Twelfth Edition - June 2008
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Finishers Project

3303 S Lindsay Rd
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Gilbert, AZ 85297
Ph. 480.854.4444
Contact Our Staff:

Don Parrott, President/CEO

Nelson Malwitz,                             Chief Innovation Officer

Paul Erdmann,                    
Chief Operating Officer

Tom Adelsman,                  Director of Church Partnership Network

Paulette Fitch,
Executive Assistant
Agency/Profile Relations

Larry Rus,
Agency Relations Director

Renee Ladd,
Assistant to the President

Colleen Erdmann, Bookkeeper
William & Amy Stearns,                          Training Associates
Director of Coaching Network

Bill Poff,
Web site development

Meet the Staff

AZ Staff

Here is the Finishers Staff based in Gilbert, AZ.
L to R : Tom Adelsman, Colleen Erdmann, Paul Erdmann, Renee Ladd, and Don Parrott
Coming Events
Click on these links to find more information about each event.
Missions Fest
Seattle , WA
October 3-4, 2008
Pasadena, CA
October 17-19, 2008
Dallas, TX
November 7-8, 2008
Atlanta, GA
November 14-16, 2008
Portland, OR
January 16-17, 2009
Quick Links

The Bridge serves to keep you connected with the amazing ministry and impact of Finishers Project.  We welcome your feedback, so please call or write. 

2008 Survey - This week!

It probably doesn't sound too exciting, but it is extremely valuable - a survey!  Just what you wanted to do - take your time to complete yet another survey for someone.  I'm asking you to do just that. Take about 6 minutes of your time to complete an on-line survey for Finishers Project to help us stay on course and provide the best possible help for mid-life people looking for what God has for them in the future. 

If you have already done so, thank you greatly for completing the survey.  If you have not, please take the few minutes necessary this week to give us your perspective.  Thank you for being a part of this movement which God has raised up to provide more workers for his Harvest.  If you have any additional input you would like to communicate to us, please email me, using the link in this newsletter. 

What's This About a Book on Finishers? 
The rumors are true - yes, Lord willing, there will be a book published regarding this unique movement called Finishers.  The first manuscript is completed, now the editing period begins.  The current plan is to publish in the spring of 2009, so it's a while before we'll see the "finished" product.  (But you can order your advance copies for a limited time at a reduced price!  Well, maybe not - since the publisher knows nothing about this offer!)
The book uses the stories of many "finishers" who have moved into a global impact ministry, sharing the ups and downs of their journey and how God met them and answered their questions and concerns.  Here is one short example: 

"I retired from an engineering career in 1995 and in 1999, we joined a ministry with which we have served in the most exciting ways! We have lived in a half-dozen African countries, visited many European cities and we have made a difference! This summer, we will head for The Gambia to work with a land-based medical mission team, also associated with this ministry. We are both in our 60's and highly recommend such an opportunity to others. Oh yes, we are also with Rotary International and through our local club, have been able to send over 500 wheelchairs to Sierra Leone. We were able to help distribute them there as well! Last year, our local Rotary club raised funds to construct 6 water wells in Liberia. We were able to help the folks of Gordee village celebrate their new pure water source!!  What an exciting and fulfilling retirement!"                               

Helping Churchs Connect with Boomers


Tom Adelsman and Don Parrott will be conducting one-day seminars to help local churches in their understanding of Baby Boomers and how to help them connect with significant ministry roles.  Check out these dates and locations and contact Tom for additional information:
Seattle, WA - August 2
Phoenix, AZ - August 16
Southern CA - October 11/November 22

A Quick Glimpse of the Harvest

Where the church has been planted it is growing like wildfire, spreading across geographic and ethnic lines around the globe.  God has raised up Surinam missionaries to go to the Muslims of North Africa, Han Chinese believers to settle among unreached Tibetans, and thousands of Indian evangelist to bring the blessing of the Gospel to the 2,000 unreached ethnic groups within India.  The Good News is breaking loose worldwide!

Every day another 74,000 people across the globe come to faith in Christ.  That's 3,083 new fellow believers every hour of every day. 

An average of 28,000 become believers every day in the People's Republic of China!

Every day across the continent of Africa another 20,000 are added to the body of Christ.

During the 1990s the number of born-again believers in the world doubled.

More than 250 million Christians travel as tourists outside their own countries each year.

At the time of Christ the average life-span was twenty-eight years. Today's life-span in many countries in the world is nearly three times that figure.

What do you think?  Has God given His people the blessings and the resources to actively be a blessing to all the remaining unreached people groups of the earth?

We think he has not only given the blessings and resources, he has also uniquely gifted the Baby Boomer generation to be a key force in expanding his kingdom worldwide at this time in history!  Have you found your unique role?

(Statistics from 2020 Vision by William & Amy Stearns)

A Couple of Reminders -

Dallas Finishers ForumHave you attended one yet?  If no, we highly recommend it!  Make plans now to be part of this dynamic weekend, Nov. 7-8.  If you have attended, who do you know in Texas that should be there?  Here's the registration link:
The Survey:  Done yet?

Don's pic
  Don Parrott  
  CEO,The Finishers Project