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Here is the Finishers Staff based in Gilbert, AZ.
L to R : Tom Adelsman, Colleen Erdmann, Paul Erdmann, Renee Ladd, and Don Parrott
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Missions Fest
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October 3-4, 2008
Pasadena, CA
October 17-19, 2008
Dallas, TX
November 7-8, 2008
Atlanta, GA
November 14-16, 2008
Portland, OR
January 16-17, 2009
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Have you noticed---?
Somewhere, sometime, in the not-too-distant past, I changed.  I'm not sure exactly when it happened.  It just seemed that one day I woke up and I knew more than I used to know.  Been there?
Most of the mid-lifer's I've talked to about this identify with what I'm trying to put into words, although I've found that the "word" approach doesn't always capture the significance of this change.  But one of the commonalities I've discovered is that we all relax a little in who we are and in who we're not.  We don't have to prove ourselves anymore.  We are more comfortable with who we are---at least in understanding who we are, even though we see areas where we desire to grow. 
Sometimes the educator or psychology types have a quick, pigeon-holing name for this new freedom of awareness, but upon hearing those titles, I tend to have an immediate inner reaction that intuitively knows the pigeon hole is too small.  Have you had that same sense?  It's like, yes, you've captured a part of what I'm feeling, but there is so much more in me that if I could let it flow out it would quickly flood right over that small title and become so much more.
As I read more and more about this Boomer generation the common theme of volunteerism often is mentioned.  John Martin, in his Richmond Times-Dispatch series called Viva The Vital!, says, "That's right, those self-absorbed "Me Generation" baby boomers from the 1970s are now the most important asset to volunteer organizations across America-and will be for decades to come."
At the same time, the "Reveal" study recently revealed by Willow Creek says that the least engaged people in their churches are those with more spiritual maturity.  They don't identify them as such, but many of them are "us"- the boomers. 
If you're still with me, I do have a point in here.  Let's see if I can get to it.  When we were younger we tended to get engaged in everything the church offered.  We were discovering who we were and what we liked to do.  Once we move through the threshold I mentioned earlier we don't have to volunteer for things we know we can't do well or really don't like to do.  And we're comfortable with that.  Others might not appreciate our comfortableness.  It can be interpreted as uncommitted, disinterested or growing cold.  I don't think that is what it is.
I think that more often, it's that we're not hearing opportunities that we are passionate about.  Most of us are not wired to do everything.  We have our natural talents, the skills we've learned and the gifting God has given.  When we hear something that lines up those areas, we can't help but get involved.  It's our sweet spot.  Everything else just passes over without connecting because we instinctively, after moving through this new threshold, know what we can do and can't do, and we're OK with that.
So what do you think?  Does this describe some of your journey?  Give some thought to your own experience on this issue.  What kinds of things rev your engines?  What are you really looking to invest yourself in at this promising stage of your life?  God has been preparing you for it.  You haven't surprised him with what you've become.  He has a pretty good idea of how you're put together, who you really are, and what he has waiting.  And whatever it is, wherever it might be, it will offer the fullest expression of all he's been building into you.  Grab it!

Finishers Project receives ECFA Accreditation! 
Recently we received notification that our application for membership with the Evangelical Council for Finanical Accountability (ECFA) had been approved.  As most of you are aware, being able to display their seal is extremely beneficial for a ministry.
This seal means that we have met the Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship that ECFA requires for membership. In a nutshell, this says that The Finishers Project is handling their finances in appropriate, legal, and God honoring ways.
As partnering agencies, this should reinforce your confidence in us and what we are doing.  For our donors this will let them know that The Finishers Project is a good investment of their Kingdom dollars and that they are not being wasted!  We are extremely proud, yet humbled, that we have earned the trust and respect of ECFA!




I've been listed on Finishers for a couple of years now. Through your agency I've been contacted by many overseas "M" agencies and am now finishing up 1-1/2 years serving as guidance counselor and middle school teacher with an international school in a middle eastern country. I have found the experience very rewarding and, once again through Finishers, have connected with a different agency with whom I'm going to begin serving after participating in their candidate orientation during Fall 2008.

I am truly thankful for your ministry and have mentioned it to many folks in my age group as an effective means of seeking overseas service.

Rona Lee

Dallas  -  November  -  2008 !

The only conference of its kind, the Finishers Forum, is being held November 7-8 in Dallas, Texas.  Interact with others in your same life-stage---people who are contributing well in their present circumstances, but have this inner sense that there is something more. 

A Finishers Forum turns on the lights for the "something more."  Breakout sessions deal head-on with the questions we all have as we consider making a move to become more involved in Christ's global cause.  General sessions provide opportunity to hear from "real life Boomers" who have walked this road already.  And woven through all the sessions is time dedicated to interface with men and women from ministry organizations, allowing you to speak directly about your interests and how you might connect to what God has prepared for you to do.

Follow the link in the left column to register for the only Forum being held this fall.


Partner Agencies - Conference Registration now available

If you have not already reserved your space for the Forum in Dallas, please use the link in the left column to register.  There is a limited number of areas in which to display so we encourage you to make your reservation before they are gone.  The planning team in Dallas is shooting at 500 participants, so this should shape up to be a quality event for helping Boomers connect with a significant ministry. 

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  Don Parrott  
  CEO,The Finishers Project