Eighth Edition - February 2008
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Don Parrott, President/CEO

Nelson Malwitz,                             Chief Innovation Officer

Paul Erdmann,                     Chief Operating Officer

Tom Adelsman,                  Director of Church Partnership Network

Paulette Fitch,
Executive Assistant
Agency/Profile Relations

Renee Ladd,
Assistant to the President

Colleen Erdmann, Bookkeeper
William & Amy Stearns,                       Training Associates
Director of Coaching  Network

Bill Poff,
Web site development

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Here is the Finishers Staff based in Gilbert, AZ.
L to R : Tom Adelsman, Colleen Erdmann, Paul Erdmann, Renee Ladd, and Don Parrott
The Bridge serves to keep you connected with the amazing ministry and impact of Finishers Project.  We welcome your feedback, so please call or write. 

For your consideration ---


Since the majority of you who receive this newsletter are Boomers and you have a serious interest in a missions-related ministry, here are some items to consider while on your journey to global impact:


  • You are challenged by a commitment to significant impact, not necessarily to filling a particular niche in an organizational chart.  However, in your communication with an agency you may, at times, feel you are being recruited instead of listened to.  Don't let that derail you.  Listen.  Discern.  Know who you are, express your passion for significant ministry and with a patient, yet persistent approach, work through to a fit that you know you have been prepared for. 
  • You are concerned for the welfare of your parents and your children and are looking for ministry opportunities that allow you to live out that concern.  Boomers are sometimes called the "sandwich" generation---pressed on by our children's needs and the need to care for aging parents.  At times you may sense resistance to these values as you are questioned about priorities---is it God first or family---or---??  Let these questions serve to help you honestly examine your values and what you sense is your God-honoring expression of those values at this time in your life.  It is easy to slide off course in either direction on this issue.  Seek peace in such decisions, then take steps of obedience, rather than remain immobile out of fear for the future.
  • You care about how you're cared for.  At times your questions about management approaches, leadership styles, insurance coverage, return family visits may be interpreted as a lack of commitment.  The Builder Generation seemed to be less interested in those "comfort" issues and were willing to just get out there and serve.  Sometimes it is people from that paradigm who are hearing those concerns from you and raising the questions.  The truth of the matter is that for any generation, regardless of their cultural values and norms, obedience is not based on the percentage of comforts we get to maintain.  It is based on seeking to please our Lord, regardless.  Yes, it is true that we, as Boomers, want answers to the "care" issues that affect us.  So ask the questions, but with graciousness and a rock-solid commitment to obedience.


These are only three areas of concern you might be experiencing as you traverse this journey from your present situation toward what you see as an even more significant kingdom impact.  In future issues we will share some helpful insights on other realities we face.  From Finishers, our encouragement is to make an accurate evaluation of who you are, diligently look for opportunities to maximize your potential impact for our Lord, go about that process with an attitude of humility and once found, throw yourself wholeheartedly into that work, always as a servant-learner.


You might be a Baby Boomer if:

The presidential candidates and football coaches are all about your age.

The retro styles have no appeal whatsoever.  Been there, worn that.

You remember when public schools were a good thing.

People walking around talking to themselves look crazy, even if they are holding a cell phone.

You don't know your own cell phone number.

You don't care.

You send your thank-you notes by regular mail.

You send thank you notes.

You've figured out that there is no such thing as your Permanent Record.

You know how to diagram a sentence. 

Nobody asks to see your ID anymore.

You don't care.

You ask for the aisle seat on an airplane instead of the window seat.

Motown music makes you dance.

People wish you wouldn't.

You don't care.

(Taken from an article by Rheta Grimsley Johnson)



The Journey Deepens Retreat

This weekend will deepen your relationship with Jesus and help you explore what it is like to be a missionary, discover whether a missionary or sender role is God's fit for you, and connect with mission agencies. The core of the retreat and the key distinctive is the discussion groups with six prospects and two mentors which meet four times throughout the weekend. The retreat has separate groups for college students and high school seniors, young professionals in their 20s and 30s, adults of any age, singles and married couples. Meet others like you and compare maps on the journey. Discuss your compass with mentors who have journeyed into missions already.

Attendance is about 50 people; at this retreat you will not be overwhelmed with overchoice! Here's some of the subjects that will be covered in the general sessions, small groups and one-on-one time with the missionary mentors:

  • I feel a pull from God to the nations. What should I do next?
  • Which of my gifts and interests could I use in another culture?
  • How can I deal with school loans?
  • What's involved in raising prayer and financial support?
  • How do I discuss missions with my family and my church?
  • If God leads me to stay and send others what would that involve?

For more information please visit:



Another "Yea God" Story:  Plumbing for the Lord!

When I first signed up on the Finishers site I was really not expecting to find a match for our skills right away. I was not planning on going into missions for a few years anyway, but wanted to see what was out there.  I am a licensed plumber, and knew I could probably work in quite a few diff. areas. My wife is a radiographer and I wasn't expecting to find a need quite so quickly. April is not fond of ships and didn't want to live on motion sickness meds so I knew mercy ships was out of the question. She also told me she was not planning on leaving the country so that narrowed it down a little more. 2 days after I decided to seriously look into missions NTM (New Tribes Missions) contacted me about the need for a plumber and an x-ray tech in PNG (Papua New Guinea). I was kind of shocked, I didn't realize there were any clinics out in the more remote fields that had x-ray capability. So, more as a joke then anything, I took the e-mail up to April and showed it to her. The next day she told me if that's where God needs her who was she to stand in the way. This I was not ready for, I hadn't really considered it myself at this point because April had told me earlier she wasn't going to leave the country. So after much prayer and consideration, our house is for sale, we are trying to visit churches and individuals to raise partners and, God willing, we will be on a flight for PNG sometime this summer. And, really, it is due to the fact you listened to God and set this site up for those that are considering the mission field. I can't be positive but I doubt we would be where we are today if not for Finishers.

Thank you!

Dave and April Yeager

Start Planning Now!
Our next Finishers Forum will be November 7-8, 2008 at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship, 4141 International Parkway, Carrollton, TX 75007 (Dallas area). The contact is Tom Matyas -
Our Fourms are always a great time of information, networking, one-on-one time with agency personel, and hearing from God.  If you live in the south central part of the country you won't want to miss this event!
If you have attended a Finishers Forum in the past we would like to encourage you to volunteer to help make this a great event for the Dallas area.  Contact Tom and let him know you want to help!  Also, since you are receiving this newsletter and are already familiar with Finishers Project, if you live in the Dallas area why not contact Tom to find out how to make sure your church is in on the ground floor for this Forum as a Sponsoring Church?  Blessings abound for those who get involved!
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  Don Parrott  
  CEO,The Finishers Project