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Drama Free Holidays
The Non-Apology Apology
Prevent Your Ex from Cyber-Stalking
Best & Worst Manners List 2010
The Rules of Regifting - Seinfeld Style

"Have A Drama-Free Holiday"

Drama free holiday

It may be close to the end of the year, but the holiday season is not over yet and neither is the stress-factor that is sometimes associated with dealing with relatives and family.  Read our contribution to Woman's Day magazine for tips on how to make it through these last several days relatively unscathed.  Click here for complete article.


"The Non-Apology Apology"

Non Apology Apology

Holiday time is a perfect excuse to be free-flowing with the apologies and let go of all the extra baggage before entering a  New Year. The most important part is to make sure that your apologies are authentic and not disguised as a non-apology apology. We were asked to contribute to an interesting article in the New York Post on this very subject earlier this month. To gain further insight into the anatomy of a proper apology, please read our complete contribution here 

 "Prevent Your Ex from Cyber-Stalking"


Hardly a holiday topic, but could be applicable for some as break-ups are prevalent around this time of year. Add in the technology component, and that gives a jilted ex just the tools he or she needs to take stalking and harassment to a whole new level. At first the creepy comments on your Facebook page might seem desperate, but then things take a scary turn and he's tracking your every move and posting threats. Your safety (and online presence) depends on maintaining control of your Internet experience and social media tools. Read our article for on how to avoid being cyber-bullied or cyber-stalked by your ex. Read complete story here!

Table Setting

This Friday evening at midnight we say so long to 2010 and usher in the beginning of a brand new year.  No matter what happened these last twelve months, all is forgotten (and forgiven) and we are handed a clean slate to create ourselves any way we wish with only the sky as our limit. With this theme in mind, we want to encourage you to be the best person you can be and to "get your manners on in 2011!"  We do not mean this to feel like a burden, but rather hope it will be more like a fun challenge inspiring you to act consciously and respectfully towards others with great humor and patience.

While we're on the subject of bettering ourselves in the New Year, we are happy to share with you a number of  interesting articles and advice which may have holiday themes, but are truly applicable any time of the year. We are also pleased to bring you our "Best & Worst Manners List" for 2010 with a recap on this year's biggest offenders and angels.  Finally, we are ecstatic about the upcoming launch of our new manners App for the iPhone.  With any luck, it will be available to the public as early as next month!  To get a feel for what this "etiquette coach in the palm of your hand" can do, click here.  

2011 promises to be a fantastic year for Beverly Hills Manners with many exciting projects and prospects in store.  As always, we will continue to offer classes for both children and adults as well as private instruction and corporate consulting.  Look for our Winter/Spring schedule to post by January 15th to register.
Until then, we send you our warmest wishes for good health and much happiness this holiday season and in the year ahead!

Yours truly,

LIsa Gache

Beverly Hills Manners

"Best & Worst Manners List" 2010

Best & Worst 2010

As the year draws to an end, we are besieged by the endless lists of the best and the worst of 2010. From television programs to magazine covers, lists of every kind appear whether it's in the form of a Barbara Walters special or a Time Magazine cover spread, you simply cannot pass through to 2011 without a proper recount of 2010. We certainly did not want to miss the boat, so we painstaking compiled what we thought were the greatest and poorest manners moments of the last year. Unfortunately, there was no shortage of entries for the year's worst contenders. Twenty-ten presented to us a fair share of politicians, celebrities and athletes who had clearly lost their way, but of course, we wished to also honor those special few that deservedly held a place at the very top of our list. So in chronological order, here they are...Read complete story here!

"The Rules of Regifting - Seinfeld Style"

Regifting Seinfeld Style

In 1995, an episode of Seinfeld entitled "The Label Maker" was the first time the word regift was coined. It all started with Elaine who purchased a label maker as a Christmas gift for her friend Tim Whatley. He then apparently regifted the item to Jerry as a thank you for Super Bowl tickets Jerry had given him. This obviously upset Elaine and prompted her to exclaim, "He recycled this gift. He's a regifter!" Click here to read article.
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