June 2011

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Though the weather may be cooler than normal, the "spirit" of summer has arrived! Gardening, back-yard barbecues, road trips and outdoor summer festivals are in full swing. Whatever your plans are this season, I hope you enjoy them to the fullest! I, personally, love the summertime and I am enjoying planning an excursion abroad this August. In addition to fun summer adventures, I am continually aspiring to please and "wow" my clients by creating beautiful spaces. As I am always looking for innovative ways to share my passion for beauty and design, I have begun to publish bi-weekly design tips on Twitter. I invite you to follow my twitter account @julieannsegal 


In this issue of my newsletter, please enjoy the highlights of my recent trip to the NeoCon World's Design Trade Fair, "A 30 Year Old Dream Come True" and a look into a client's design journey, "Lower Level Bathroom Gets Sexy Makeover." Lastly, I await your "Ask Julie Ann" design questions. But for this issue, I leave you with a quote that was too inspiring not to share:


"The masters in the art of living make little distinction between their work and their play, their labor and their leisure, their minds and their bodies, their information, their recreation, their love and their religion. They hardly know which is which. They simply pursue their vision of excellence at whatever they do - leaving others to decide whether they are working or playing." James Michener  


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Julie Ann
A 30 Year Old Dream Come True

So, maybe it's not everyone's life-long dream to attend a trade fair, but for me, it would be a milestone in my design career. In other words, I have wanted to do this for 30 years! The NeoCon World's Design Trade Fair took place at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago this June and yes, I was there!  The trade-fair showcases products and furniture designed mostly for commercial spaces, but residential as well.  The crowded showrooms were buzzing with excitement over the newest, most innovative designs on this planet! It is both inspiring and impressive that designers around the globe are dedicated to producing environmentally-sound, creatively superior, and top-notch quality products for commercial and residential spaces. I enjoyed bumping into many of my Minnesota reps and loved networking with new people, too! As I am always on the "look-out" for new products, this was the place to be!  Though it was tough to narrow it down, here is a sneak peak to 5 of my personal favorites of the trade-fair:



Stone Source Torzo

This is a unique, sustainable surface material comprised of agricultural bi-products or recycled wood, made durable with a resin infusion process. It is durable, easy to fabricate, and versatile, as it can be used for furniture, tabletops, vanities, and kitchen counters.





Tile from Spain

This unique ceramic tile is so beautiful, it can stand alone.















Centiva Luxury Vinyl

You may recognize this exquisite vinyl as it appears in the front entrance of Byerly's. Even the "wood" in this photo is vinyl! This product can be custom cut any way the client wishes. A business logo cut from this material is both professional and beautiful. The uses on both residential and commercial applications are endless. To learn more and see more examples, follow this link: www.centiva.com On this site, check-out Rays, a new luxury vinyl that looks like porcelain!






Colored Glass

This is a unique alternative to ceramic tiles. It can be cut and custom designed for furniture, doors, cabinets, etc. These back-painted glass tiles are available in bright colors and many size options. Browse their website for more ideas: www.dreamwallscolorglass.com 

















Magnetic Laminate

This product offers 8 amazing options from image projection to magnetic surface to chalk board and more! Great for kids' spaces, conference rooms, kitchens, etc.






Please feel free to contact me for more information on these products or simply to hear about my trip. I would love to hear from you!

Lower Level Bathroom Gets Sexy Makeover
Butts Residence
Before Image

Mary Butts admits that her lower-level bathroom went somewhat neglected for a couple of years. As the rest of her home was undergoing extreme design transformations, her bathroom remained untouched. She realized that her once "functional" bathroom was in dire need of some maintenance attention and while she was at it, some updating wouldn't hurt!  But in Mary's own words, "The bathroom came out better than I could have dreamed of or imagined!"

You know how you buy a pair of amazing shoes and purchase an entire new outfit around them? Well, such was the case with Mary. But, it wasn't a pair of shoes and it wasn't an outfit either! For Mary, it was a piece of material that inspired a new bathroom! She wanted to center the design of the bathroom around this colorful, beautiful piece of fabric. Everything fell into place after she made that discovery. The fabric is reflected in the hand-painted mural and the over-all tropical feel of the bathroom. While the hand-painted crackle finish adds a unique and rich touch to the existing cabinets, the ceiling-mounted light fixture gives the bathroom a spa-like feel. Julie Ann always stresses a clutter-free environment and the completion of this make-over reflects that showcasing a clean, calm restroom oasis!

After Images



















"Julie Ann truly helped me get out of my comfort zone. I think it was a bolder approach for me. I love the colors and textures! I never decorated that way before, but I am so pleased." Mary Butts concluded by saying, "I could never have done it without Julie Ann's expertise!"


To view more pictures of the Butts' bathroom, please follow this link:


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Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.  -William Morris

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A 30 Year Old Dream Come True
Lower Level Bathroom Gets Sexy Makeover




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