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"The Introductory Course" & "The Intermediate Course"
Ages 6 to 12  
 Jan. 24 & Feb. 28, 2009
March 28 & April 25, 2009 
11am to 2pm 
Introductory Course   

Our most popular program, "The Introductory Course" will now be presented as a two-part series along with "The Intermediate Course: The Party Perfect" beginning in January 2009.  Together these programs offer a comprehensive study into the world of manners.  Children are instructed in all aspects of etiquette and protocol while developing fundamental character-building traits such as respect, compassion and common courtesies. Through acquiring and practicing these indispensable life skills, children gain more confidence and increase self-esteem. 
In addition to the instruction, both programs include a formal dining tutorial covering all rules of table and dining etiquette.  Children learn how to set a basic table, the proper way to use their utensils, how to manage specific types of foods and beverages, and how to initiate and participate in conversation during an actual 5-course meal.  This fun-filled program is full of interaction and practice for your child.

Program highlights include: 
· Etiquette vs. Manners
· First Impressions

· Meetings & Greetings
· Handshake & Eye Contact
· Art of Introductions
· Telephone Etiquette
· Punchbowl Etiquette
· Table & Dining Skills
· Holiday Dining
· Party Etiquette
· Dressing Up

· Gift Giving & Receiving

· Stationary, Invitations & RSVP's
· Thank You Notes

Sign up for one or both classes now!January 24th & February 28th  



Ages 11 to 15
January 21, 2009
5pm to 7:30pm
Beverly Hills Public Library


Beverly Hills Manners™ has joined forces with Vanessa Van Petten, book author and writer of a blog on parent-teen relationships, to offer a specialized program on "Netiquette". "Netiquette" is a term that is used to define all of the guidelines that assist us with online communication. It provides general rules of protocol for such technologies as emailing, blogging, texting, social networking and all other new technological forms for communicating. Learn how to navigate online communication tools and the most appropriate ways of maintaining a positive online image. In a time when the walls between online and offline communication are coming down, protecting yourself and knowing the proper way to behave is not only sensible, but vital in today's world. In addition to the lecture and Internet demonstration, a light dinner snack will be served.

Click here to register now!

 "The ART of Manners"
Ages 6 to 12  
 February 7, 2009
1pm to 4pm 
 Scribble Press

scribble press

In collaboration with Scribble Press in the Westside Pavilion, "The ART of Manners" is a creative exploration into the world of manners.  Participants engage in role playing exercises and an in-depth discussion on such etiquette topics as the importance of first impressions, memorable meetings and greetings, maintaining a healthy attitude and using your creativity  to help make manners second nature.  Next, your child's artistic talents will shine as they write and illustrate their own Book of Manners.  While they await their book to be published and bound, they will enjoy a scrumptuous etiquette tea at the Nordstrom's Cafe.   With their book as a reference, there will be no excuse for forgetting the manners they have learned!  To enroll or for more information, contact Scribble Press directly at 310-446-6154 or email

 "Mitzvah Manners" 
Ages 6 to 12  
 February 22, 2009
4pm to 7pm 
 A Cow Jumped Over The Moon

The Bar or Bat Mitzvah is an important coming of age ritual in a     Jewish child's life.  The "Mitzvah Manners" course is designed to assist the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child with everything they need to know in order to shine with grace and ease on their special day.  Jewish culture, customs and proper etiquette are explored as they relate to this time- honored celebration.  In addition to the etiquette instruction, the program includes a 45 minute ballroom dance lesson emphasizing the Jewish dances, as well as a formal, multi-course tutorial covering all    aspects of the table and dining experience. 




I was asked to volunteer my services to work with the young women of Aviva in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago and it was truly a rewarding experience.  They were preparing for a special excursion they would be taking to a restaurant for dinner and therefore a course in dining manners was essential.  The class was comprised of girls who faced many challenges.   Whether it was a teenage pregnancy or a parole officer, it didn't matter, for they were all there together and they were willing to learn.  Over the course of just one hour, we shared great laughs as each girl took turns practicing everything from proper posture, to the correct way to handshake, and the dining signal for when you have completed your meal. To watch some of them radiate with delight after learning how to hold a fork and knife, you could tell their confidence was lifted even for just one moment. The part that made it all worth it was hearing from the coordinator that the women seemed to respond to this course in manners more than any other training they had received this year.  I left feeling invigorated and inspired.  I know this stuff works!

Reverse Etiquette?
New York Times
In a November Op-Ed article for
The New York Times entitled "All Apologies", writer Henry Alford proposes an unusual kind of activism called "reverse etiquette". 
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The writers of this famous holiday song were on to something when they proclaimed the holiday season "the most wonderful time of the year".   The holidays are typically a time to celebrate with loved ones, families and friends, to take stock of the past year and await the vast possibilities that lie ahead.    

This season we encourage you to not only celebrate your religious holidays and family traditions, but also to give pause and to celebrate the joy of MANNERS!  Manners are crucial to a healthy and functioning society.  If we allow, manners can actually help us find our way especially in a time when we are high on anxiety and low on finances.   

An essential part of having good manners is possessing a positive attitude and an open outlook on life.  In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to try to find a moment of solace and to give yourself permission to enjoy and to appreciate because you have worked hard and you deserve it.  So make a conscious choice to view the New Year through the lens of manners and embrace it with optimism, dignity and grace.  

