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About The Photos
Many of the photos in this newsletter were taken by students just like you and entered in our 2009 Photo Contest. Check out our website for details on how you can enter this year's contest.
Hawks Abroad
Fall 2010

Here's the latest issue of Hawks Abroad, an occasional publication from the Office for Study Abroad at the University of Iowa, intended to provide useful information to our students overseas.

Please take a look. And while you're reading, check out the links to information about our photo and essay contests, tips on journaling and blogging, travel pointers, cooking overseas, etc.
You're finally overseas and all of the paperwork and packing has paid off. You've probably attended a "disorientation" program at your site, and are realizing that you're no longer in Iowa City. That's GOOD! That's why you went!

Our office will be sending you periodic updates on stuff going on State-side, and offering some tips and advice on how to make the most of your time abroad. In the meantime, you might want to review the information on our pages for students abroad, and also the cultural adjustment information we went over during pre-departure orientation.
BuddiesAre you writing a blog?
We'll help you get famous! Just send us a link to your blog. We'll select several to feature on our web page (please keep it clean - remember, your Grandma might read it!) and refer to prospective students to it. We'll also select a blogger to feature on our Facebook page. We need new bloggers for 2010-11 academic year! Want to share your blog? Send us a note.
CreditPhoto & Writing contests
The Office for Study Abroad sponsors an annual photo & essay contest, with cash prizes given for the best photo and the best essay by a study abroad student. The deadline for entries is Oct. 22. The Returnees section of our website provides details. If you've taken a photograph that sums up the place you are living now, or written a journal entry that is insightful and interesting, please consider entering the contests.
One of last year's winners: "La Corrida de Toros" by John Hennigan (Spain)
PhotosOfSA seeks your photographs (no contest)
The large-screen television mounted on the wall of the Office for Study Abroad Resource Room continuously scrolls through photos taken by UI students who have studied abroad. If you have some shots to share but don't feel like entering the photo contest, please go ahead and e-mail your favorite picture to us. We'll include it in our slideshow. Remember to include the location of the photo so we know all the places we want to travel next!
FacebookUI Abroad Facebook page
Here's a way to connect with other UI students overseas and again when you are back on campus. Please have a look at our page and join us, or search Facebook for "University of Iowa Study Abroad".
CookingCooking Overseas
Whether you are already an accomplished cook or just learning some basic recipes, our pages about cooking abroad are full of information and tips that you can apply in your host country.  Maybe you have always lived in the dorms here in Iowa City and this is the first time you've had to cook for yourself.  Or maybe you're used to eating at restaurants but find that your dollar doesn't go as far overseas as you thought it would.  You can eat healthier and less expensively if you cook for yourself, and these pages tell you how.
OverseasMeet Lauren Katalinich,
New Overseas Student Liaison
Lauren joined the OfSA staff this fall as a peer advisor after spending the 2009-10 academic year in England on the Lancaster Exchange.  In addition to giving UI students general advice about study abroad when they come to our office, Lauren will be sending out occasional e-mails to all students abroad containing useful information, tips, and advice about your overseas journey.  If there is a topic you are particularly interested in Lauren covering, please e-mail us and we'll put her to work.
NewsBack on the Farm:
Local and National News

University of Iowa News
--It was Homecoming this past weekend! The theme was "Hawkeye State of Mind" and you can bet your fellow Hawks were out in full force to celebrate. The parade was awesome as usual and a bandstand erected in front of the Old Capitol served as the venue for a variety of acts over the weekend. Aaanndd Iowa beat Penn State with a crushing victory of 24 to 3 on Saturday evening! Overall a great show- Go Hawks!
             Fall at UI
Just to give you a picture of campus- fall weather is upon us now and Iowa City trees are turning out some beautiful color!
National News
--With the midterm elections just a month away (Nov 2nd), the battle between Republicans and Democrats for control of Congress is heating up. Stephen Colbert of The Colbert (COL-BEAR) Report put in his two cents on migrant labor in an address before the Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship and Border Security- not sure they fully appreciated it but we enjoyed it! Check it out:
--The radical Topeka, Kan. Westboro Baptist Church is being sued by the father of a fallen marine after a group from the church staged a protest at his funeral (they claim God is killing soldiers to punish the nation for its sins of homosexuality). The case, before the Supreme Court on Oct 6th, will address rights of the First Amendment and could have implications on other recent expressions such as Quran burning.  

Iowa City and State of Iowa News
Well, that long-debated issue - the 21-only ordinance - finally made it to the ballot for November 2nd and students lined up in record numbers (over 1,370!) at polling locations around campus this Tuesday to cast their votes early. Groups on either side of the issue have been campaigning hard for their cause; here's what they're saying:

The YES's:  voting to strike down the ordinance - 19-year-olds should be allowed into bars because it provides a more regulated environment than out of control house parties and that they are entitled to a safe, public social atmosphere.
The No's:  to support only 21 and over in bars - it will deter underage drinking by keeping kids out of the bars.

Top tunes: what we're listening to state-side:
1)  Just a Dream- Nelly        nelly     
2)  Like A G6- Far East Movement         
3)Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
4) Only Girl (In the World)- Rihanna
Comments and suggestions about Hawks Abroad are welcome. Please contact the Office for Study Abroad by e-mail or phone +319-335-0353.