Twentieth Edition - March 2009
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Don Parrott, President/CEO

Nelson Malwitz,                            
Chief Innovation Officer

Paul Erdmann,                    
Chief Operating Officer

Tom Adelsman,                  Director of Church Partnership Network

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Executive Assistant
Agency/Profile Relations

Larry Rus,
Agency Relations Director

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Colleen Erdmann, Bookkeeper
William & Amy Stearns,                         
Training Associates
Director of Coaching Network

Bill Poff,
Web site development

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AZ Staff

Here is the Finishers Staff based in Gilbert, AZ. 

L to R : Tom Adelsman, Colleen Erdmann, Paul Erdmann, Renee Ladd, and Don Parrott
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2009 Retreats
Chicago, IL - Apr 24-26
Dallas, TX - May 29-31
Philadelphia, PA - Jun 26-28
Atlanta, GA - Oct 16-18
Finishers Forum
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  • Cleveland/Akron Ohio, September 25-26
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  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Tyler, Texas, January 29-30, 2010
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Six "Challenges" or "Benefits", depending on your perspective.
As mentioned last month, over the next few editions of The Bridge I would like to identify six "challenges" Boomers face when considering ministry in a missions-related role.  The six are:  Faith, Finances, Family, Fit, Future and Fight.  The purpose of examining these benefits is to help us see that God is really carefully managing our journey, and not getting in the way of a desired goal with all these obstacles. 

FAITH:  The first "challenge", "obstacle", or "opportunity", depending on your perspective.
Can I trust God with my future?  This question captures the essence of this challenge.  At first blush the obvious answer is "yes!"  Of course we can trust God.  He is in control.  He is trustworthy.  He only has our best in mind.  He knows better what we need than we do.
But...have you noticed how second and third blush begin to color our response?  Shades of what if...what can I...I can't...quickly condition our trust response.  We begin to evaluate the unknown future in light of the known past. How we feel about our past strongly affects our thinking about the future.  In that subtle moment we shift our trust to our own ability and experience.

That shift can create a dual track in our mental processing. On one level, the spiritual, we still love and trust God. On the other, let's call it the practical level, we are trusting in our own strength, our perspective, our evaluation of the future. As a consequence, we develop an inner tension with questions we cannot easily answer. We want to completely trust our Lord, but...don't we have to be practical? We want to be all out for God, but...He certainly wants me to be responsible.
So - Can I trust God with my future?  Maybe we should change the question. Can I trust God with His future?  After all, who am I?  I've been bought with a price.  I'm a child of the King.  I am his masterpiece, created to do the things he has already designed for me to do and equipped by him to do exactly those things. He has promised to never leave me.  There is nothing in his future that could possibly separate me from his love.


Faith is actually a wonderful gift afforded us by God himself. The dimension of time makes faith possible.  We are bound by time. Because we cannot see the future we need to exercise faith. If we were not time-bound, faith would not be necessary. God does not need faith. He sees it all, past, present and future, in his eternal present. Because we cannot see clearly into our future we are uncertain as to which direction to go. Our great, incredible privilege is that the very God who created it all and sees it all is simply saying, "Trust me. I can see where your next step should be. I'll help you get there if you just trust me...just have faith." Not faith in your abilities or past experiences. Faith in the one who can see the next step he has carefully designed for you.
If you desire to make a difference in your future and you sense God is leading you to do that in a missions-related role, may I encourage you to take the next logical step in that direction. It may only be a small step, but take it. If you're heart is right, you will not make a mistake. 
Faith is stepping onto the invisible, not the non-existent. We may not see it all clearly. We may come up short when we compare our abilities with future challenges. Hindsight can be our weakness.  Foresight is God's specialty.  What we cannot see, he designed.  Where we have not gone, he is waiting. Can I trust God with my future? Yes, because it is my small part in his grand and perfect future.
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Spend a Weekend with an Experienced Cross-Cultural Worker!

These unique weekends offer a valuable experience of meeting with others seriously considering cross-cultural work and being mentored by others who have lived and ministered in other cultures.  The group is relatively small, enabling individual time with these mentors, allowing participants to ask their particular questions and gain from the wisdom and experience of fellow-travelers on the journey. 

Dates and locations for these weekends called THE JOURNEY DEEPENS:
  • April 24-26, Elgin, IL
  • May 29-31, Dallas, TX
  • June 26-28, Philadelphia, PA
  • October 16-18, Atlanta, GA

50 Million Over 50!

Right now there are just over 50 million Baby Boomers in the U.S. who are over 50 years old! Of those 50 million, approximately 7.5 million are Christ-followers. As a Boomer, you are either one of those, or one who will join that unique number sometime in the next five years. Think about and one-half million people who are looking to make a difference in their remaining years. And that number will keep growing until 2014! What an impact we can make! 
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  Don Parrott  
  CEO,The Finishers Project