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The Bridge is provided to keep you abreast of news pertaining to Finishers Project.  We trust that you will find this helpful and informative!

Salt and Light?

Ever thought through what it really means to be salt and light?  Salt gives flavor.  Light shines so we can see.  So we are to let our light shine so that others will see Jesus, and we are to demonstrate godly values so that we bring enrichment to the world around us.  Visible light and verbal salt.

What if it were the other way around?  Verbal light and visible salt? 

Verbal light would be to talk about Jesus, about his Word, his salvation, his death and resurrection, and about his forgiveness.  To actually engage in conversation about these things; not just hope they somehow ooze through our lifestyle.

Visible salt would be to actually do things to show people our love and kindness.  Physically help them.  Go out of our way to do something specifically for them.  Be intentional in looking for ways to be of help. 

Unique Matching Service on Finishers Website!  Another satisfied customer says...

"I received 40-50 matches through the Finishers profile and 20 of those organizations contacted me directly. Finishers has been a wonderful clearinghouse for connecting me with missions organizations."

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Check out what participants are saying about The Journey Deepens..

CLICK HERE to view a short video of some recent participants and this weekend retreat has impacted their lives. 

Below are two additional testimonies.  There is still time to sign up for one of the three Journey Deepens weekends this spring.

 "This retreat helped solidify things about the future and expanded what I know about missions.  I loved being able to talk with the missionaries who are doing what I dream of doing."

 "The retreat helped me focus my passion into reachable goals.  Maybe I can't leave tomorrow, but I can pursue what will prepare me now for what God has in the future."

Finishers Forum - Seattle


May 20-21, 2011                        Westminster Chapel


Westminster Chapel
13646 NE 24th St
Bellevue, Washington 98005


These conferences are especially appropriate for you if you're in your 40's or 50's. Boomers are the healthiest and best-educated generation at mid-life in history. At 50 you're only halfway through your adult years. Come explore new ways to offer your time and talent to the Lord.


A Finishers Forum will also challenge you if you're in your 20's or 30's. See how you can serve in the Great Commission now, and how you can plan your life so that you will be ready to serve in missions full time during your second-half.


Over 60? This conference will show you how to make connections so that you can serve the Lord among the nations with your lifetime of experience.


If single or single again, you will discover opportunities that fit your flexibility.


If a couple, you will find a fit for each of you among the thousands of options available.


If you serve on a Missions Committee, this conference will equip you to help others find a place to serve - from short-term assignments to a full time ministry. Time with agency reps will also provide insights from the mission agency perspective and ideas on how you can serve your missionaries better.


Your biggest risk is to not take the risk to explore.


CLICK HERE for more information!

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