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  June 2010
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Julie Ann Headshot It has been an action packed Spring! I feel sincere gratitude for the very busy time I am experiencing at Metropolitan Interiors. I look forward to sharing photos of the jobs we are currently working on in future publications. Meanwhile, enjoy the article I wrote on combining Interior Design and Feng Shui to create the life you want. I hope it helps to inspire you to think in new ways about your living spaces.

Back by popular demand, I am offering a sale on 6 styles of  Hunter Douglas window blinds. The sale runs from June 15 - July 31. I've highlighted some of these great products below. Please contact me to take advantage of this special.
Finally, I am featuring three realtors; Mary Hansmeyer, Lynn Ritter, and Cherie Peterson regarding real estate and selling homes. One of my specialties is to help properties sell using feng shui principles. I've asked each realtor to give us their unique perspective and experiences working with feng shui.

Warmest Regards,
Julie Ann

Interior Design & Feng Shui: Create the Life You Want 
Julie Ann Segal
Your space really does affect your life. Being an interior designer, I get confirmation of this deep truth every day. The energy of your space can work for or against you in a variety of ways. On one hand, your space could be limiting you, not allowing you to live in your full potential; it could be keeping you stuck. On the other hand, your space could allow you to blossom - it could support you in attracting and creating what you desire.

Klecker residence

Before changing your space, first you have to be clear about what you want in life. Sometimes that is the most difficult part. What do you want? A love relationship, better health, or more abundance? Maybe a different career or strengthened family relationships? What do these desires look like to you? Or more importantly, what do they feel like to you?
In order to manifest your desires, first you have to "feel" as if you already have what it is that you seek. My mission is to design spaces that help people feel that way. Applying feng shui concepts through interior design, I can help clients put those desires, those "feelings", into physical form in a space. But it is essential for them to know what they want and to be certain of their intentions. When you make changes in your space with intention, you can greatly enhance your life.

Schwieter residence

There are definitely ways to manifest what you want in your life besides feng shui, but creating your best life with feng shui through interior design can be creative, fun and yield amazing results. How would you like to use your space to manifest your desires?
Visit my before and after gallery at
Window Treatment Sale!
15% Off - Limited Time Only
June 15 - July 31, 2010
 Hunter Douglas Blinds
Duette, Silhouette, Provenance (Woven Woods),
 Country Woods, Vertical, & Mini Blinds
I had a great response to my sale on Hunter Douglas window treatments last winter. Because of that, I have asked my vendor to extend the sale pricing once again to my clients. I am offering 15% off on the Duette, Silhouette, Provenance, Country Woods, Vertical and Mini Blind collections.
The summer sale will be offered from June 15 - July 31, 2010. Please call me to take advantage of this great savings at 952-920-2827.

Provenance (Woven Woods)
  • Adds warm, rich dimensions 
  • Created from natural woods, reeds, bamboo and grasses
  • Ages beautifully in your home


SilhouetteHunter  Douglas Silhouette
  • Soft, expansive view-through
  • Provides UV protection
  • Disappears neatly into headrail

Duette (Honeycomb Shades)Water
  • Streamlined, consistent beauty
  • Easy-care fabrics

  • Enhanced safety
  • Can reduce energy loss

You can view more blinds at
Real Estate & Selling Homes
Featuring Realtors Mary Hansmeyer, Lynn Ritter & Cherie Peterson
Sell your home faster with feng shui! I have had the opportunity to work with Mary, Lynn, and Cherie to help feng shui their properties. Many times the owner has been a part of the process which proved to be helpful. Being present, helped the owner let go of the past and look forward to their new home or space. I also helped stage each home using feng shui concepts. The adjustments we made proved to work. Each property sold within 1 week - 1 month!
If you have a home you want to put on the market, I would highly recommend that you contact one of these great realtors. Their talents, along with my feng shui expertise, can be very powerful in selling homes.

Mary Hansmeyer

WaterSince meeting Julie Ann Segal last year, I have had her consult with three of my sellers, in the art of  Feng Shui for their homes. All three listing sold within 30 days and very close to asking price! She made my sellers feel at ease and was able to guide them through the changes that were needed to sell in a very difficult market.

I have personally hired Julie Ann to set up my new home and have felt the amazing benefits of Feng Shui! I look forward to referring Julie Ann for many years to come!

Mary Hansmeyer

Counselor Realty
C: 612-267-3700
F: 612-208-0838

Lynn Ritter

When selling a home, one of the main areas of the bagua to be enhanced is the wealth and prosperity area which is in the back left corner of a home. The bagua is a grid that lays over a space to determine where a life area is located. For obvious reasons this area can be very influential in the success and financial happiness of the owner. There are many ways to generate more flow in this area and thus more "cash flow" to the seller. One way to activate this area would be to add the color purple.


Julie Ann made a suggestion to a seller to paint the kitchen wall located in the wealth area a wonderful purple color (see photo) which forced the eye to look beyond & out the windows to the beautiful green yard.  This house sold quickly (after being on the market with another agent for 7 1/2 months) and I believe this adjustment was part of the reason for the success.


Recently, Julie Ann did a Feng Shui consultation on a listing that had a furnace in the wealth area -  which she said was "burning up" the owners wealth.  Her suggestion was to place a small mirror (which represents water) face down on the top of the furnace.  This energetically puts the fire out!   Even though the sellers didn't really understand the concept they did state that they were going through a lot of money to get the house ready for sale and were grateful for a "symbolic"  resolution. One of the beauties of Feng Shui is that you can be proactive & contribute to your own success!

Lynn O'Hara Ritter
Re/Max Results
Direct:  651-696-0846
Fax:  1-866-902-6539
Voted 2009 Super Real Estate Agent by Mpls/St.Paul Magazine

Cherie Peterson
As a Realtor, there is a time and place when you know the buyer is going to say Water"Yes". It probably comes after seeing 15-25 homes and it happens when they walk in the front door. It feels like home.

In working with sellers to get the highest possible sale price, I know this moment comes after a checklist of completed projects based on the fundamental principles of Feng Shui: the house must be clean, de-cluttered and everything in working order.  Beyond that, to make the house "feel right", a seller may need to paint rooms, remove carpeting, change out a sink, hang curtains, re-arrange furniture, add a welcome mat, put out a dish of chocolates. Best results?
Ask the professional.

Cherie Peterson

Counselor Realty
C: 612-986-7298
Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.  --William Morris
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Create the Life You Want
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