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Embrace Your "Baggage"


If you have flown, even a few times, in recent months you have noticed the increased number of carry-ons being used so people do not have to pay the airline baggage fees. To have invested in carry-on baggage a couple of years back would have been a great move!


For the first time ever...for me at least...on my last flight the gate agent was actually putting carry-ons into the measuring box you always see as you hand the agent your boarding pass (or as you scan the QR code from your smart!).


One poor woman had to step out of line and attempt to re-pack her bag, pulling many items out in front of all of us passing by as we were silently hurting for her and being very thankful we were not the one on the floor.


It reminded me of the other way we use the term "baggage," usually referring to some of the negative influences we still carry with us because of past hurts or poor choices. We've probably all used the term, and it's probably been used about us as well.   "Well, you know, they come with some baggage."


As it turns out, we all come with baggage...but it isn't all negative. Some of those suitcases are filled with great levels of experience and maturity. Some are overflowing with skills and passion for wonderful things. And yes, some of those "carry-ons" are filled with hurts and pain and regrets.


But even those carry-ons are an important part of the luggage we bring on life's journey. Often, the lessons learned from those tough times in our lives are what make it possible to have the suitcase full of wisdom and maturity. Even when the hurts have come about from poor choices on our part, because our God is a redeeming God, when our heart is right with him, he will redeem those choices and build character through them.


So...embrace your "baggage." You can't travel life's journeys without it. It doesn't seem to get lost in transit or re-routed. It arrives with you, like it or not. Just re-frame your perspective on personal baggage. Embrace it. Unpack it. Put it to use. Ask God to redeem the rags you might pull out of that negative suitcase and let him turn them into attractive clothing.

Help Needed For Finishers

      We are growing!   That is very pleasing and exciting for us. At the same time, we are in need of additional staff members to help support this growth.


  • Executive Assistant to the President - would work out of the Arizona office - full time
  • Web Developer - Location open - full or part-time
  • Development Officer - Location open - full or part-time

      Note: All of us in Finishers either raise our financial support or are self-supported. If you are interested in any of these positions, please go to our website, click on the "Positions With Finishers" link in the upper right corner, then click on the Easy Inquiry link and follow the steps. Thank you.

Denver Finishers Forum
June 22-23


      This FINISHERS FORUM will provide you with insights into options in missions that are surprisingly suited for your skills and passions.

       This event is being hosted by  Cherry Hills CoValor Christian High Schoolmmunity Church and will be held at the Valor Christian High School, 3775 Grace Boulevard, Highlands Ranch, Colorado which is directly across the street from the church.

    • Jun 22 - 23, 2012
    • Registration $75 until Jun 12, then $90 per person Includes Plenary Sessions, workshops, interactive time with missions reps, conference notebook, breakfast and lunch 
    • Save $15 each for early registration (Before Jun 12).
CLICK HERE for more information and to register!

Des Moines Area Finishers Forum

October 26-27 

Johnston EFC 

      The Des Moines area Finishers Forum will be hosted by Johnston Evangelical Free Church, 9901 NW 62nd Avenue
Johnston, Iowa 50131.
  • October 26-27
  • Registration $69 until Oct 15, then $89 per person. Includes Plenary Sessions, workshops, interactive time with missions reps, conference notebook, breakfast and lunch
  • Save $20 for early registration (before Oct 15)
  • For more information CLICK HERE 
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