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Bold Prediction: There will be a powerful tsunami near the end of 2019!

    Between 1946 and 1964 there was a boom in the number of births per year in the U.S.  The total number comes to a little over seventy eight million and we call them Baby Boomers.  This cohort has been studied, researched, categorized and analyzed like no other generation.  They have been praised and admired, criticized and condemned.  But regardless of all this poking and prodding, one thing has remained constant:  They just keep coming... and coming... and coming.  78 million of them.  By their sheer numbers the Boomers have effected change in most every institution and facet of life in this country.
    No one has orchestrated these changes.  The simple impact of such a large number of people confronting any issue or institution will produce change...some for the good, some not.  This happened when Boomers hit the college campuses.  There were not enough classrooms and professors to handle the demand.  In these early years, the youthfulness and immaturity of this generation produced conflicting results.
    But now that these Boomers have matured their impact is deeper, more profound and rooted in values they have carved out over the years.  Of particular interest to us in the Finishers Project is how this group will affect the church in North America and our contribution to spreading the Kingdom of God in this world. 
    Of the 78.2 million Boomers, there are approximately 15% who are Christ followers, or close to 12 million.  Already we are seeing their impact on the church in this country.  We often hear concerns that the Boomers are stepping back from serving in church.  Where they used to be the heart and soul of all the programs, they are pulling back, not as involved...lost their commitment...maybe even growing cold in their faith.  Seemingly, they are having a negative impact on the church since they are not as involved, perhaps not giving financially as they once did and at times not supportive of church direction and decisions.
    Another impact we have been observing for several years is the Boomers draw to international ministry opportunities.  Not too many years back, if you were above 40 you were not considered fit for a missions role...just too old to handle the physical and cross-cultural stresses involved.  However, once again, the sheer numbers began to have an impact.  More and more Boomers were inquiring how they could be used overseas and the crescendo of requests had an impact on the missions sending agencies.  Today nearly all mission agencies not only accept mid-life adults, but they are actively recruiting them!
    While we are seeing these impacts on the church and international ministries, it is important to note that this is only the beginning...the early waves breaking on the shore, but a tsunami is coming.  By the end of 2019 all of the Boomers will be 55 years old and above.  The significance of this date is that somewhere in the mid-fifties a person moves into a new stage of life.  One of the foundational characteristics of this stage is the realization that we do not have to prove ourselves anymore.  This realization has a profound influence on how we make decisions.  We begin to make choices based on our values, not just on the demands and necessities of life.  It's not that we no longer have necessities, but we look at them through a new lens. 
    With 12 million Boomers all being motivated by their deep-rooted values, their impact on the church, their communities and the entire world will be like a tsunami.  The sheer numbers will effect change.  Instead of seeing these people as having lost their commitment, the church will either benefit from their new levels of involvement or will stand by and see them form new communities of believers who are like-minded.  Local ministries will either embrace their generosity and experience or watch them form parallel ministries more suited to their mind-set.  The agencies focused on worldwide ministry will either capture the power and resourcefulness of this workforce or the Boomers will develop their own bridges for international impact.
    Boomers come with an inner desire to make a difference.  To leave a legacy.  To have a significant impact in the latter years of their life.  They are looking for ways to do that, motivated by their values, not by the need to run programs, sit on committees, or do volunteer projects not suited to their passions.  They intuitively evaluate opportunities based on their values and passions, even when they cannot clearly articulate those values. 
    They do not hear our church announcements for someone needed to fill a vacant role in a program.  They have been around long enough to know when they are being manipulated.  And since they no longer have to prove themselves, they do not respond and feel no need to explain why.  This is not an attitude problem.  It is not a lack of commitment.  It is not that they have lost their faith.  It is simply an expression of how opportunities are evaluated in this new-found stage of life. 
    This incredible army of workers is ready and looking for ways to impact their world.  When they are listened to, when they have opportunity to express their desires and interests, and when we listen with a desire to enable them to take steps on their journey, rather than trying to snare them into our needs, great advances are made for the kingdom.  People find ministry expressions that our Lord has been preparing them for.  Opportunities that fit their values and passions.  That make use of their experience and training.  For many it is, and will be, the best years of their life!
    The tsunami is coming.  It is a good wave.  It has not taken God by surprise.  He formed it with the earthquake of 78 million babies born in 18 years.  Let's not let it take us by surprise!
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