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"Introductory Course with Holiday Manners"
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This special introductory class provides an overview into the world of manners with tips on how to survive the holiday season with style and grace.  Children and teens are instructed in all aspects of    etiquette and protocol while developing fundamental character-building traits such as respect, compassion and common  courtesies. Through acquiring and practicing these indispensable life skills, children gain more confidence and increase self-esteem. 
In addition to the instruction, a formal dining tutorial portion is taught covering all rules of table and dining etiquette.  Children and teens learn how to set a basic table, the proper way to use their utensils, how to manage specific types of foods and beverages, and how to initiate and participate in conversation during an actual 5-course meal.  This fun-filled program is full of interaction and practice for your child or teen.

Program topics include: 
· Etiquette vs. Manners
· First Impressions
· Meetings & Greetings
· Handshake & Eye Contact
· Art of Introductions
· Telephone Etiquette
· Punchbowl Etiquette
· Table & Dining Skills
· Holiday Dining
· Party Etiquette
· Dressing Up
· Gift Giving & Receiving
· Thank You Notes
Children Ages 11 to 15
 Tuesday, January 20, 2009
5pm to 7pm 
 Beverly Hills Public Library
For a preview of some of the material we will be covering in the class, read this recent article on etiquette and email from Christopher Breen at
For more information, please call (310) 276-9078.
Social Couture
Lisa Gaché shares her list of the Top 10 Table Manners for Children with home-entertaining online store, Social Couture. 
Read New Emily Post Biography
Emily Post photo
"Emily Post: Daughter of the Gilded Age, Mistress of American Manners," by journalist Laura Claridge is a biography dedicated to unraveling two fascinating mysteries.  Why do so many people worry about table manners and how did Ms. Post create such a successful business out of people's social disgrace? 
Upcoming News


New programs for the Winter/Spring '09 season including: "Netiquette", "Intermediate Course - The Party Perfect", "Mitzvah Manners" and "Your Best Interview".  Confirmed dates coming soon!  

Still to come, Lisa Gaché to make expert guest appearance on VH1 reality series.

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We are only one week away from Election Day 2008 and whether you support the blue or the red, together we all represent the color purple and collectively we need to take responsibility to restore our nation's image and reclaim a more positive standing with the rest of the world.   

You may be asking yourself, well what does this have to do with manners?  The answer is EVERYTHING!  In this increasingly tumultuous time, tensions are running high and tempers are fueled with fear and dread of what lies ahead.   We may be consumed only with thoughts of ourselves and our own personal troubles.  In order to move forward, however, we are going to have to begin to reach inward and put forth our best manners toward each other, to treat one another with human decency to rebuild our individual character, our respect and our strength.  

Good manners do not recognize party lines, nor do they discriminate against social or economic status. They exist simply to help us get along better in the world.  If you have good manners you will always be invited and accepted anywhere and not be intimidated.  You will know when it is okay to speak your voice and when to retreat in private thought.  Manners allow us to gain access into places we otherwise would not be invited.  They help us to feel comfortable in our own skin so that we may feel confident in any situation. 

In a recent speech, CNN Chief International Correspondent, Christiane Amanpour stated, we need to "rebuild our nation's tattered reputation so that we will be able to win friends and influence allies.  We need to become the architects of wise choices and wise action.  We need to do well for ourselves, for our families and for the world.  We need to change the way America is seen by building goodwill, good business models and good ideals."  What better way to begin this change than through utilizing these life changing tools.  In her final words, Ms. Amanpour said "Sitting on the sidelines is so yesterday!" 

Begin now, start with yourself, your loved ones and your community.  Smile when you greet someone for the first time, hold the door open for a passerby, give others your full attention when speaking to them and donate your time to your local school or charitable organization.  Strive to be more compassionate and kind to others, especially those with whom you disagree.  All are watching - not only our nation's children, but the world.    

Very best,

Lisa Gaché

LA Magazine

Beverly Hills Manners™ in

 Los Angeles Magazine 


In the November issue of the magazine, the Au Courant section focuses on etiquette classes that are making a comeback with a few modern extras. 

Click here to read article!

Women's Conference
 The Women's Conference

I attended the Maria Shriver's Women's Conference last Wednesday and what an incredibly moving and captivating experience it was.  To be one of the 14,000 women gathered together to hear some of our nation's greatest leaders speak about the vital role women play in today's society was truly exhilarating.  Equally invigorating was the opportunity to connect with so many incredibly powerful women who were there for a common purpose to make our families and our world a better place in which to live. 

It felt as if we were part of a special club whether one was a mother, a daughter, an entrepreneur or a homemaker, we were all in attendance to support each other, empower each other and lift each other up to higher ground. 

The day was extremely emotional as many of us in the audience listened attentively and could identify with the struggles of taking care of a ailing loved one as Maria Shriver has done recently with her cousin Teddy and her mother Eunice, or breaking down physical or sexual barriers as  Billie Jean King has exemplified on and off the court as a true pioneer for women, or the daily challenges of maintaining harmony within the family while at the same time balancing a high level executive career as Indra Nooyi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo has so delicately and gracefully has tried to do.   

All of the speakers shared with us their personal stories, struggles and victories.  We left the conference determined more than ever that each of us, in our unique spheres of influence within our family and careers, can truly make a difference. I encourage you to mark your calendars and attend the conference next year for you too will be uplifted and inspired!  For more information on the Women's Conference, click here.

  NGMD USA Survey Results & Flip Video Mino Series Winner!
Flip Video 

Finally, we are pleased to announce the results of our National Good Manners Day USA Survey and the grand prize winner of our Flip Video Mino Series: Miss Jade Stanford. Congratulations!!!


1.  95.6% of respondents believe that good manners and being polite are important in getting along in today's world.

2.  The biggest manners pet peeve are people who fiddle with their cell phones and Blackberry's during dinner.

3.  Offering a seat on the bus to the elderly or the sick is the courteous gesture that ranks highest in everyone's book.

4.  If the government was to pass one law pertaining to manners, respondents would like to add etiquette and manners classes to every school's curriculum.

5.  The celebrity with a tendency to display the absolute worst manners is Britney Spears

6.  The celebrity you think has done the most to promote good manners in the past year is Miss Reese Witherspoon!