Eighteenth Edition - January 2009
The Bridge
Finishers Project

3303 S Lindsay Rd
Suite 108
Gilbert, AZ 85297
Ph. 480.854.4444
Contact Our Staff:

Don Parrott, President/CEO

Nelson Malwitz,                             Chief Innovation Officer

Paul Erdmann,                    
Chief Operating Officer

Tom Adelsman,                  Director of Church Partnership Network

Paulette Fitch,
Executive Assistant
Agency/Profile Relations

Larry Rus,
Agency Relations Director

Ele Parrott,
Partner Meeting Coordinator

Colleen Erdmann, Bookkeeper
William & Amy Stearns,                          Training Associates
Director of Coaching Network

Bill Poff,
Web site development

Meet the Staff

AZ Staff

Here is the Finishers Staff based in Gilbert, AZ. 

L to R : Tom Adelsman, Colleen Erdmann, Paul Erdmann, Renee Ladd, and Don Parrott
Coming Events
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2009 Retreats
Illinois - Apr 24-26
Dallas, TX - May 29-31
Pennsylvania - Jun 26-28
Portland, OR
January 16-17, 2009
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The Bridge serves to keep you connected with the amazing ministry and impact of Finishers Project.  We welcome your feedback, so please call or write. 
Welcome to 2009!  
We trust this will be a year in which you make a difference with your life. The whole year lies before us. What will you do to make a difference? Who will you be in the lives of those around you? Where will God direct you to invest your life? 
Finishers sincerely desires to help you answer those questions. And just to remind us all of why this unique ministry exists, take a moment to read through our mission, vision and values statements:

MISSION: Connecting mid-life adults with global impact opportunities for God.
VISION: To see thousands of mid-life adults become involved in global impact.
  • To glorify God in who we are, what we do and how we do it
  • To engage in effective, fervent prayer
  • To operate in a Biblical manner in order to be above reproach
  • To serve our customers-individuals, churches and agencies, in a selfless, generous manner
  • To engage in the partnerships, alliances and networks useful to accomplish our vision
  • To enjoy an ethos of trust, affirmation and fun at work
It seemed appropriate, as we begin a new year, to publicly share these core statements of who we are, how we minister and why we exist. For everyone of us on the Finishers staff, this is a commitment and a passion. It is not a job. No one is here to make money. Frankly, it is a struggle of prayer and faith to fulfill this passion. But we firmly believe in this mission. We are committed to our vision. And we stand squarely on our foundation of core values.
Since we exist to serve you, at any time you can be in touch with us through phone or email. Here are a few ways we can serve:
  • Provide a seminar in your church to help staff members better understand Boomers and to help Boomers take advantage of their potential
  • Go back to your profile on our website and update it, reflecting new thoughts you might have on making a difference with your life
  • Hold a Finishers Forum in your city
  • Hold a "The Journey Deepens" weekend in your area
  • Do our best to answer your questions when you call or email
And can help us: 
  • Pray for God's direction and provision for Finishers Project
  • Pray that God will provide the finances we need for 2009
  • Pray that God will provide several new staff members this year
  • Pray that we will see 600 people get connected to global impact opportunities in 2009
  • And...if you believe God is in this movement, consider making a significant financial contribution during this year
It's 2009! Who will you be in this world-changing year?
How will you make a difference?
Have you seen our new website? 
Check it out!
Nominations Open for The Purpose Prize
Is there someone you know who demonstrates the living proof that aging does not equal stagnation and decline; that later life is a time of innovation, productivity and creativity as rich as the younger years? Perhaps you would like to nominate him/her for the Purpose Prize? Each year five awards of $100,000 each and ten awards of $10,000 are presented to individuals over the age of 60 who are working to address society's biggest challenges -- social problems in the United States or abroad.

Visit the Purpose Prize website for complete program guidelines and to read the stories of the 2008 winners. They will inspire your hearts.

Don's pic
  Don Parrott  
  CEO,The Finishers Project