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In honor of "National Etiquette Week" (May 11th thru 15th), we are finally making our move into the technological age.  Beverly Hills Manners is pleased to announce that we have officially entered the world of Blogs, Facebook and Twitter to expand our reach to the masses and especially to the younger generation who are the future of our country.  We hope this will be the beginning of a national conversation to make people of all ages more aware of their manners and how good manners (or lack of them) can affect their ability to succeed in life.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments, questions, gripes, praise, quips and banter in the coming days, weeks and months ahead. 
As promised, we have prepared a fun little quiz below to test your ETQ, Your Etiquette Quotient.  Put aside a couple of minutes with your friends at work or your family at home to see how you rate on our etiquette chart.  No matter where you fall, there is no judgement here, we're just glad to have you along for the ride!

Lisa Gaché

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Test Your ETQ - Your Etiquette Quotient 
1. You like to make a good impression on others.  When you enter a room, you are (a) talkative and boisterous, you want to make sure you are heard, (b) quiet and reserved, you don't like to draw attention to yourself or (c) poised and confident, you are comfortable with yourself and put others at ease.   
2. Nobody likes a close talker.  In order to keep your distance and maintain that imaginary sphere of personal space, you do not get closer than (a) 12 inches, (b) 16 inches or (c) 18 inches. 
3. You are attending a seminar and you're asked to wear a nametag.  You place your name tag (a) in the middle of your chest, (b) on the left side or (c) on the right side.   
4.  The job market is tough and competition is fierce.  You want to impress your prospective boss and offer to take him to lunch to learn more about the company.  At the end of the meal, the check is placed on the table, you (a) wait for your guest to reach for the bill to pay, (b) pay the bill yourself with a credit card or cash at the end of the meal or (c) politely say it's already been taken care of because you handed your credit card to the host before you were seated.
5.  Your best friend invited you to their family vacation home in the mountains.  You had an absolutely wonderful time filled with nonstop activities, good food and great company.  Upon your return home, you (a) go to the market and restock your fridge, (b) unpack your suitcases and reminisce about your trip or (c) write a thoughtful, handwritten thank you note of appreciation.
6. You are invited to dine at a restaurant with business associates and you accidentally drop your fork on the floor. What should you do? (a) Pick it up and wipe it off, (b) Leave it on the floor and take a fork from a nearby table or (c) Leave it on the floor and ask your server to bring you a new one. 
7.  You are invited to a very formal dinner party and you notice that there are no bread plates at the table, however, there is a dinner roll tucked into of the napkin of your place setting.  What do you do with your roll?  (a) Don't eat it, it is purely for decoration, (b) Remove it from your napkin and place it in the middle of your place setting or (c) Place it on the left side of your place setting and break bread as usual.
8.  You have just finished interviewing for a job that you want badly, to make your best impression with your interviewer you should (a) say thank you in person and then pray they will call you to offer you the job, (b) say thank you and then follow up with a thank you email because we live in the technological age or (c) say thank you in person, then follow up with a thank you email and finally a handwritten note of thanks to show you really care.
9.  In America, the most universal gesture for greeting another person is with the handshake.  The proper way to shake someone's hand is to (a) extend whichever hand you write with and shake hands for as long as you like, (b) extend your right hand and shake lightly using the tips of your fingers only or (c) extend your right hand, shake web to web with two pumps and then release.
10.  A champagne toast has been made in your honor, as the recipient of the toast you, (a) give yourself a big pat on the back, (b) raise your glass and drink a toast to yourself along with the others or (c) do not raise your glass, simply smile and graciously say "thank you". 

Here's how to rate yourself on this quiz: give yourself 3 points for each time you've answered (a), 5 points for each time you've answered (b), and 10 points for each time you've answered (c). Tally up the points. If you got:

Less than 40 points: You could use a little polish in the manners department.  Drive to your nearest bookstore and pick up a copy of Emily Post's Etiquette book as soon as you can. Between 50 and 80 points: You have some idea of what constitutes well-mannered behavior and can get by in most situations.
Between 80 and 100 points: Congratulations, you've aced this quiz.  But don't think there isn't room for more learning or for improvement.  Non of us is perfect and the more we educate ourselves in manners and etiquette, the more successful we will be in every facet of our lives.

Introductory Course

 "Introductory Course"- May 23, 2009
Don't miss out on an opportunity to enroll your children in our final "Introductory Course" of the summer!  This class will be held on Saturday, May 23rd from 11am to 2pm at McCormick & Schmick's in Beverly Hills.  For children ages 6-12.  Etiquette topics include: first impressions, poise and posture, how to properly sit, stand and walk, formal vs. informal introductions, smile, eye contact, name tag placement, handshake, telephone etiquette along with a complete table and dining review. As part of the class, the children also participate in a formal, multicourse dining tutorial luncheon.  Click here to enroll now!
trees "Manners Camp I & II"- June & July 2009
Welcome to "Manners Camp" where children participate in a comprehensive and fun-filled program incorporating culture and etiquette.  Each camp session explores a particular etiquette theme and accompanying cultural activity introducing the children to new skills and techniques which assist them in becoming independent, well-rounded, and confident human beings.  Subjects include theatre instruction, art appreciation, ballroom dance, stationery and party demonstration, floral arranging and much more!  The 4-day camps are held Monday thru Thursday from 10am to 1pm at McCormick & Schmick's in Beverly Hills.  For children ages 6-12. Each session includes a multi-course dining tutorial.  Click here to enroll now!
Lets Dance Cotillion"Let's Dance" Cotillion - Coming This Fall!
"Dancing with the Stars" meets Cotillion!  Beverly Hills Manners  is proud to present a modernized version of the traditional cotillion aligned to meet the needs and desires of children today.   The six (6) month program will take place at the Beverly Hills Women's Club beginning this Fall 2009 and ending in Spring 2010.  For children entering the 3rd grade thru 7th grade in September.  Enroll early and receive a 10% discount toward your registration. 
Click here to register now! 

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As a special offer during National Etiquette Week, May 11th thru 15th, Beverly Hills Manners is pleased to offer a 15% discount on all of our classes and programs for both children and adults.  Please make sure to refer to this coupon upon enrollment.  For additional questions, kindly call 310.276.9078.   
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