March Newsletter                                                  2010
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Blog - "Obesity & Manners?"
Blog - "Red Carpet Manners"
Beauty Undercover - "The Politics of Tipping"
Red Carpet Posture
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Recent Blog Posting
"Obesity - Could It Be Better Managed with Manners?" 
The recent surge of attention on the obesity epidemic got us thinking about the type of impact manners might have on this subject. Click here to read more!
Parenting Website
Parents Ask 

Beverly Hills Manners is a regular contributor and expert on all things etiquette for Parents Ask.  Whether you're just starting a family or are years past diapers and  bottles, Parents Ask provides you with information and stories that resonate, answer, entertain and guide you through the world of parenting.  Visit the site

Red Carpet Manners 2010
Red Carpet Oscars 2010 
Tired of the same old awards coverage on who wore what and who wore it best?  Our Red Carpet coverage goes a layer deeper to reveal what lies beneathe the sheath at this year's Oscars 2010.
Beauty Undercover
Beauty Undercover
"The Politics of Tipping"
Check out our article on the price of beauty and the politics of tipping at beauty website, Beauty Undercover.
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Red Carpet Posture
Red Carpet Posture

Dr. Paul Drew is the guru of Red Carpet Posture and will have you looking and feeling Red Carpet ready for any occasion.  Visit his website here to learn more!

Manners Go to the Movies

Warner Bros. announced late last month that it is bringing Emily Post to big screen.  In a romantic comedy about a manners maven, it looks like manners are finally getting their due!  Read the article here.

Manners Bookshelf

If you haven't visited our bookstore, now may be the perfect time to purchase a book for yourself, for a loved one or as a gift for a special friend.  We have a wonderful selection of etiquette books for any occasion.  Please feel free to peruse our bookshelf and purchase your selection.
Table Setting
March is National Nutrition Month so we have decided to dedicate a good portion of our newsletter to dining and nutrition.  In an effort to weigh in on the obesity epidemic, we wrote a blog on how obesity may be better managed through manners. 
March also marks the height of awards season here in Los Angeles with the always anticipated Oscars.  With this in mind, we are pleased to share with you our 
Red Carpet Manners recap along with a terrific resource to keep you red carpet ready all year long. 
Our From the Source article comes from Beverly Hills restaurateur, Peter Garland of Porta Via.  With a focus on dining, we thought it would be interesting for our readers to learn firsthand the role  manners play in good restaurant service. 
And, make no mistake, there is definately a zeitgeist movement towards manners!!  This came in the form of a validation when we received a trend report just yesterday with the title "Mind Your P's & Q's" reminding us that a return to good old-fashioned manners is brewing.  Finally!!
We've said it before, but we'll say it again.  Get on board people, the train is leaving the station!!  Sign up your kids, sign up yourself and join us in this manners revolution.
All aboard!
Lisa Gaché
Beverly Hills Manners
From the Source: Restaurant Etiquette
by Peter Garland,Owner of Porta Via & The Bar Room
Porta Via
At Porta Via, there are three things we expect from our staff.  The first is punctuality.  They need to show up to work on time and be prepared to work. Second, is a good attitude. People come to a restaurant to get away from work or their home.  Porta Via employees need to leave their own problems at the door, come to work with great energy and an eagerness to service the customers.  A warm smile is a must.  Third, they must show respect. From the top on down, the staff is required to be respectful to each other.  This is crucial to creating a good and successful team.  Click here to read more! 
Introductory Course Close Up
"The Introductory Course"
Sunday, May 16, 2010
2:00pm to 5:00pm
Children Ages 6 to 12 
Our most popular class, the "Introductory Course" provides an overview into the world of manners and is full of interaction and practice for your child.  Children are instructed in all aspects of etiquette and protocol while developing fundamental character-building traits such as respect, compassion and common courtesies. In addition to the instruction, a formal 5-course dining tutorial portion is taught covering all rules of table and dining etiquette. Click here to register!
Museum Manners"Museum Manners"
Saturday, April 17, 2010
11:00am to 2:00pm
Children Ages 7 to 12 years
"Museum Manners" combines museum etiquette with a one hour art appreciation tour presented by Quick Culture and designed just for kids at LACMA.  Following the art appreciation tour, children are   escorted to the Pentimento Café for a complete table and dining review followed by a 5-course dining tutorial prepared by Patina Catering.  This is a wonderful follow up program to our popular "Introductory Course" or makes a perfect stand alone class for those interested in art and culture.  Click here to register!
tea etiquette
"Mother & Daughter Tea"
at the Montage Hotel
Sunday, May 2, 2010
3:00pm to 5:00pm
Girls ages 8 and older
Celebrate Mother's Day early with a special mother and daughter tea in the library at the beautiful Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.   Tea is a social beverage and, as any social situation, it calls for manners.  Join us for an afternoon of learning about the history and tradition of taking tea along with the various courtesies that are associated with any tea gathering.  A formal tea service will be served including a selection of tea sandwiches, pastries and scones as well as an assortment of the finest black, green and herbal teas. Click here to register!
"Manners Camp" is Back!
Monday, June 28th - Thursday July 1st, 2010
11:00am to 2:00pm
Children ages 6 and up 

Good manners are the best way to make a positive first impression in a fast-paced world where basic consideration is too often forgotten.   Welcome to "Manners Camp" where children participate in a comprehensive and fun-filled program incorporating culture and etiquette.  Each camp session explores a particular etiquette theme and accompanying cultural activity introducing the children to new skills and techniques which assist them in becoming independent, well-rounded, and confident human beings.  In addition to the cultural component and etiquette lesson, each session will emphasize children's table and dining skills during a

multi-course class lunch.  Click here to register!


Girlfriend's Guide: Fat is the New "N" Word 
by Vicki Iovine

We absolutely love this blog on the Huffington Post giving us more food for thought (no pun intended) on the subject of obesity and the stigma associated with the word fat in general.  Click here to read article!

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