattsville, MD 20781. 
  Amazing Paint Sale
Gallons of oops paint & stain are only 50 cents,
 and quarts are only 25 cents!
Sale does not apply to Pittsburgh or American Pride Paint
Carpet Tile:  5 for a $1.00! 
 Sale applies to the 18" carpet tiles located at the end of
aisle six.  Cover your floor for
only nine cents a square foot!
Appliances - 25% Off 
Sale applies to Community Forklift washers, dryers, stoves, cooktops, ovens, microwaves, fridges.
Sale does NOT apply to ALCO consignment items
 or other items as marked.

 Used Shower & Tubs - 50% Off
Half off used, shower pans, shower doors,
jacuzzis, tubs, tub surrounds and walls.
Sale does NOT apply to surplus / new items,
clawfooted tubs, art deco tubs, or other items as marked.
We hate to have to say this, but...
Don't bother scratching off price tags -
Items without price tags are not eligible for the


Lemons Lemons!

Life handed us lemons,

so we need to make lemonade!
The railroad tracks near our warehouse are undergoing construction, so periodically they've been closing part of our street, Tanglewood Drive.  It is still very easy to get to us from Kenilworth Avenue, but unfortunately, some days there is a "Road Closed to Thru Traffic" sign that is confusing and scaring folks away (Please go to http://www.communityforklift.com/directions.cfm for detailed directions around the closure.  Ignore the map - just follow the printed directions).

This is a serious problem, because customers are having trouble finding us.  We're not sure how long it's going to be blocked.  It's especially bad timing because we should be very busy in mid-summer.  The money we make in August helps to carry us through the slow winter - so if the railroad work hurts our sales now, it may cause big problems for us later!

So,we're hoping our Forklift Fans will help us out, especially if we sweeten the deal for you! 

1)      Come shopping this week!  There will be free lemonade, and you can SAVE 10% if you print out the coupon below!  (Please go to http://www.communityforklift.com/directions.cfm for detailed directions around the closure.  Ignore the map - just follow the printed directions) 

2)      Volunteer to act silly, and you'll receive TRIPLE STORE CREDIT!  That's right, you'll earn $15 AN HOUR in store credit if you wear a sandwich board, wave a sign, or attract attention at the end of the street (You may get a bonus if you bring a costume - perhaps a house, or a giant hammer?)  Perfect for high schoolers who need community service hourse.  We particularly need help this Saturday, August 9, but any time is appreciated.  Please contact Ruthie at 301-904-7579, send an email to Ruthie@CommunityForklift.com, or just show up during store hours!  
CONGRATULATIONS - our first twins!
Lisa Ogle, CF volunteer extraordinaire and her partner, Martin, are the proud parents of twins born Saturday, August 2!  We look forward to meeting Cyrus Daniel Ogle and Linnea Alice Ogle, our newest Forklift Fans!
Save 10%
Ah, lemons! 
Bring in this coupon, help us laugh about the railroad situation,
and get 10% off your next purchase at Community Forklift! 

Print out the coupon, and do one of the following at the checkout:

 - Sing a train song ("I've Been Working On The Railroad" is 
   Ruthie's favorite)
 - Wear overalls or a conductor's hat!
 - Make train noises or blow a whistle!
 - Show us your favorite train toy!
 - Dress like a hobo!

(One discount per household - may not be combined with other offers or used more than once.  Coupon cannot be used for Nature Neutral or consignment products.  Expires 8-31-08.)