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Twenty Eighth Edition - November 2009
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Finishers Project

PO Box 12649
Chandler, AZ 85248-0028 
Ph. 480.584.5448
Contact Our Staff:
Don Parrott,

Nelson Malwitz,                             Chief Innovation Officer

Paul Erdmann,                    
Chief Operating Officer

Tom Adelsman,                 
Director of Church         Partnership Network

Paulette Fitch,
Executive Assistant
Agency/Profile Relations
Ele Parrott,
Partner Meeting

Colleen Erdmann, Bookkeeper
Julie Kay Field
Director of Coaching Network

Bill Poff,
Web site development

PhylissHammerstrom,  Regional Director        
Northeastern USA 
Henry Stewart
          Research Consultant
Coming Events
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2010 Retreats
Watch for Spring Dates! 


2010 Forums
Tyler, TX 
January 30-31
Albuquerque, NM
 April 23-24 

Cleveland/Akron, OH
           May 21-22          
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The Bridge serves to keep you connected with the amazing ministry and impact of Finishers Project.  We welcome your feedback, so please call or write. 
Finish Well, Focus Right!   
Making a difference...leaving a legacy...having an impact...finishing well.  These phrases resonate with us and express a God-given desire to see significance come out of how we invest our lives.  This is a good and powerful motivation.  It can serve as a great impetus to invest ourselves for godly, kingdom purposes.
At the same time, we need to exercise balance in that motivation.  Because of our natural, human characteristics, this same motivation can subtly cross over into self-centeredness.  We want to make a difference, but inwardly we might find ourselves driven by the desire for recognition, the need to be needed, doing things because of what it might bring to us. 
Because we are all stricken with this internal wiring of self-centeredness, our desire to finish well can shift our focus.  We may be doing wonderful things, but our focus is on ourselves, not on the one we are committed to please and obey.  The good things we are doing become more important to us than the one who gave them to us.  We're aimed in the right direction but our lens is a little out of focus. 
Finish well?  By all means.  Focus right?  By His means!
Read this comment from a recent Forum atendee..
The Finishers Forum held in Ft. Collins was absolutely the best and came at a crucial time in our lives.  We have felt at a crossroads since the spring, after my step-dad went home to glory on Easter.   Then my husband was diagnosed with melanoma and had two surgeries in July.  Throughout these months of recovery, we've just kept looking to the Shepherd for His leading and providing, both sensing a new direction.
The 2-day mission conference/mobilizing event has jostled our comfort zone and inspired us to move forward.  We appreciate the fabulous resources and tools and books.  We met fantastic folks, or rather, ordinary folks following a fantastic Savior!  Thank you for this tremendous ministry.  We are taking the next step.. working through the great materials.

Attend or Host a Forum..??
We regularly announce our upcoming Forums, encouraging attendance because of the great effectiveness of these events.
However...you may like to see a Forum in your city, even at your church!  We would love to explore that possibility with you. Give us a call at 480-584.5448 and talk to Don.  We can briefly outline the steps we would take together to bring a Forum to your area. 
Finishers Forums Scheduled
We have several Forums already scheduled for next year!  They include:
 January 30-31
 Green Acres Baptist Church
  Tyler, Texas
            April 23-24         
   Hope Ev Free Church
   Albuquerque, NM
            May 21-22        
    Hudson Community Chapel
     Hudson, OH 

Click Here for more information.  
New Address and Phone
for Finsihers 

We're moving from our present office suite, working from our homes... going virtual!
Our new mailing address is:
                     Finishers Project
                     PO Box 12649
                     Chandler, AZ    85248-0028
You may use this new address immediately for any correspondance with us!
Our new phone number is:
                      Phone: 480.584.5448
                      Fax:     480.584.5336
The Journey Deepens in 2010
We are currently in dialogue with six possible locations for The Journey Deepens retreats in the spring of 2010.  One confirmed date and location is at the WEC headquarters near Philadelphia, June 25-27. 
If you are interested in one of these weekends, designed to answer your questions about cross-cultural service, check this newsletter each month, our website, www.finishers.org or www.thejourneydeepens.com .
Southern California                               Finishers Connection

In Orange County, CA and want to know more about Finishers?  Contact Dave Elliott, dlelliott@cox.net .  He's putting together a meeting on December 10 you might want to be part of!  
Don's pic
  Don Parrott  
  CEO, Finishers Project