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August 22, 2011

Learn, Move, Eat

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Someone said to me last week, "I'm bored with my life. Every day is the same old, same old."  Seriously?

If we're bored, we've shrunk into ourselves so far we only see the limits and the immediate confines of our existence.  We simply need to open up our eyes and look through a different lens.  There is a world so rich and bountiful at our fingertips every day, it is a complete impossibility to be anything remotely akin to bored if you are looking through the right lens.

Another thing happened this week.  As I checked in on my Facebook page one morning, I could feel a shift in the collective psyche of my personal community before I ever got wind of the news that there had been a drastic dip in the stock market.  The attendant energy spread like wildfire out into the world and across our social media, igniting sarcasm, pessimism, negativity, and a huge dose of fear among millions.

energy with sunflowerEverything is energy... nature, buildings, people, wind, thoughts and emotions.  This explains why we can glance at something like facebook or walk into a convention and feel the "temperature" of the world without ever watching a minute of TV news or glancing at a newspaper.

Thankfully, that same morning I saw a post by Jana Stanfield praising three little one minute mini-documentary films commissioned by STA Travel Australia and directed by a young filmmaker, Rick Mereki.  They served as great reminders for me about how the world can look depending on the lens through which you are viewing it.  Each film is a tribute to the plethora of exciting experiences, tastes, and places on the planet which hold their own unique wonder.  They were also showcases for where creativity and opportunity reside... in our perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes.  I've included a link to the videos and my thoughts about them below.

Just as I have in the past, I urge you to be careful about the insidious nature of world news, economic forecasts, and political posturing.  It's so easy to forget that we are not separate from the economy... we are the economy.  Our thoughts, beliefs, fears, and collective behaviors create the economy.  When we are fearful and pessimistic, we hoard our money and often shrink ourselves and our creativity... thinking we should and are minimizing our risk at such an unstable time.  When we are confident and optimistic, we spend our money, start new companies, create new things, step into new opportunities.

There is an abundance of wonder and opportunities all around us but you won't see it looking through the wrong lens.  Be vigilant in maintaining your inner awareness of how you're feeling (which is an outgrowth of what you are thinking and believing.)  Fill your day, your ears, your eyes, and your life with the overflowing goodness and abundance that is available to you.   It's right here.  All around you.  Everywhere you look.  And in the good feelings and optimism that kind of perception affords you, you find all the brilliant ideas, resources, and opportunities you could ever want.  Giving off this energy, people show up ready to help, to network, to prosper.  And you will never, ever feel bored.  Satisfied, maybe... but never bored.

There's a huge, expansive, exciting playground of a world out there just waiting for you to step in.  I'm hopeful that watching these three little films will remind you, as they did me, just how much wonder is still available to us and how much there is to reach for.

LEARN:  It's all about experiences.  Stretching, growing, exploring, broadening our understanding.  Try something new ... soon.   <>

MOVE:  It's all about places and movement.  You're not stuck; just stopped.  Move.  Get in the flow of your life.  Take a step and allow the unfolding.  <>

EAT:  Well, what else is there to say?  If you're learning and moving... you'll be hungry!  And there is so much to explore and satisfy and nurture.  This is all about not missing a moment of the wonder of your life.... As you sit down to a meal... really see it, really taste it, really enjoy it!  Bon appetite!  <>
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"This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!" 

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