September 2011
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Letter from Julie Ann  


Julie Ann HeadshotThe excitement of summer adventures has quickly become a pleasant memory. Those carefree days are transforming into the reflective days of autumn. Though my summer adventures have ended, the many special moments of summer 2011 continue to inspire me personally and professionally.  


This fall newsletter is a great opportunity to share the highlights of a wonderful mother/daughter voyage to Paris and Amsterdam, a "20 year reunion" with some of my first clients, and my new endeavor as an art critic.


The fall season is often a time of changes and new beginnings. I love to create spaces that reflect an individual's passions and personality. As an interior designer, I encourage my clients to not fear change in their environment. Embrace new colors and schemes, artwork and themes!  Accessorize and re-invent your spaces from time to time. This truly will inspire a positive energy in your home and create balance in your life.


Warmest Regards,

Julie Ann

Bonjour, Paris
This summer, my daughter, Rebecca and I enjoyed a week of sightseeing and shopping in Paris, France and capped the journey off with a brief, yet meaningful stay in Amsterdam, Holland. I immediately fell in love with Paris! The art, the food, and the romance of the city appealed to all my senses.

Paris Trip

We also spent a day in Versailles, admiring the beautiful gardens---colors so extraordinary that pictures can not truly capture it's beauty. The palace in Versailles, though huge and impressive, was slightly "over-powering" for my personal taste. But, I appreciated the care for detail in every nook and cranny. The interior design opposed so many tenants of Feng Shui, it is no wonder why tragedy repeatedly fell upon the residents of this palace. I came across an article that described Feng Shui in the palace that I would like to share with you. To view the article go to this link: Versailles and Feng Shui Article. The surroundings, like the enchanted gardens, inspired and energized me as a designer. I hope to incorporate many of these elements and attention to detail into creating the most unique and beautiful spaces for my clients.


One of the best moments in Paris was spent dining at an Indian restaurant with our Parisian cousins, Rene and Bernard. Their kindness and "joix de vivre" made Rebecca and I feel right at home.


The last leg of our journey was spent in Amsterdam, Holland. I was overwhelmed by the many forms of transportation that filled the streets. Trains, bikes, cars, taxis, etc. We managed to find our way to the Anne Frank house. It was a powerful and educational experience, which left a lasting impression on both my daughter and myself.


We spent time at a lovely hospitable Dutch couple's home, the Kal's, where we celebrated the Sabbath. At the dinner table, we forged new friendships with a couple from Israel, 2 young Israeli women traveling through Europe and a spunky young Dutch woman.


As I reflect on the entire trip, I can definitely say that I would love to return and explore more places in Europe again. While everything from food to shopping to sightseeing was extremely expensive, the memories spent with my daughter on a European vacation were priceless!

20 Year Reunion
Newman Residence

After 20 years, Julie Ann was delighted to hear from former clients, Jeff and Becky Newman. Back then, she had worked together with the Newman's to create a cozy family room which would also accommodate a home daycare business. They had young children and needed a functional room where the family could relax, play, and watch t.v. Now, with children grown and out of the house, it is time for change. A little sophistication wouldn't hurt either! While the foundation of the room is solid and fairly neutral, Julie Ann was ready to accessorize to give the room the lift it deserved.


Newman Before
Before Image

Since the fireplace is the main focal point of the room, she suggested a bold piece of art above the mantel. Jeff and Becky were hesitant initially, but they all agreed that a fun piece of art completely changed the tone of the room. In place of the white verticals, they chose a brown, earthy weave nap vertical. This gives the room a richer look and feel. The pastel painting which had hung for 20 years was replaced by a colorful piece of art that added p'zazz and charm. Updated clocks and light fixtures are ways to bring a room current and interesting, but adding a unique sculptural piece adds a punch of personality. Along with the coordinating granite end table and cocktail table, the new sofa and chair create an overall contemporary look and feel.


Jeff Newman was very enthusiastic when asked about the family room transformation: "Julie Ann has great ideas and really brought Becky and my vision to life. The room got a major upgrade. The artwork is spectacular and I love that the pieces are from local artists. We are now 1/3 done with our total home makeover and are so excited to move into updating our kitchen with Julie Ann."

Newman After
After Image
Newman After2
After Image

So much has changed over the last 2 decades, yet both Julie Ann and the Newman's relationship didn't skip a beat. "What an amazing couple. I remember how much I enjoyed working with them 20 years ago. I hope the spaces we are creating will hold many wonderful family memories for the next 20 years." Julie Ann looks forward to the work ahead of her!

Art Reviews by Julie Ann

As most of you may know, I love all kinds of art. I am intrigued by the images and feeling artists can convey through their handiwork, as well as the historical backgrounds of each piece. I have begun to channel this passion through writing art reviews not only for Tosca magazine, but also have been entering them as press releases. These press releases can be found on Google. Please follow the link to Metropolitan Interiors' Press Room Library.

Metropolitan Interiors' Press Room


Enjoy this month's featured piece:


Julie Ann Segal Comments on Silvana Lacreta Ravena's Artwork "Red Sight"

Red Sight


"Red Sight" by Sylvana

It is currently on display in my office.


For a personal showing, please call me to make an appointment at (952)920-2827.

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Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.  -William Morris

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Bonjour, Paris
20 Year Reunion
Art Reviews by Julie Ann




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