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The Bridge is provided to you to keep you abreast of news pertaining to Finishers Project.  We trust that you will find this helpful and informative!
Suffering or Sacrifice: A Change in Perspective  

     Seeing our life from a new perspective can change how we deal with our circumstances.  The article below is from a couple just before they were returning to their overseas ministry this fall.  We include it because the perspective shared here is applicable to so many of us, regardless of where we are currently serving our Lord.

     "When we left 5 years ago, we were clueless about the toll of cross-cultural ministry.  It is hard to live overseas.  We miss our family, friends, and American lifestyle.   It is also hard to minister cross-culturally.  Misunderstandings abound, and they often come with an emotional cost. 

     So why the change in heart?  It comes from a change of perspective.  While it was helpful to label some of my experiences as suffering, the better label is sacrifice. Suffering indicates that I am wallowing in my circumstances and that life is too hard - I am living as a victim.  This was where I often went this last year, believing that I was a victim and that God didn't care about me.

     Sacrifice instead acknowledges that my circumstances are hard, but I am looking beyond the immediate, seeing the loss as being worth it.  Choosing the harder path for the good of others is the way of love. And as I reflect on it, it brings me to the cross.  Jesus chose the way of sacrifice.  He did suffer and die, but he did so with purpose in love, for his Father's glory and the world's (and my!) good.

     This heart change not only makes me ready to go back, but it also makes me hopeful.  Jesus uses his followers for his kingdom purposes.  God has a reason for our sacrifice, both in me and through me.  He never wastes pain!  The One who laid his life down for others in love, he calls us, he calls me, to follow him to do the same." 

Volunteering is Good for Us!
     According to a survey reported in the September 2010 issue of Success Magazine, of people who volunteer:

          73% say it lowers their stress level
          92% say it enriches their sense of purpose in life
          68% say it makes them feel physically healthier
          88% say it provides networking/career
                   development opportunities                 
Results from The Journey Deepens         
     Just last weekend we held The Journey Deepens retreat near Tulsa, OK.  Here are a few comments from some who attended: 
     The retreat allowed me to meet with like-minded believers and discuss the journey that I am on in a way that allowed me to create next steps and actionable plans.  It also caused me to fall even more in love with Jesus.
     So thankful for God's sovereignty in placing me in your group.  I appreciate so much the way you are able to discern and so clearly communicate the Word of God as it specifically applies to our lives. 
     This has rocked my world!  Thank you all for taking the time out of your lives to invest in people such as myself.  You are such an encouragement to me. I can see Jesus in you and your passion for the lost. 
     This has helped me so much in dialogue and getting suggestions for next steps before I go into fulltime missions ministry.
     I want to give a heartfelt thank you to the staff and mentors for sharing their wisdom and experiences of their time as missionaries.  And for being open and honest in answering any questions we may have had.
     God has opened my eyes to the next steps I need
 to take.
     Thank you for all the time and energy you spent to capture our hearts for God. . Your wisdom is truly from the Lord and your foundation in the Word and Jesus is such an encouragement.  You have been a tremendous blessing.
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