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November 14, 2011

This Week, Remember to SMILE!

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As we are in the business of smiles, you would think this would be one subject I would never have to be concerned about!  But I am concerned.  I frequently visit dental offices that greet patients with an insincere smile... if any smile at all.

Smile!Don't let this be your office.  You see between 10 and 30 new patients a month, 1 to 2 every day.  In the scope of their lives, patients come rarely to our dental office.  Every encounter is unique and special to them.  Look them directly in the eye ... and smile your biggest smile.  It costs you nothing ... but the returns are huge!

And remember that a smile definitely comes through on the telephone!  In our mystery shopper calls over the past few months, there have been only a few that I recall knowing the person was smiling and sounded truly happy to have answered my call.  This may be the very call that fills your schedule.  So... don't worry... (better to) be happy!

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practice feud game cards With over 85 different practice scenarios, teams can compete for one hour or all-day with this amazing collection of game cards.  Most cards present a patient scenario and ask "How would you handle this?" or "How should you respond to this patient?"  


Fun, fast-moving and full of real learning based on years of Katherine's observations and in-office training sessions with teams just like yours.





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"A smile enriches those who receive without impoverishing those who give."

~ Anonymous


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best back exercisesSTRETCH...
with Pilates Instructor, author, speaker, & educator,
Juli Kagan. 
This Week's Video:  Best Back Exercises 

Learn more about Juli and view her Video Library at:  


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