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The Bridge is provided to you to keep you abreast of news pertaining to Finishers Project.  We trust that you will find this helpful and informative!

The Mid-Fifties Metamorphosis   

39,000,000 Boomers will be 55 years or older by the end of this month, December 2010.  That's half of this generation.  The other half will have reached the 55-year mark at the end of December 2019.

The 55-year mark is not a rigid milestone, but it does represent a very significant threshold in the life of a Boomer.  Somewhere in the mid-fifties we metamorphose into a new stage of in which we don't need to prove ourselves anymore, and one in which we begin to make important decisions based on our values, not just on our necessities.

For many of us this awakening comes rather gently, almost unnoticed.  It is often not a bolt or a sudden impact, but rather, a subtle recognition that something is different, more freeing, and generally enjoyable.

So if you are somewhere near this "life threshold", take a moment to reflect on these questions:

1. What are two or three values that are important to

     me at this stage of my life?

2.  What am I currently doing that expresses these


3.   What would have to change in my life to better invest

     myself in realizing these values?


I would love to hear your story.  How and when did this new stage of life dawn on you?  How did you respond? What important values can you identify?  What are you doing to realize those values?  What is your prospect regarding your future?

Send me an email with your story.  You can keep it anonymous or include your name.  I would like to compile the stories of Boomers who are intentional in making a difference with their life in order to be an encouragement to others on the same journey.

Mission ConneXion 2011
Plan now to join us in Portland, OR for MissionConneXion, January 21-22, 2011.  This year's event will be held at Sunset Presbyterian Church.
For more information, CLICK HERE                     
Tentative Schedule for The Journey Deepens Retreats
We are tentatively planning on the following dates and locations for The Journey Deepens Retreats in 2011.  The venues have not all been finalized but the dates should be pretty solid.  We will keep you updated via future editions of the Bridge, as the details fall into place.
April 15-17  Trout Creek Bible Camp
                     Corbett, OR

May 27-29   Camp Sambica
                      Bellevue, WA

June 3-5        Hidden Acres Christian Center
                      Dayton, IA

June 24-26    WEC Headquarters
                      Philadelphia, PA 
These weekends will deepen your relationship with Jesus and help you:
  • explore what it is like to be a missionary
  • discover whether a missionary or sender role is God's fit for you
  • connect with mission agencies.

The core of the retreat and the key distinctive is the discussion groups with six prospects and two missions coaches which meet four times throughout the weekend. The retreat has groups for college students, young adults, mid-lifers, baby boomers - anyone willing to explore becoming a missionary.  

Come with an open heart -- willing to connect with God, with one another, and with a missions agency. For more information Click Here!

The Best is Yet to Come...??
According to an article in the November 16, 2010 USA Today, Boomers will inherit $14 - $20 trillion over the next 20 years...up through 2030.  So statistically, the 12 million Christ-followers among the Boomers, representing about 15% of the total number, should see an extra $2 - $3 trillion available for expanding the kingdom worldwide!  Hmm...I wonder how we'll handle that?    
Thanks for your interest in Finishers Project!
We'd love to hear how God is working in your life
and how we can pray for you! 
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   Don Parrott
   CEO, Finishers Project