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Decorating the "Fun" Shui Way

Saturday, November, 8

10 am - 12 pm

Location: Metropolitan Interiors

If you are curious about incorporating Feng Shui in your space, this workshop is a great place to begin. We'll teach you how to adjust the energy in your home through balancing the elements, arranging furniture and incorporating color. Bring your floor plan for a hands-on learning experience.
$75. Space is limited to 6 participants, so reserve your space soon.
  (952) 920.2827 or
Letter from Julie Ann:
julie ann segalFall is often a time of new beginnings--new projects, a change of seasons, back to school.  This is often a time we might declutter our homes and offices.  We don't feel good when our spaces are cluttered, and it's more difficult to get things done.  Here's a great article from my life coach, Michelle Stimpson, on how clutter can affect us.  
(As you may know, we offer decluttering assistance at Metropolitan Interiors.  We can help!)
But it's not just our homes and offices that need clearing--our minds and emotions can be cluttered as well.  I recently had the opportunity to attend a three-day renewal retreat with Deepak Chopra (see photo at left) and his staff in Chicago.  The focus of the retreat was on clearing the mind with meditation.  Some of the many benefits of meditation include lower blood pressure, more creativity, a reduction in stress, self-awareness, and increased compassion. 
I've always had an interest in meditation and in yoga--I began studying yoga when I was 14 years old.  I find it helpful to have a special place in my home or office dedicated to meditation.  I would love to help you create a meditation room or corner as a sanctuary for finding balance in your life.  Read on for more about designing a meditation room. 
Julie Ann
Creating a Meditation Space 
A personal meditation space gives you a special place to relieve stress, find clarity, renew your energy, and connect with your inner self. This space can be a room in your house (or office) a corner of a room, or simply a chair.

Why have a special meditation space?  The purpose in creating such a space is to help you more easily center into meditation.  When you step into your dedicated space, your body and mind will know what you're up to and shift more quickly into meditation.
Choose art or furniture for your space that are meaningful to you, or that help you feel relaxed and ready to connect with your inward self.  Be careful not to overfill your space.  Simple, minimal spaces can leave more room for your mind and heart to expand.  Most important, make sure that the things in your space work best for YOU.
Some things to consider when creating your meditation space:
>  Find a comfortable chair with back support
>  Include a small table for objects that inspire you
>  Soft carpet can help you relax
>  For walls, choose colors that work for your meditation style: a soothing finish with soft tones--or, maybe bright vibrant colors that give you energy
>  A dimmer switch can create a mood with lighting
Think about feng shui concepts when decorating your meditation space.  For example, a crystal hung in the center of your space will help calm the energy and affirm good health.
Your peaceful corner of the world can help you be refreshed and renewed to live the healthy life you desire.
Featured Tip: The Bagua Map
A bagua map is a tool used in Feng Shui to help determine how our houses and rooms relate to different areas of our lives.  Feng Shui is an ancient art and science from China that helps us notice and use energy in our lives and relationships.
To use a bagua map, we place it over our house or room plan to see which of the bagua's nine areas correspond to which places in our house.  For example, if our toilet were in the wealth & prosperity area, our money might be disappearing quickly, or "going down the drain."
The 9 bagua areas:
Wealth & prosperity: Enrich your finances, attract wealth.
Fame & reputation: Increase your power at home and work, improve how others see you.
Love & relationships: Increase the flow of loving energy for happy, passionate connections.
Family & friends: More energy from loved ones.
Health & well-being: Balanced body, mind, spirit.
Creativity & children: Loosen your imagination and bring out your inner child.
Knowledge & wisdom: Increased mental growth, tap into intuition for good choices.
Career: Find your life's purpose and happiness in work.
Helpful people & travel: Attract friends, clients, mentors who can help you solve problems.
Want to learn more about using the bagua map to increase energy flow in your life?  Sign up for my next Fun-Shui class.  See sidebar for more information.
New Furniture Line: Lazar Industries

I'm pleased to announce a new furniture line I'll be carrying: Lazar Industries. The company has been around almost 25 years. I like their good quality, moderate prices, and beautiful furniture.  I also like the fact that their products are made in the US.  

Customers can provide their own fabrics or choose a fabric from Lazar to tailor each product to their own specific needs.  Their chairs are extremely comfortable, small in scale, and offer swivels, gliders and rocking features, unlike most contemporary competitors.  They also offer more choices in sectionals and dual-purpose sleep products than most as well.  Their lifetime warranty on their construction goes a long way as well.

Stop in to check out their catalog-or if you find something on their website you'd like me to order for you, let me know!
Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.  --William Morris

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