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Our Most Recent Blog  Rules for Re-Gifting


December is the time of year to give and receive gifts.  None are as special as the gifts that are given with great thought and care. Sometimes even the most thoughtful gifts are given a new life as a re-gift.  To ensure the re-gift is presented and received in the most positive manner, take a peek at our 
Rules for Re-Gifting with the 411 on proper re-gift etiquette.

Beauty Undercover


As featured in this week's issue of BEAUTY Undercover, a fabulous new site devoted to all things beauty.   Read our tips on proper lipstick etiquette in an article called "Lip-Stakes?" below. 

Lipstick is the finishing touch on the face. Without it we feel naked, exposed, unprepared. So what do we do when we're at a table and need a little re-apply?  Or, how should we handle avoiding a lipstick stain on the rim of a glass or on our napkin?  And, is it okay to wear dark shades to work?  Follow these essential tips and uncover the truths about proper lipstick etiquette.

Rule #1 - Lipstick should be re-applied in the ladies room, particularly if one is out on a dinner date or attending a dinner meeting with the boss.  Taking hold of the butter knife to use as a mirror just won't do.  Instead, one must politely excuse oneself and high tail it to the lieu.  The only exception might be if you need to quickly re-apply for a spontaneous photo op with friends and can achieve this by pulling out your lip gloss without the aid of a mirror.  

Rule #2 - Lips are for dainty dabbing.  A dark or glossy lipstick stain left on the rim of the glass or left visible on your napkin, it is quite unappealing to those who view it.  Take a moment and daintily pat your lips before taking a drink and rather than smearing the napkin across your face and leaving a dark stain, gently use it to pat the corners of your mouth.  This will not only maintain your lipstick, but it is also the mark of a poised and confident woman.   

Rule #3 - Reserve dark hued lipsticks for dark knights.  It is best advised to refrain from wearing deep hued lipstick to the office.  You never know if it may be viewed as offensive or too vulgar for daytime.  Reserve these colors for an evening with friends or a hot date you are trying to seduce.

Winter Schedule 2010
Happy New Year 2010
A New Year and a new list of class offerings for children, teens and adults.  Be sure to visit our website at to register now!  We will also be introducing a series of programs for the corporate sector featuring classes on Business Etiquette, Corporate Dining and International Protocol.  If you are interested in learning more about any of these programs, please email us at or call 310.276.9078 for further information.

Holiday Makeup

Holiday Make Up

If you want to look and feel your best this holiday season, make sure to book an appointment with Jennifer Caplan at the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood.  Jen is offering special discounts on eye makeup and full face makeup from now until New Year's Eve.  Don't miss this opportunity!  Call 310-273-4100 or visit the website


Featured Children's Item
A Kid's Life

A Kid's Life brings wholesome, heartwarming entertainment into the home for children to enjoy. Kids will learn about the world around them through educational online games, interactive exploration, and age appropriate web-episodes and insightful manners. A Kid's Life! is a safe and secure website where your kids canGo and Grow with friends! The New York Times - says "A Kid's Life! is virtually sunshine all of the time. Children will be enthralled!".  Learn more at

