Chado-En Tea DocentsMarch/2011
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Help Japan Blossom
We have reached out to all of our business partners to bring you this tea at the lowest possible cost. The bag, label and tea were all acquired at less than market value.
Everyone who has "touched" this tea is helping Japan Blossom!
The Tea Docents are donating all of our time and ALL PROFITS to Second Harvest Japan.  
 They have been helping those in need and will continue to serve.
 Thank YOU for helping us HELP!


Sakura Karigane may be purchased by clicking on the link below.

You decide how much to pay! 


ALL PROFITS will go directly to Second Harvest Japan. 


HELP - Japan Blossom  



We are reaching out to ask you to help us HELP Japan.

If you can please consider purchasing "Sakura Karigane".

ALL Profits will go to support the people affected. In addition the Tokugawa Family is contributing $10,000.00 in matching funds to aid in this crises.

Thank YOU VERY MUCH for your support and help!
Nez, Donna and Tai
You Can - Help People in GREAT Need 
Thank you very much for your support - Second Harvest Japan
Thank you very much for your support - Second Harvest Japan
 100% of ALL PROFITS will go to the local Japanese Organization Second Harvest Japan who is on the ground and has been feeding those in need for more than 10 years. They understand the customs, the system and HOW to HELP. They will continue to provide resources long after the immediate crises has past.
Your Help Supports Japanese Farmers Sakura Karigane 
Sakura Karigane is a SPECIAL blend of Karigane tea - It was created before this crisis to Celebrate and Enjoy the Spring Cherry Blossom Festivals. This tea is rich in the amino acid LTheanine which makes you feel alert and CALM as well as Cherry Tree Leaves --giving you a wonderful "spring" flavor and feeling! Obviously the Spring Festivals will be seriously impacted. We hope you can enjoy and share this tea in the safety of your home.
You Can Affect the Energy Help Japan Blossom 
"The Secret" taught us "whatever we put out into the universe multiplies and creates more of the same."
By enjoying Japanese tea in a positive way you can help move energy from DOOM to HOPE!

Arigato go zai Mashita!