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Decorating the "Fun" Shui Way


January 3rd, 2009

10 am - 12 pm

Location: Metropolitan Interiors

Incorporate your
New Years Resolutions into your home with Feng Shui!

If you are curious about how to incorporate Feng Shui in your space, this workshop is a great place to begin. We'll teach you how to adjust the energy in your home through balancing the elements, arranging furniture and incorporating color. Bring your floor plan for a hands-on learning experience.
$75. Space is limited to 6 participants, so reserve your space soon.
  (952) 920.2827 or
Great Finds
For Sale!

Hallway Table
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Hall Table
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Yin Yang Swans
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Round Wood Table
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Letter from Julie Ann:
julie ann segalI am dedicating this newsletter to multi-housing complexes such as apartments and condominiums, focusing on the common areas.  Many of the same concepts used in multi living spaces may also be used in your home.  

Once you determine how a space will be used, pulling it together is more than just throwing in color.  To create any dynamic interior, you need to balance the colors as well as the textures and contrast.  The scale of furniture is also very important in relation to the room's size.  Lastly, the lighting needs the correct balance and tone; it will make or break a room.  

I look at a room like a palette, much like a painter would view a canvas.  Once it is determined how the space will be used, and what your intentions are, I begin layering in the strokes of color, texture, lighting and scale to make your blank canvas the piece of art it was meant to be.

I have had experience using this approach on many apartment buildings over the past five years and thoroughly enjoy the creative process.  The following article shows the transformation of The Calhoun party room.
The Calhoun

When meeting for the first time with Brian Kelley, from KMS Party Room BeforeManagement to work on the seventh floor of the Calhoun Terrance Apartments (renamed "The Calhoun"), he expressed what his vision was for this space.  What was a typical apartment building party room, he wanted to see become the atmosphere of a nightclub in this urban, professional part of town.  We discussed creating a space that tenants would feel comfortable hanging out with friends, watching TV and would be proud to entertain in.

When starting this project, we decided to work around the Kitchen Beforeexisting shiny black brick walls and to remove the walls enclosing the kitchen, giving the room a much needed open floor plan and allowing us to incorporate a bar.  When designing the bar, we gave it an organic feel using curved surfaces  to soften the space, and per Brian's suggestion, placed it so those seated could enjoy the beautiful view of the lake.  Luxury vinyl flooring follows the contour of the soffit to really define the kitchen and bar area, making it stand out in the room.

Extensive thought was put into on how the kitchen areaKitchen/Bar After wouldbe used, with the idea that this room was used for entertaining purposes. No cabinets were included in the kitchen since there would not be storage needs. Instead, a full-size refrigerator, sink, and an upper and lower expansive counter were designed for serving food for larger groups.

We also wanted to create a balance with yin and yang as expressed in feng shui design. Yin expresses the feminine with soft, round and curvy lines creating calmness. Yang expresses the masculine with sharp angles and energy. Using both elements creates balance within the space.

Party Room AfterThe finishes we used in the party room achieved our goal of creating an atmosphere of comfort and energy.  The carpet balances the space by creating movement by mixing curvy lines with an angled pattern, and to liven up the space we also used fabrics that create movement.  Warmth was needed in the room, and we accomplished that by applying a faux finish of metallic bronze to the walls, columns and the soffit above the bar.  Finally, all the lighting in the space was changed to give it an updated, contemporary feel.

Custom lounge chairs and a sectional create comfortable seating to view a large screen television or the lake and cityscape. No blinds were installed because they would obstruct the beautiful views, so instead, a fabric drape was Sitting Room Afterdesigned to hang between the windows, offsetting the lounge area and softening the room.

If interested in viewing the apartment units and property at The Calhoun for your next home, you may contact Pete Verhagen, property manager, at 612-824-8831.  The Calhoun is located at 2893 Knox Ave. S. across from Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.

For more photographs of this party room's transformation, visit our website at or click on the photos.
Feng Shui in Rental Properties
Feng shui is practical not only for people who live in a house, but for apartment living as well.   Whether you're the apartment's manager or occupant there are many ways to improve the feng shui of your place without having to spend a lot of money and time.  Feng shui works by adjusting the energies of both visible (doors, streets, walls) and invisible factors (intention and intuition).  The following is some advice that I'd like to share to help you create more appealing rental properties, increase the value and attract the right tenants.

The front door is the point where energy enters a building.  If the front door is easy to get to, the positive energy can enter Dooreffortlessly.  On the other hand, if the front door is hidden, filled with obstacles or is dark, the flow of energy diminishes.  This creates confusion and frustration for one entering the building including potential tenants.

Just like the front door, lobbies and front foyers are also important.  An attractive lobby gives potential tenants and the public a positive image of your company and facility making visitors feel welcome and at home.

The laundry rooms in rental properties are often over looked, however, it is a space that tenants spend a fair amount of time in.  It is important to have good lighting, especially if there is no natural light.  Warm, bright lights create a positive feeling.  If there are limited windows keep the wall color light and consider framing images of the outdoors.  Pictures of landscapes, such as a contemporary tropical, create an illusion of space in smaller areas.  Floors should be kept clean, fresh and up to date.  Exposed ceilings, including all the piping and mechanicals can be sprayed off white to brighten the room and up lift the energy.

Using just some of these easy feng shui tips in your apartment buildings entrance, lobby and laundry room will guarantee you attract and keep the right tenants.
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Metro Interiors is excited to announce we're offering 20% Off of all Horizon window treatments on orders placed by December 30th!

Horizons carries and expansive line of window treatments, you Apartment Doorwill sure to find that perfect look to pull together your room.  Some of the options you will get from Horizons are:
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  • Soft Treatments - Line of custom, workroom quality fabric roman shades, drapery side panels, premium top treatments, casual valances and pillows.
  • Decorative Hardware- Wood and metal pole sets including pole, final and brackets and custom cut to your exact width.

To see more of what Horizons carry, visit them at  Be sure to call Julie Ann today to discuss your project, see samples and take advantage of this huge savings!

Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.  --William Morris

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