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The Bridge is provided to you to keep you abreast of news pertaining to Finishers Project.  We trust that you will find this helpful and informative!
Values-Based Decisions
2010 is a significant year in the Boomer Generation.  As we have observed our generation, one of the important milestones we have seen is the movement from making future decisions based on "necessities" to making decisions based on "values."  For most of us, this seems to take place somewhere in our mid-fifties.  So if we use 55 years old as that milestone, half of us are at that point now, or will be by the end of 2010.  The rest will be there by the end of 2019.
The implications for this are enormous.  It means that there are approximately 39 million of us Boomers in this country who are considering decisions about our future based on our values...what we think is really important at this stage of our life.  It is true that the "necessities" have not gone away.  In fact, some of them have grown larger.  But we look at them differently than we did when we were younger. 
As those of us who are Christ-followers enter this phase of life, our future contributions are going to make a difference.  This is not a time to be fearful, to be lethargic or paralyzed.  We may not appreciate everything we see happening on the national and world stage, but we can...and we will...make a difference with who we are and where we are.
As you consider how you might invest your future, perhaps the following values might help you connect with ministry options that are a good fit:
We Desire To Make A Difference:  From our young adult years until now, we have always wanted to make a difference.  We've seen things we knew were not quite right and have looked for ways to bring about appropriate change.  Find a group that is involved in a cause you believe in and give it your all!  We at Finishers believe that the greatest cause is the growth of the kingdom of God throughout the world.  Within that great cause, there are many, many expressions that could fit your interests and passions.  Find one and do it!
We Desire The Freedom To Get Something Done:  Many of us have come to the point in life where we desire the freedom to see things accomplished and to not be held back by regulations and policies that thwart creativity and action.  We thrive in organizations that are not so hierarchical; rather they champion the wisdom and passions we bring to the table.  We are looking for the opportunity to provide direction, to make get things done!
We Desire To Continue To Grow:  Isn't it great to relax in the fact that our best years could still be ahead of us?  Once we pass the "I don't have anything to prove" stage, we enter a new phase of life.  We know we have things to offer, but we also know there is much to learn and it's OK to admit it.  With this understanding, we are looking for groups that embrace us...groups where we feel needed and  appreciated.  Groups where we can continue to sharpen who we are in order to make an even greater impact. 
Making a difference...getting things done...continuing to grow.  If you haven't already, hook up with a group that fits these values and "lose your life" for Jesus.  It doesn't get any better than that!
Still Time To Register
If you have been considering attending the Forum in Hudson, OH now is the time to register on line.  In just 2 weeks we'll gather for this Friday evening and Saturday weekend designed to help us discover new opportunities to make a difference for our Lord. 
Dr. Charles White, professor of Christian Thought and History at Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor, MI, will be our plenary speaker. Dr. White began his professional career as minister to students in Boston's historic Park Street Church, and has taught in many countries throughout the world.  In addition to helping translate the Bible into Duya, Mgbolizhia, and Tula, he has published two books, nine scholarly articles, and a score of popular essays. Outside the classroom he helped to start a crisis pregnancy center and raises money to support Bible Women in India.
There are 18 breakout sessions dealing with the practical issues we face as we invest our lives.  There will be over 20 ministry organizations with whom you can talk about future ministry opportunities.
So...don't miss this unique opportunity.  This is the only Forum scheduled for this part of the country for this year.  Take advantage of the early registration fee, good until Monday, May 10th.  Click on the link in the left-hand column...and take a step of faith and courage!
Pre-Forum Seminar on Finding Your Calling
For the first time Finishers is offering a four-hour seminar, presented by John Bradley of the IDAK group, on Friday morning before the start of the Finishers Forum.  CLICK HERE for seminar and registration information: 
Don't Miss The Journey Deepens
in Philadelphia!
TJD-PhillyOur next The Journey Deepens Retreat is coming up June 25 - 27 at the Worldwide Evangelization for Christ (WEC) headquarters in Philadelphia, PA.
Listen to what recent attendees of our TJD retreats are saying:
"This has been the greatest and most helpful retreat I've ever been to. Mixing with different people and missionaries was a great learning time. I really enjoyed the small groups. I enjoyed the one on one. It was awesome!"
"You should be aware of some items that were lost. We lost our fear of being missionaries. We lost our pride and entitlement to be comfortable. We lost our rights of security and safety. Most important, we lost our preconceptions of what we thought God had for our future and discovered a new direction."
"This weekend gave me a clearer view and vision for what I would like to do and how I can get there. It brought people into my life to help me along the journey in many ways."     Are you excited yet?  CLICK HERE to register!
Announcing New Benefits for Finishers Forum Attendees 
Finishers is pleased to announce a new partnership with The Mission Exchange which will allow upcoming Forum participants to become Affiliate Members of The Mission Exchange, free of charge, for six months!  The regular six month membership fee is $49.
This membership opens the door to a wide variety of missions resources...downloadable webinars, spiritual formation, leadership and missions book reviews, global missions updates and discounts to conferences and networking events. 
Those attending the Ohio Forum later this month will be the first to be able to take advantage of this valuable resource.  Details of how to receive membership will be given at the Forum.
Thanks for your interest in Finishers Project!
We'd love to hear how God is working in your life
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