June 2012
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Summer is nearly here! This time of year we sometimes get a little break in the action as clients shift their focus to landscaping projects. I welcome this short reprieve, and will travel to Laguna Beach to continue working on a design project I have going there. This, to me, is the best of both worlds, because I get to do what I love and have time for relaxation and fun!

If you follow us on Facebook you've gotten insider glimpses of some projects we currently have underway. We're eager to share details, which we hope inspire you too.

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Featured below, in this issue of the newsletter, don't miss the Before and Afters of apartment hallways we recently transformed. See how these transitional spaces can change for the better.

Are you an art lover too?
I love art. The right piece can really "make" a room. Also in this issue is an article originally published in TOSCA magazine, my review of an oil painting called "Hellebores". Read my take on what this bold and unique piece has to offer.

If you're inspired to make small or drastic changes to your space, please contact us. We can't wait to discuss your ideas and vision for the transformation!
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Featured Before & Afters:  
Apartment Hallways


Hallways are a transitional space because they take us from one area to another. But just because they serve this practical purpose doesn't mean they should have utilitarian design. I believe they should enrich your experience of getting there, therefore enriching your life day to day.


People chose to dwell in apartments or condos for many reasons. Some may be economical; some may have to do with lifestyle, location or ease of property maintenance. Whatever reason, these units typically have a common area that takes you from the outside world into your personal space. The path you take can either enhance or detract from your well-being.


If the hallway is dark, worn or outdated, it's not going to feel as good as if it has a well-lit, fresh design that's pleasing to the eye. The latter will uplift your energy (the former will bring it down). Utilitarian finishes can also feel cold or stale. Homier touches can make a space feel warm and inviting.


Take a look at these "Before" photos, then click "See After Photos" to see and read about what we did to redesign these hallways:


Calhoun Towers Hallway Redesign

Calhoun Towers Before
Calhoun Towers Before


See the Calhoun Towers After Photos



Greenbriar Hallway Redesign


Greenbriar Before


Greenbriar Before



Garfield Hallway Redesign 

Garfield Before
Garfield Before

 See the Garfield After Photos

Art Review:  Hellebores 
Hellebores by Kay Hoffler
Hellebores by Kay Hoffler

Oil on canvas
30" by 40"

I was drawn to this painting by how artist Kay Hofler captured such detail and uniqueness, yet created the piece with an eye for the total composition. After interviewing Hofler, I learned more about this elusive flower.

Hellebores, also known as a Lenten Rose, doesn't grow in my region, but is common in the artist's home state of Virginia. It would hardly be noticeable if you didn't know what you were looking for.  Hellebores blossoms grow upside down, under the surface of water. Hofler took a unique approach to capture their beauty, by cutting blossoms and floating them in water. She was then able to find a new life and purpose others may have missed.

Although I've not seen this painting in person, I was struck by its simple beauty. Hofler abstracted things a bit in order to get the forms to come out in a bold way. I can only imagine how vibrant it must be in person. Oil paint has a luminosity and glow no other medium can convey.

Hofler remarked that she is often overwhelmed by the beauty in nature, and tries to capture that feeling. She was effective in conveying her sentiment, but beyond that I sensed a bold, spiritual and sensual quality to her work.

Visit Kay Hoffler's website for more information on her artwork.
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