June Newsletter                                                     2010
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"Workplace Thank You Notes"
"What To Do When You Don't Receive a Gift"
"Bachelorette Party No-No's"
"Let's Dance!" 2010 Cotillion Information
AOL Careers
"Workplace Thank You Notes" 
business thank you note 
Handwritten thank you notes and cards are an older etiquette formality, but they still apply in today's workplace. Read our most recent contribution to AOL's Careers page on business thank you notes.
Mitzvah Market 
"What To Do When You Don't Receive a Mitzvah Gift"
We were recently asked to address a sticky situation regarding missing Mitzvah gifts. Although our answer pertains to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration, the tips provided are applicable to any social occasion where gifts are involved.   
Katie B Photography
Katie B Photography
 Beverly Hills Manners has enjoyed the privilege of working with photographer, Katie Botel of Katie B Photography, since early Spring.  She has since become our resident photographer taking pictures of the children in almost every class.  We are so thankful to have her on board to capture the enthusiasm and progression of each child as they participate in our programs.  For your convenience, Katie has re-released the photos taken from our "Let's Dance" Cotillion and May 16th "Introductory Course".  If you would like to purchase those photos or make an appointment for a private portrait session with Katie, please 
contact her at
"Bachelorette Party - No No's"
bachelorette party
June marks the beginning of wedding season.  We were asked to contribute our thoughts on the  "Top 5 bachelorette party faux pas to avoid." 
BHM Bookstore 
We often have on display an array of etiquette books from our personal library.
 Clients frequently ask us how they may purchase a copy.  We have most of our books available on our website.  Kindly take a peek at our BHM Bookstore to make your purchases today!
Table Setting

A recent impromptu trip to New York is the inspiration for this month's newsletter entitled "Empire State of Manners."  I travelled to the city for business (a book is on the horizon), but there was also plenty of pleasure involved.  The frenetic pace encourages you to pack in every free moment of time with something fabulous.  My quick trip included a "Power Breakfast" at the Regency, lunch at Jean Georges at the Mark Hotel, a visit to the MET to see the "American Woman" and Picasso shows (I highly recommend both!) and seeing "Promises, Promises" on Broadway.  As a native, born in Lenox HIll hospital, the pulse of the city will forever be in my veins.  With a little luck, I will be bringing Beverly Hills Manners to New York and have an excuse to visit the city more often (fingers crossed!!).   
In the meantime, things are super busy here at home.  June marked the completion of our pilot etiquette program for the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles.  The children had their graduation ceremony and are now ready to participate in Phase II of the program which includes the cultural and educational outings with their mentors.   Can't wait! 
Our 3rd season of "Manners Camp" is underway and we are contemplating adding another session in late August.  This month we contributed a number of articles to various sites from AOL to Sheknows.com which we are happy to share, and we are proud to feature our From the Source article on "Wine Etiquette" from expert Gregory Hammann, General Manager and Certified Sommelier of Mastro's Steakhouse. 
Summer has officially arrived and now is the perfect opportunity to adopt a slightly slower pace and catch up on some R&R.  Take advantage of this time and enjoy a safe and spectacular 4th of July weekend!!
Very best,
Lisa Gache
Beverly Hills Manners
"Let's Dance!" Cotillion 2010

CotillionWednesday Evenings
9/15, 10/20, 11/17, 1/12, 2/23, 3/23
Grades 3rd & 4th-5pm to 6:30pm
Grades 5th, 6th & 7th-6:45pm to 8:15pm
With Special Guest Appearances TBD      Beverly Hills Manners  is proud to present season two of our "Let's Dance!" Cotillion, a modernized version of the traditional cotillion more aligned to meet the needs and desires of children today.  Our friendly, interactive and entertaining approach allows  them to absorb the material while recognizing the value and relevancy of these essential life tools. The program which combines dance and etiquette is held once a month on a Wednesday evening beginning in the Fall of 2010 and ending in the Spring of 2011. Limited space is available.  Sign up now!

"The Introductory Course"

Introductory CourseSunday, July 25, 2009
11:00am to 2:00pm
Children Ages 6 to 12
Our most popular class, the "Introductory Course" provides an overview into the world of manners and is full of interaction and practice for your child.  Children are instructed in all aspects of etiquette and protocol while developing fundamental character-building traits such as respect, compassion and common courtesies. In addition to the instruction, a formal dining tutorial portion is taught covering all rules of table and dining etiquette.  Children learn how to set a basic table, the proper way to use their utensils, how to manage specific types of food and beverages and how to initiate and participate in conversation during an actual 5-course meal.  Sign up now!

Public Housing Youth Graduate from Social Education and Etiquette Program (SEET)
treesTraining to be Future Leaders.
Fifteen public housing youth graduated from the SEET program on June 14th.  This pilot program aims to expose public housing youth to a variety social and cultural activities and events while providing basic understanding of common courtesies and acceptable behavior in such settings.  Phase I of the program, a 6-week etiquette training course included instruction in the following areas: positive first impressions, the art of introductions, communincation skills, character & ethical behavior, table manners and dining etiquette and ballroom dance instruction.  Read more about the program here.
Gregory HammannFrom The Source - Wine Etiquette
Gregory Hammann,General Manager & Certified Sommelier, Mastro's Steakhouse
Going to a nice restaurant can be intimidating, but it shouldn't be. At Mastro's Steakhouse, we pride ourselves on providing great food, service and atmosphere in a warm, inviting and hospitable way. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and guide you through the process to give you the kind of experience that you and your guests are looking for, which aren't the same for everyone. Some diners like to celebrate with Cristal Champagne and Caviar, while others like to enjoy the hard-to-find wines that are a great deal, while sharing a steak and some side dishes. No matter what kind of experience you are looking for, we make sure to cater to your needs, and oblige your requests. Read full article here.
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Sign up for Season 2 of our modern day "Let's Dance!" Cotillion program at the Beverly Hills Women's Club before July 31st and receive 10% off your registration!  Enter the coupon code JULY31 or attach this coupon to your enrollment form.  Take advantage of this special offer while it lasts! 
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