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The Bridge is provided to keep you abreast of news pertaining to Finishers Project.  We trust that you will find this helpful and informative!

A New Year...

New Beginnings or New...???


A normal theme for the January newsletter is to talk about new beginnings...the hopes and plans for the coming year...goals, resolutions, advancements, wonderful anticipations.



Until a few minutes ago that would have been the theme for this publication, but that changed dramatically with the arrival of an email saying that long-time friend, David Mays, graduated to Glory unexpectedly last night. Shock and surprise! I had to read it twice to really believe it.


For him it's wonderful! He's in heaven enjoying the unfathomable presence of God. For his family and friends it is the unique and deep impact of mixed feelings...the hurt of sudden and significant loss, mixed with the inner strength that comes from knowing his eternal life with Jesus.



In a few days there will be a gathering to celebrate his life and say goodbye. I'm positive it will be a wonderful service and those gathered will have opportunity to reflect and comment on David's life. There will be much to comment on; he was well educated in excellent schools, invested his life well in his various positions, read hundreds of, funny, deep, happy, above-average man.



But even before that happens, I can tell you something about what will be said. Much could be said about his work accomplishments - and deservedly so. But the main theme of the comments will be on how his life affected the lives of others. What he meant to them he touched their lives at a particular time...something he said...a kindness he showed...some help he provided...his love...his care.



So my question is...what will people say at the celebration of our lives? Of course they will know about our education, our positions and our accomplishments. Those things will be mentioned briefly...all our hard work and struggling to achieve, reduced to a sixty second reading. Then, if those gathered are given the opportunity to speak...what will they say?



Regardless of what may come to mind as we read this, 2012 is an opportunity for new beginnings. We can touch lives this year. We can make a difference for someone this year. We can give serious thought as to how we will invest the days and hours unfolding before us this year. We can leave a legacy that will give us satisfaction, that will make others thankful, and that will please our heavenly Father as we enjoy our own graduation someday.


How will you make a difference in 2012?



God's Blessing -

A Year of Opportunity for Finishers!


If you believe Finishers Project is an effective ministry, please read on.


Two significant things happened in 2011 that have positioned Finishers for great impact in 2012. First, God has doubled our staff from six to twelve, giving us the capacity to strengthen our contribution for His kingdom. Secondly, He has also provided the promise of a matching gift of $150,000, which, if realized, will provide the financial resources to mobilize even more workers, both here in the U.S. and worldwide.


I want you to know that you'll be hearing from me a few times throughout the year, asking you to consider contributing financially to our Global Impact 2 initiative, knowing that whatever you give will be doubled!


I also know most of us do not appreciate being hounded for money. I'm with you on that. At the same my role as president of this ministry, I need to work hard to raise the finances necessary to continue this effective work. So please bear with me as you see various projects we will be introducing throughout the year. If you know you cannot give to any of them, just offer a prayer that others will give when you receive the information. If you are open to it, please consider making Finishers one of your giving projects for 2012. Wouldn't it be great if we were able to realize the whole $150,000 this year!? That would be $300,000 since all gifts will be doubled! 


Not that it's a big deal...but you will hear from me personally if you do give towards this matching gift. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding these projects or the use of these funds. 


Contribute now to Global Impact 2 by CLICKING HERE!

The Journey Deepens -

To New Heights!


Cathy Richey, our new Director for The Journey Deepens, has

Cathy Richey 9/11
Cathy  Richey

stepped in with a passion to see these effective weekend conferences touch even more lives. She has lined up three weekends for this spring; click on the links in the left column to consider dates and locations.


These retreat-style conferences are perfect for anyone, college-age through senior adults, who is considering a future cross-cultural missions role but has questions. Those questions will be answered by experienced workers who have lived overseas, been involved in missions ministry and are intentionally prepared to listen well and give quality guidance.


Check it out for yourself...pass it along to someone who might be considering missions ministry...or get in touch with Cathy by clicking on her name in the left column.


You will also want to check out our new website for The Journey Deepens!  It has undergone a total makeover and is now much more user-friendly!


Note: The April TJD weekend is offered in partnership with MissionConneXion, which takes place January 20-21 in the Portland, OR area. Consider attending MissionConneXion if you are in the Northwest.

"Coaching, the Missing Link in Missions" is our Featured Webinar on Wednesday, January 18th!

Coaching has become a valuable tool in personal development and ministry involvement.  We believe coaching can be a valuable tool in several areas of our missions work:

  • Preparation for individuals considering missions
  • continuing training while on the field
  • transitions of returning missionaries
  • personal growth of home office staff.

We have invited Sherri Dodd, Director of Advance Global Coaching to present this webinar on how coaching can be used in these situations.  She has a passion to see all of us in the missions movement thrive, not just survive.  This webinar will demonstrate how coaching can be used to process difficulties, celebrate victories, clarify goals, create action plans and receive emotional and spiritual support. 

You can register for this webinar by CLICKING HERE!

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