Table Setting

The words to "Auld Lang Syne" are pretty obscure to most of us, yet we sing them with pride on New Year's Eve. The Scottish phrase literally translates to 'Old Long Ago' and encourages us to think about days passed. The lyrics also refer to kindness ('We'll take a Cup of Kindness yet') and conjure up positive images of everyone getting along and creating a happy future.     
These final days of 2009 are perfect for taking stock of the past.   Reviewing our good deeds and our not so good deeds. Who we wronged and who we helped.  Who we slighted and who we were generous towards.  Were we kind or were we cruel?  Did we cheat ourselves out of an experience or did we try our best?  What were the ramifications of our actions?  Did it serve us or did it do us a disservice? This is all good information to ponder before ringing in a new year.
So before New Year's Eve approaches, sit down and write a list of resolutions for yourself.  Then add a list of manners resolutions. These can be purely aspirational because, after all, we are human and make mistakes.  The important part is to focus on being more aware and trying to change.  Below I have compiled a list of manners resolutions that I aspire to live by.  Feel free to use these as a starting point or as your complete guide.  
Finally, stop thinking of manners as some dated, dusty set of rules from days long ago.  Manners never get old, they are never out of style and they are never irrelevant.  On the contrary, manners are insanely important and frankly they are a nice change from the salacious, gratituous, frivilous world we live in today.  So embrace your new manners in 2010!!!
Warmest wishes of health and happiness this holiday season and in the year ahead!
Very best,
LIsa Gache
Beverly Hills Manners
Art of Civility"The Art of Civility"
Saturday, January 9, 2010
McCormick & Schmick's - BH
10:00am to 1:00pm
Adult Education 
"The Art of Civility" program explores these sentiments and applies practical methods for practicing civility at home, in the workplace and in various social environments. Participants will also enjoy a multi-course luncheon providing further exploration into civilities associated with the table and fine dining.  Click here to enroll now!
trees"Introductory Course"
Saturday, January 30, 2010
McCormick & Schmick's - BH
11:00am to 2:00pm                    
Children ages 6 to 12 
The "Introductory Course" provides an overview into the world of manners and is full of interaction and practice for your child. Children are instructed in all aspects of etiquette and protocol while developing fundamental character-building traits such as respect, compassion and common courtesies. In addition to the instruction, a formal dining tutorial portion is taught covering all rules of table and dining etiquette. Children learn how to set a basic table, the proper way to use their utensils, how to manage specific types of foods and beverages, and how to initiate and participate in conversation during an actual 5-course meal.  Click here to enroll now!
Ten Manners Resolutions for a New Year
I wrote these manners resolutions the end of last year and I swear they feel just as pertinent today as when I first created them.  If it feels too overwhelming to tackle all ten, pick just one or two to focus on.  At least you will be taking a step in the right direction.
 1.  Smile and be friendly.  Resolve to smile and be friendly with everyone you interact with this year.  Whether it's a parent you pass in the hallway at school or the checkout attendant in the grocery store, everyone deserves a little acknowledgement.  It is not much effort, but makes such a huge difference.
2. Make a good impression on yourself first.  Take the time this year to focus on your health and well-being both physically as well as mentally.   Strive to be a bit more organized and efficient so that you can be your most effective self both personally and professionally. 
3. Be a good listener.  Humans thrive on relationships and connections with others.  One way to cultivate and nurture your communications with friends and relatives is to be a good listener.  This is the key to all great conversationalists.  
4.  Choose to be optimistic.  We are beginning a new year, a clean slate, an opportunity for complete renewal.  Why not choose to proceed into these next twelve months with total and undeniable optimism.  Remember a positive and optimistic attitude is most mannerly and assures a successful outcome in anything we endeavor to do. 
5.  Use your table manners.  So many of life's pleasures and special moments revolve around the table and dining experience.  This year, aspire to be a bit more mindful of your table manners.  Begin with the most simple of tasks such as refraining from talking with your mouth full of food or putting your elbows on the table.  Make sure to sit up straight for good posture and say please and thank you when being served.
6.  Give thanks and appreciate.  We cannot say enough about taking a moment to be thankful and to appreciate what you have.  At a time when so many are experiencing job layoffs, personal economic turmoil or major health issues, it is more important than ever to try to find a glimmer of light and to acknowledge what you do have that is positive and encouraging.
Take a breath and think before you act.  This is so vitally important and can save a lot of heartache and headache.  We've all heard the expression "put yourself in someone else's shoes" meaning everything we do has a positive or negative effect on one another.  Before you behave in a way that might upset or offend another, take a moment to think about how they might feel and choose to do the right thing.
8.  Be courteous and patient.  We live in a 24/7, frenetic, automated world where common courtesies and human decency in general are threatening extinction.  Do your part to change the tide and make 2010 a year where you are more polite and patient.  From the people you stand in line with at Starbucks or share the carpool lane with on your way to work, to the caretakers who watch after your children and your families with whom you share a meal, aspire to be more considerate and a little more tolerant.
9.  Master the fine art of knowing when to speak and when to hold your tongue.  Being well-mannered does not mean you are obligated to be accepting of every situation.  In fact, sometimes it is appropriate to stand up for yourself or something you believe in.  The important thing is to be sensitive to your surroundings and adjust yourself accordingly.  Be aware enough to know if the situation calls for gentle pacification, brutal honesty or something in between.
10. Don't be stingy with the magic words.  The most commonly used magic words are: please, thank you, excuse me, I'm sorry and you're welcome.  Use these words frequently and without discretion and witness firsthand a transformation from those
who hear them.  Notice how a few kind words can help brighten someone's day.
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