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Upcoming Events
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Loring Park Art Festival

Metropolitan Interiors Studio will be hosting an open house during the Loring Park Art Festival. Stop by for some refreshments!

Sat. Aug. 2, 10 am - 6 pm

Sun. Aug 3, 10 am - 5 pm

> Live music on our lawn! Guitarist duo Gumption Trap will be playing both days from 2-4.
> Refreshments served.
> Bargain room will be open.
> Artist Robert Mondry will show his art and be available for conversation.
 Robert is a premier faux finish artist with over 20 years experience. He has taken his craft to the next level producing one-of-a-kind original art.  



Decorating the "Fun" Shui Way

Saturday, August 16,

10 am - 12 pm

Location: Metropolitan Interiors


If you are curious about incorporating Feng Shui in your space, this workshop is a great place to begin. We'll teach you how to adjust the energy in your home through balancing the elements, arranging furniture and incorporating color. Bring your floor plan for a hands-on learning experience.

$75. Space is limited to 6 participants, so reserve your space soon.
(952) 920.2827 or
Letter from Julie Ann:
julie ann segalHello and happy summer to you. I hope you've been able to spend some time relaxing at home-or perhaps getting ready for life's next adventure.
Our homes are the place we rejuvenate and rest. They are our place of refuge after time out in the world.  Here we replenish our energy for the next adventure. 
Sometimes our homes are not the place of rest we would like them to be. Look around your own home. Is there clutter that weighs you down? Or perhaps your possessions reflect a part of your life that no longer rings true for the direction you want to go. 
Our homes reflect our lives. Changes we make in our homes can change our lives! If we have an intention of abundance in the way we've created our home, that intention goes with us out into the world. Or if we have goals for more friendships in our lives, we can move in that direction by first changing our home.
Read on for how I helped Janis Klecker make changes in her home to reflect her life. For more tips on creating a harmonious home, come to the Fun Shui class I'm offering at my studio. See the sidebar (left) for more information. 



Julie Ann Segal 

Turning a House into a Home   
Janis Klecker's living room before (left) and after (below).
Janis Klecker wanted help in discerning the intention for her home and family. She contacted Ann Drew Yu of Good Intentions, and together they came up with ideas to shift the energy within three existing rooms, including converting the dining room into a library/sitting area.
Ann contacted Julie Ann Segal of Metropolitan Interiors after realizing they needed an interior design expert to create these new spaces. "I realized I needed a designer as [in the past] time and money was wasted on un-functional furniture pieces," said Janis Klecker.  "In the long run, Julie Ann saved me time AND money."
Janis wanted the spaces to feel warm, rich, and inviting while still catering to the needs of her six children and husband, Barney.     

First, the entryway was painted a soothing grayed-green tone to inspire the "better feeling" Janis wanted when entering her home.  The use of clean lines in the custom-designed mirror and coordinating zigzag table helped unify the surrounding areas. 
Next, to create a smooth transition from entryway to living room, a faux finish was placed on the living room walls. A second faux finish in a rich brown was added as a cabinetry backsplash to highlight valued trophies awarded to Janis. The slight change in texture on the walls and backsplash created movement throughout the space and added dramatic impact upon entering the room. 
Two focal points in the living room, the television and the grand fireplace, created a challenge for the overall space.  Julie Ann conquered the task by angling a rounded sectional to soften the space and preserve both focal points.  Soft, simple swags on the large windows added balance within the room, yet did not take away from the excellent view. 
dining beforeFinally, the dining room (before: right, and after: below right) was transformed into a library and sitting room.  The large, outdated mirror was replaced with a custom shelving unit, and the cabinets were updated from medium oak to natural maple with modern hardware.  A custom round rug serves as the center of the room, creating a cozy conversation area around it.  This space has truly transformed into a relaxing area.
Much fun was had by Janis and Julie Ann when placing all the new furniture pieces and accessories and incorporating the Kleckers' treasures into the design of their home. 

Fore more (and larger) photos, click on the photos.

sitting room after

Featured Tip: Lighting
Lighting is one of the most essential ingredients for creating an inviting home. Good lighting can help us with household tasks, highlight interesting aspects in our home, and create a warm ambiance. A room feels best when you can have a combination of all the different types of lighting within it.
Four basic types of lighting: 

chandelierAmbient lighting: fills the room with soft general light.  This type of light helps us move about the room. Overhead lighting, such as recessed lighting or ceiling fixtures.
Task lighting: a bright light focused on a specific area that helps us with a task, such as cooking at the stove or reading a book. Lamps, under-counter lighting
Accent lighting: light that is directed toward an object, such as artwork, or an interesting architectural feature in your home.

Decorative lighting: this type of lighting draws attention to itself and can be a focus point in the room.  Any of the above three types of lighting can also be decorative.  Be sure to choose decorative lighting that creates the mood you want in your home.
Lamp/chandelier pictured from Uttermost, a lighting line that I carry.  I'd be happy to order from their catalog for you.
Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.  --William Morris

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