Exciting New Programs for 2009 

We are very excited about the range of new programs we will be offering for children of all ages in 2009.  Our classes on Museum Manners, Netiquette, Mitzvah MannersThe Art of Manners, and our new two-part series  The Introductory Course & Intermediate Course: The Party Perfect are just a sampling of the unique curriculum we will be presenting in the New Year!    

At Beverly Hills Manners, we are sympathetic to the present economic situation and as a result we are offering a significant number of our classes at a reduced rate.   It is our unwavering commitment to ensure that the importance of good manners remains high on your list.  

This past year has been a huge success thanks to our amazing clients, colleagues, friends and partners.  We greatly appreciate and value your support, your loyalty and your business.  So as we say goodbye to 2008, we raise our champagne glasses to you and wish you all a very healthy, happy and peaceful New Year. 

Here's to continued success in 2009!       
Very best,

Lisa Gaché

Eat Drink or Die

Beverly Hills Manners™ contributes tips of the day to hip foodie website Eat, Drink or Die. An offshoot of funnyman Will Ferrell's "Funny or Die", this site is filled with all sorts of recipes, tips, techniques, and videos.  If you are in need of a fabulous dish to cook for the holidays or step-by-step instructions on the proper way to compost, then Eat, Drink or Die is your resource. Click here for more information!

Holidays Manner 
Quick Tips to Make Your Best Impression with Family & Friends

1.  When dining at the table, sit up straight and mind your posture.  You will appear more confident and others will take notice.


2. Practice the Continental Style of eating with your fork in the left hand and your knife in the right.  Fork tines facing down, cut and eat only one bite of food at a time.


3.  Break your bread.  Use your fingers to break off one bite-size piece of bread and butter only that piece with your butter knife.  Repeat.


4.  When dining in a formal setting, select your silverware by working from the outside going in. This will help you determine the foods being served as well as the number of courses.


5.  If you are invited to someone's home for dinner, offer to bring something.  A favorite dessert or nice bottle of wine is always welcome.


6.  Always place your napkin on your lap when eating.  If you need to excuse yourself, place it on the back or arm of the chair.  At the end of the meal, the napkin is placed on the left side of the plate.


7.  When dining out, tip the standard 20% for services rendered and you will be sure to receive excellent service time and again.


8.  Refrain from placing your cell phone or PDA on the table during a meal, it shows the person you are with that they are not as important as the call you having potentially coming in.


9.  In a buffet line, the placement of plates designates the starting point.  Be sure to pace yourself, take smaller portions and eat your courses in an acceptable order. 


10. If you need to excuse yourself from the table, place your utensils in the resting position in an inverted "V" shape.  This will ensure that your plate of food will not be removed while you are away.  


11. Once the meal is completed, place your utensils in the finished position in an angle on your plate with the fork and knife placed together.  This is the signal that you have finished your food.


12. If you are the recipient of a toast, do not raise your glass to drink.  Simply smile and say a gracious "thank you". 


Bonus Tip:  Don't let holiday stress get you down.  Remember that "stressed" is only 'desserts' spelled backwards.


Self-help author Brian Luke Seaward, who wrote a book called Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backwards, tells a story about a difficult time during his childhood when his grandmother brought him a plate of cookies and said, "Now, remember, stressed is just desserts spelled backwards!" From this he was apparently able to figure out what he personally needed to overcome stressful situations.

Charm School 2 

Rock of Love Charm School


Lisa Gaché makes a guest appearance on VH1 reality series hosted by Sharon Osbourne.  Watch Lisa as she instructs the ladies of Charm School on the proper way to eat soup.   Click here to view quick clip from episode! 

Private Sign 
Private Tutorial & Private Parties

For those that wish instruction in the privacy of their own home or another location of their choice.  Privates offer you discretion and time alone in a comfortable environment.  To book a private group etiquette party or make an appointment for private etiquette lessons, please call 310.276.9078 or email

Easy Holiday Recipe for Adults & Children 
 Courtesy of 


10 oz bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
1 cup heavy cream        
1¾ oz butter, room temperature
Cocoa powder               
Assorted finely chopped toppings
1) Place the chopped chocolate in a medium-sized bowl and melt (either in the microwave or over a double boiler).
2) In  medium saucepot, bring the heavy cream to a full boil, stirring occasionally. 
3) Pour the hot cream directly over the center of the chocolate.  Allow it to sit for 15 seconds.
4) Using a spatula, stir the cream and chocolate until the mixture is smooth.  Cool for 1 minute.
5) Stir in the butter and place the bowl in the refrigerator to cool for 15 minutes.
6) Pour the contents into a baking pan and freeze for 30 minutes, or until the mixture is firm.
7) Prepare a small bowl fitted with a sieve on top. 
8) Using a melon baller or portion scooper, shape the truffles.  Don't worry if they aren't perfectly shaped- they are named after knobby, savory truffles, after all!. 
9) Drop the truffles in a sieve, cover with cocoa powder and shake until the truffle is evenly coated.  Roll into desired toppings and keep refrigerated!

Gourmandise is a baking resource dedicated to bringing back the simple and decadent Art of Baking.  Pastry Chef Clemence Gossett is offering a special holiday rate of $55pp for private, in-home Holiday Baking Parties (minimum 6 guests).  Phone 310.382.4692 or email for more information or to sign-up now!

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